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Pcm issue two 2013

  1. 1. PCM Sends Team to Serve in Poland Polish Christian Ministries 2410 Creswell Road Bel Air MD 21015 pcm@pcmusa.org www.pcmusa.org The Polska HeraldThe Polska HeraldIssue Two 2013Issue Two 2013 Our Mission: Polish Christian Ministries will assist Polish Christians in becomingOur Mission: Polish Christian Ministries will assist Polish Christians in becoming healthy, growing, selfhealthy, growing, self--supporting, and reproducing congregations.supporting, and reproducing congregations. Pictured left to right; Mala Moody, Jenny Slagle, Oksana Bilous, Tara Bayer, Tanya Kukhnovets, David Hatfield, Debbie Gibbons, Sasha Makovetska, Ben & Rachel Porter, and Pasha Skiba Two US interns, three Ukrainian interns, and six other team members from Indiana and Maryland joined David to lead an outreach to children from Kaliningrad, Russia, with help from the Christian churches in Ostróda and Grudziądz, Poland. David preaching in the Płock Church with Andrzej Bajenski translating. Church leaders in Połczyn Zdrój (one of 20 leadership sessions in 2013) (L to R): Piotr Karel, Krzysztof, Slavomir, Mariusz, Zosia Charis, David Hatfield, Ben Porter, Waldemar Świątkowski (minister), and Mirosław Świątkowski
  2. 2. 2 Strengthening PCM’s Foundation through Prayer Convinced of the power of prayer, we have set aside every Monday to pray and fast for the churches in Poland. Please join us! As part of this initiative, a weekly prayer email is sent to Poland to encourage prayer for the nation. On July 22, Sandy Hatfield wrote … I remember back in the 90's when I first visited the Warsaw History Museum at the Old Town square. We watched a film showing Warsaw before, during, and after WWII. I was shocked to see the level of destruction -- 85% of Warsaw's buildings were destroyed. The Old Town was a pile of rubble. And yet once the War was over, the Polish people immediately began removing the debris and rebuilding. I will never forget walking out of the museum, the black-and- white images still fresh in my mind, and being struck with the contrast as the sun illuminated the charming, multi-colored buildings lining the square in front of me. I still marvel at the resolve of the Poles who, with shovels and pails, loyalty and determination, rebuilt their city. Today when we look at Poland we see a modern, progressive nation. Yet when we take a deeper look into the lives of the people, what can we find? Marriages that are in ruins, dreams that have been shattered, faith that has collapsed, and the rubble of broken hearts that litters the landscape. No amount of human effort can resurrect life from these ruins. There is only One who can rebuild a marriage, revive hope, reignite faith, and restore a heart -- his name is Jesus. As remarkable as Warsaw's restoration was, the power of God to restore and rebuild lives is greater by far. Let us pray that this power will sweep through the nation of Poland. Let us pray that those whose lives are in ruins will turn to Jesus and allow Him to clear the debris and begin to rebuild. And let us pray that those of us who follow Jesus will gladly pick up our shovels and pails, and with loyalty and determination, be used of God to bring hope and restoration to the hurting people around us. (If you would like to receive the weekly prayer emails, please contact Sandy at sandy.hatfield@sbcglobal.net) OSTRÓDA BAPTISMS We rejoice with the church in Ostróda as this summer several new believers were baptized into Christ. May God’s life-changing power continue to bear fruit in this city and the regions beyond.
