Position report spring 2014


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Position report spring 2014

  1. 1. Spring 2014 An Amazing African Safari I’m writing this from the top (5th) floor of the Samaritan’s Purse guesthouse in Eldoret, Kenya. I just passed the half-way point of an amazing trip that will end in early July. Yesterday, during a go-ing- away celebration, Dave (now 65 years old) made this statement to the group that was gathered to celebrate the significant work God has done through him and his wife: “I do not know what is next, but I have learned to be very content not knowing God’s plan for the future - and let me tell you, this mindset is so freeing!” With tears in his eyes, he went on to explain that he does not believe in retirement, so this in no way implies that he or his wife Trudy are done. It seems certain that God will continue to use them, maybe even in Africa. “I’ll be done, when I’m done.” This whole concept of “plan-ning”, in the context of Kingdom work is one that requires a con-stant posture of submission and discernment. I know there are times when God wants us to plan, to intentionally set aside time to hear Him, as He speaks to us, to our teammates, and our leaders. (The world of missions is full of opportunities, but some of them are actually Satan’s distractions in disguise.) There is no doubt, however, that God also loves to surprise us. A brief diary of God’s most recent surprise for Cheryl and I – our 2014 Africa Tour: As we have mentioned before, Cheryl serves on the board of a Logisti-cal Services ministry based in Ke-nya. She was to be present in per-son at their May board meeting. This meeting “happened” to be held outside of town in the office complex that houses the staff that oversee the team ACMI is partner-ing with in North Africa. All the key players would be present. It has also been our practice to vis-it new teams within 6 months of their launch, to meet their partners and see how things are going. Af-ter some investigation, it seemed good stewardship to combine this trip with a visit to North Africa as well. Once again, all the key play-ers were there on location as well and were willing to meet with us. So I decided to explore the idea of joining Cheryl on the trip. About that time, during a budget discus-sion with our board Treasurer, a long-standing goal of visiting the Hope Prison Ministry in South Af-rica (whom we had partnered di-rectly with for more than 10 years) surfaced. Again all the key people were available during this time. Then, without any public solicita-tion at all, funding for the trip be-came available. So we booked our tickets. Just before our departure, Samaritan’s Purse called to ask if Tim was willing to fly during the busy summer months, mostly serv-ing South Sudan. They were very short on pilots. Their base is here in Kenya (which just “happened” to be where our original trip was scheduled to end). After confer-ring with those I am accountable to, and determining that it fit well within specific criteria that the ACMI board had given me about two years ago, we accepted this opportunity to serve. Every stop has been amazing! The trip has far exceeded any orig-inal expectation. We could write a book about each one. Our North Africa team is doing great (though not without challenges). They are faithful in their language and cultural studies and they are faith-fully sharing Jesus. We met with our partners there, and God even delighted us with the discovery of many past connections with those leading our team (the reality of God’s global Church makes this a very small world). Their passion for making disciples tracks well with ours. Hope Prison Ministry, in Cape Town, is doing great! They serve diligently to restore relation-ships of offenders with God (first), with their family, and even with the victims of their crime! Their solidly Christ-centered approach produces phenomenal results. In one local prison the parole board now always seeks their input and as a result it is estimated that the number of returning prisoners has dropped from 70% to 35%! Their influence has spread to 9 of 10 re-gional prisons, and even to other countries. The Kenya stop has also been wonderful including visits with partners and our own ACMI members who faithfully serve there. Relationships have certainly been strengthened and new opportunities discussed. I’m starting a second full week of fly-ing, mostly serving refugee camps, and the teams that work in them, along the northern border of the fledgling nation of South Sudan. Please pray for these precious peo-ple who have, once again, found themselves in the middle of anoth-er civil war. Cheryl and I praise God for this rare opportunity to be out in the field, very literally get-ting our hands dirty, experiencing some of what the missionaries we serve experience, as we together seek to expand the Kingdom of God in Africa. May His Kingdom come here on earth!!
  2. 2. Welcome New Members! March was a fun month! During our regular business meeting we continued to learn more about what it means to live and work in community, even though God has called ACMI members to diverse locations all over the world. Following the meeting Cher-yl, Erika, Luke (& Layla) and I spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning welcoming our newest members to the team and introducing them to some initial pre-field orien-tation principles. We are so excited to welcome three new couples! John and Hannah Slavich are headed to Tanza-nia, initially for a short term assignment; another couple is headed to North Africa and another to Asia! Speaking of Retirement Dave’s comments (see the first article) reminded me of recent events in Dad’s life. Larry Doggett announced his “retire-ment” this year. St. Louis Christian College, and we his family, honor him for his service to the Kingdom – twenty five years on the field with ACMI and just a little more as a fulltime prof at SLCC. In his ad-dress to the 2014 graduat-ing class, last month, he reminded us all that Joshua was over eighty when God charged him with the task of leading Israel in the conquest of the Promised Land. A few months ago, we were talking about his upcoming retirement and I asked Dad if he would continue to teach. Yes, was his answer, so I asked how many classes he was scheduled to teach next semester. His answer – “three”. “And how many are you teaching now?” His answer – “four” – as a smile broke out on his face. It sounds to me like he will be “done when he is done”! Watch acMI’s NeW Vision Video More oN VIsIoN sooN! Maybe It Is tIMe for a VIsIt, eVeN aN UNoffIcIal oNe ? Electronic Mailings IF you would like to be on our electronic mailing list or even on both, please send us a quick note, from your e-mail address to our personal email: tcdoggett@acminternational.com Follow Us on Twitter! @timothywdoggett Praise God For: * A wonderful “Africa Safari” to the North, South, and East! * The progress that our North Africa team has already made and for the wonderful partners God has provided! * Hope Prison Ministries of South Africa. May their influence continue to spread. * Valuable dialogue with Carolyn Butler and the Shays (also in SA). * Local Christians that are coming alongside of Tyler and Amy Maxwell to serve street boys in Githurai, Kenya. * The privilege of sharing at the church where Howard and June Crowl serve – many are Congolese! Please Pray For: * Our new Management Team (comprised of field workers). May we learn the discipline of discernment. * Howard Crowl’s upcom-ing eye surgery, and for a suitable home for them and the Ahadi Boys to settle. * Our newest members as they prepare for service. * Focus on God’s priorities!