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Pakistan Christian
Evangelical Services
“ For I am not ashamed of the Gospel,
for it is the power of God for salvation. . ...
New Year Celebration At Bhagiana Church, Kasur
Praise the Lord, on January 19, 2014, more than 12 villages
You can help in Pakistan by praying for these needs:
1. Please pray as the people of Pakistan face the consequences of flo...
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Pakistan Christian Evangelistic Services March 2014a news


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News from the ministry of Dr, Saleem Massey

Published in: Spiritual
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Pakistan Christian Evangelistic Services March 2014a news

  1. 1. Pakistan Christian Evangelical Services “ For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation. . .” (Romans 1:16) March 2014 Special Issue For Metro Christian Convention, New York. Greetings to our brothers and sisters around the world who support the Gospel through the ministry of PCES. By the grace of God the message of the Gospel is producing fruit as it is spread by many means into more remote areas and the members of the churches grow in faith. Saleem's Open Heart Surgery On his annual missionary journey to the USA, Saleem was admitted urgently to Christ's Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio on October 21,2013 to undergo emergency coronary artery bypass surgery. The surgery was conducted on 23rd of October 2013 by Dr. Geoffrey Answini, who showed himself to be a loving, caring and compassionate heart surgeon. During his sickness family and of the friends of PCES were very supportive, especially Greg Marksberry, Jim and Karen Hunter, Gerri and Ron Henderson, and Chris Van Huss. Saleem is really thankful to all PCES friends who sent encouraging email messages and "Get Well Soon" cards" from around the world. Victim Of The Blasphemy Law British Prime Minister David Cameron is very much concerned about " a mentally-ill British man sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy" (DAWN, Lahore. January 30, 2014). Muhammad Asghar has lived in Britain for 40 years who has been sentenced for writing letters claiming to be a prophet. The International Federation for Human Rights strongly condemned "the abuse of the blasphemy law had affected the society" (DAWN, Lahore, Jan.30, 2014). The United Nations human rights mechanisms should work to oppose this law and prevent abuse of this law being used to victimize minority religious communities. Samreena's Wedding Saleem reports: "Praise the Lord, my daughter Dr. Samreena's wedding to Peter Massey of North Carolina, USA took place on December 6, 2013 at First Christ of Christ, Burlington, Kentucky. Brother Greg Marksberry performed the marriage. Despite heavy snow, our guests attended and enhanced the beauty of the ceremony. We are thankful to all our friends who shared their loving gifts with Samreena. We are grateful to Brother Greg and his team who made the arrangements in the church hall to entertain our guests." Samreena and Peter Massey Saleem with friends and the ex-Foreign Minister of Pakistan cutting a New Year cake Dr. Saleem Massey & Mrs. Naylah Saleem
  2. 2. New Year Celebration At Bhagiana Church, Kasur Village Praise the Lord, on January 19, 2014, more than 12 villages gathered at Bhagiana village church to celebrate New Year by cutting a cake with PCES planted churches. Khursheed Kasuri, Ex-Foreign Minister of Pakistan, pastors and guests from Lahore attended the grand ceremony. At this celebration children performed a Christmas drama which was highly appreciated by more than 700 people who attended, including Muslims and Christians. Persecution And Religious Minorities Christians feel insecure through facing discriminatory laws, prejudice and persecution in Muslim countries all over the world. Last year in Pakistan, the Taliban attacked a Peshawer church and martyred more than a hundred innocent Christians. The Government promised to provide financial assistance to the families of the martyred but they did not keep their promise. As a result, Christians protested against the Government in Lahore reported by The Jang Daily, Jan. 20, 2014. Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General of Britain has said, "it's the responsibility of the Government of Pakistan to protect its religious minorities from persecution by the extremist groups through vigorous action against those who perpetrate crimes in the name of religion and sects against Pakistanis" (The News, Lahore. Jan.19, 2014). Jochen Brand Since I met Dr.Saleem Massey at a Pastor's conference in Lahore in April 2013, I had lovely opportunities to be with him for two months and see the great work God is doing in his ministry. In different church-meetings of Dr.Saleem's congregation it was my blessed experience to see so many believers coming faithfully to listen the gospel and to respond with open hearts. We are grateful for the support