  3. 3. 3 WELCOME NEW DIRECTORS! Half-Polish, half-Ukrainian, Paula Styles’ passion for Poland courses through her veins. Growing up in Hamtramck, MI, she was surrounded by the Polish community. She now lives in Brighton, MI, with her husband, Tom. They have three grown children and two grandchildren. She has served in youth ministry for years, and is currently involved in an outreach to African-American girls in inner- city Detroit as well as teaching English to Arab-American women in Dearborn. Paula is a wonderful cook and loves to host people in her home. Since 1997, Paula has visited Poland eight times to serve the people there. She writes, “I consider it an honor to join you in this work … and believe the gifts God has given me can be used by PCM to further the Kingdom.” Welcome, Paula! A chemist and a coach, Dennis Towles has worked in the laboratories of Eli Lilly and served as athletic director at Covenant Christian High School. He and his wife, Vicki, live in Indianapolis, IN. They have three grown children and three grandchildren. His mission involvement began in 1996 building homes in Mexico with Amor Ministries. Since then he has led four trips to Venezuela for sports camps/clinics with Team Expansion and four trips to Poland to conduct English camps with Josiah Venture. Denny has traveled often to Central Europe and has established ministry partnerships throughout the region. He now serves as the European Regional Director for Missions at Traders Point Christian Church. In 2012-13 he visited several of the Polish churches that PCM supports. He writes, “I have developed a love for the people of Poland … and feel deeply invested into the ministry of many pastors whom I have met.” Welcome, Denny! A registered pharmacist, David Smiley has 23 years of managerial experience as senior district sales manager with GSK pharmaceuticals. He is currently a staff pharmacist with Skilled Care of Indiana. He and his wife, Peggy, live in Noblesville, IN. They have two grown children and one grandchild. David is a life group team leader in his local church, is involved in various outreach initiatives, and is a board member with “To the Jew First Society.” As part of his church’s global expansion ministry team, he has traveled to Honduras, Kosovo, Georgia, Ukraine, and Romania on short-term mission trips. He looks forward to his first trip to Poland. David writes, “The mission of PCM thrills me … I feel the timing is right and that with PCM I can utilize the spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit has given me.” Welcome, David! Special Gifts In Memory of: Given by: Charles Steele Mark & Marla Steele Ruby Maggard Donald & Joyce Edwards Esther Krolicki Forks of Johns Creek CC Esther Krolicki Dale King Dolores Srodek Morgan Robert & Mary Lafler In Honor of: Given by: Wayne & Diana Murphy Victor & Evelyn Knowles “Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still.” E.M. Bounds Would you like to receive this newsletter electronically? Please let us know! email the office at pcm@pcmusa.org See us on Facebook.com/Polish Christian Ministries 2013 DVD ready to use in your morning worship service as your “Mission Moment” Go to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yBM_OqE718
  4. 4. 4 NonProfitOrg. U.S.Postage PAID BelAir,MD21014 Permit#379 PRSRTSTD Polish Christian Ministries Staff David A. Hatfield Executive Director C. Wayne Murphy Executive Director Emeritus Lois Harris Administrative Assistant Zofia Charis Administrative Assistant (Poland) Board of Directors Thomas Anders, Saint Joseph, IL *Loren D. Deckard, Joppa, MD *Judy J. Harris, Crestview Hills, KY *David A. Hatfield, Brighton, MI *Patrick D. Howard, Colorado Sprgs, CO *Paul J. Howey, Rockville, MD *David S. Johnson, Chatham, IL Adam J. Korenczuk, Baltimore, MD Gregory W. Meyer, Indianapolis, IN J. Ben Porter, Rockville, IN John J. Shelley, Kissimmee, FL David A. Smiley, Noblesville, IN Paula M. Styles, Brighton, MI Dennis Towles, Indianapolis, IN *Executive Committee To Contact Us: pcm@pcmusa.org Phone: 410-836-6102 Fax: 410-836-6103 Website: www.pcmusa.org PolishChristianMinistries 2410CreswellRoad,Suite103 BelAir,MD21015-6508 AddressServiceRequested From the Executive Director It has been an exciting first year with Polish Christian Ministries. While nurturing relationships and establishing new ones in US and Polish churches, God has deepened my compassion and commitment to the work He has begun in the nation of Poland. PCM is positioned to move forward in the coming years with these three pillars at the root of its mission. #1: PRAYER COMMITMENT AJ Gordon said, “You can do more than pray after you have prayed; but you can never do more than pray until you have prayed.” The PCM staff and Directors, as well as the pastors and leaders of the Polish churches are committed to pray for Poland and the work God has purposed to accomplish there. #2: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT While in Poland this year, I was given the opportunity to preach/teach 10 times and participate in 20 leadership sessions with Polish pastors and leaders. These sessions resulted in eleven written agreements signed with Polish churches. Each church expressed a desire to demonstrate ministry accountability and pray for an increase in financial responsibility. #3: STRONG PARTNERSHIPS After visiting thirty US churches and thirty Polish churches in my first year as Executive Director, I am sensing a gratefulness for all that God has done thus far. I am also sensing an anticipation of what God has yet to do in and through these churches. May all God’s purposes for Poland be accomplished in His perfect timing. David & Sandy will be attending the ICOM in Kansas City, MO. Maui & Ewa Dwulat of Poland will also be in attendance. Come visit us! Wayne & Diana Murphy and Frank & Lois Harris will be attending the ECC in Hershey, PA. Come visit us!