of Brother Jochen Brand, who is a missionary to Pakistan. He is arranging speaking engagements for Brother Saleem in different churches and groups in Germany and Austria in April and May. While in Pakistan, Brother Jochen has preached in PCES churches and very supportive to the work of PCES. Terrorism and the Taliban Members of the Taliban are continually attacking military, police, worship places, schools and hospitals. They have killed thousands of people and damaged the social, economic and psychological fiber of the people. In the face of such huge damage and destruction, the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif gave the militant Taliban "another chance for peace talks". (DAWN, Lahore, Jan.30, 2014). The Taliban do not honor the constitution of Pakistan but, want to impose Islamic law. All of the work of PCES depends on the support of those God has guided to provide the needs of our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. In guiding your support, He promises to provide all your needs, too! God provides so that you may, in His Name, provide for others. Chain Bonded Laborers in the Brick Kilns The majority of the brick kiln workers in Pakistan are Christians who make 1000 bricks a day and earn hardly US$6. PCES planted churches are evangelizing chain bonded laborers for the last 22 years in Kasur villages. The workers have staged protest rallies in different cities for their rights but to no avail. Consider the projects described in this newsletter and seek God's guidance as to what you can do! Our prayers should lead to action. Nash-E-Mann Town Church after worship. The building does not yet have a roof. A congregation attending a New Year service.
  3. 3. You can help in Pakistan by praying for these needs: 1. Please pray as the people of Pakistan face the consequences of flood, terrorist attack on churches, government employees and a major earthquake. May God's mercy be clearly shown in the assistance given. 2. Please pray for God’s hand of protection over Saleem and others who are speaking out on behalf of Christians and other minorities in times when Islamic extremists are expanding their activity against them. Islamic extremists are expanding their attacks on churches and the Christian community as they did in Joseph colony and Peshawar church. 3. Give thanks for God's provision during Saleem's recent trip to the US. Although Saleem suffered a heart attack we should give thanks that he was so quickly able to receive excellent medical treatment and wonderful loving care from the hospital staff in Cincinnati. 4. Please pray for our Christian sister Martha Boota as she faces difficult struggles because of the Blasphemy accusations, and for wisdom in what PCES can do to help. 5. Bhagiana Village: We praise God that the cross now proclaims its message from high atop the church building. 6. Nash-E-Mann: Please pray that may the Lord will provide funds for the church hall roof and for the parsonage. At Nash-e-Mann, the congregation worship in the open air. 7. Ladhi Church: We need to construct a boundary wall around the property of the church to save it from fanatic Muslims. 8. Veer Kay Nau: At this village we face Muslim opposition to building a church. Praise the Lord, we have won three court cases and by His Grace and through your prayers we will win last case. We will build a church and shall exalt the Cross on it. 9. Ghohar Village in Kasur: Evangelistic work is going well in these un-reached villages. The Sewing Machine Centre is teaching girls skills so they will not have to make bricks as bond servants. 10. Hussain Khan Wala: Praise the Lord who provided funds to complete building the church and parsonage. Give thanks for the sewing machine centre which has started in this village. 11. Kasur Hospital We have a vision to build a much-needed hospital in the Kasur area, where we have treated many patients in free medical camps. Please pray for God’s guidance and provision. Give thanks that the Lord has provided so that the land has been purchased. There is a great need to construct a house for a watchman and his family on the hospital land in order to make it secure. Please pray for funds. 12. Simon At Cincinnati Christian University, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Praise the Lord my son Simon Fazal Saleem began his studies at CCU on January 21, 2014. We are thankful to the friends, churches and CCU who sponsored him. 13. We are thankful to the Lord for our PCES board members, churches and friends around the world who support the Gospel in Pakistan. Saleem Massey 420-Q Block Model Town, Lahore 54700 PAKISTAN Newsletter Editor and Australian Contact Tony Roe 8 Carlyle Close Dapto, NSW 2530 (Australia) 02 4261-3766 or In the United States, if you wish to support the work of PCES, please make checks payable to PCES And mail to: PCES c/o Christian Church of Litchfield Attn: Lowell Chandler, Treasurer, P.O. Box 45, Litchfield, IL 62056 USA For Australia, contact Tony Roe for support details.