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Pacific rim may 2 2013


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Pacific rim may 2 2013

  1. 1. Pacific Rim MinistriesDarryl & Carol>> May 2, 2013‘”I am so hungry!”During the past three months the Philippines has seen one of their hottest summers yet in our region. Rain thatusually comes off and on is nowhere to be seen and so people are suffering from the results of this hot spell. Forweeks now the land has dried up and the wells for water have to be sunk very deep to hit the water level. Manyof these personal wells have now run out of water. This collection of water takes more time since most wellsare operated by hand pumps and in most regions outside major cities there is no public running water source.This even applies to the towns and the large market place regional center near us. Food is in short supply sincesmall market gardens are now dried up and people can’t plant the next rice crop until June. There is not muchrice or corn planted in the summer and this year hardly any has been planted and so families are disadvantagedsince they rely on small farm crops of vegetables or leaf or root crops to survive. Water melon is a summer cropbut there has not been enough rain to make this crop abundant. The children are now home from school and sothey are very hungry as well.We conducted another successful feeding program and since Carol and I had to be away for the weekend soNoemi and her husband along with some volunteers carried out the program. Junior Narvarates who is a BibleCollege student from Kalibo was able to join them to conduct the service part and help with the other thingsthat needed to be done. He is studying in Cebu at Central Philippine Bible College and left our region after theprogram to help the Kalibo church during his two month summer break. He wanted to help with this feedingprogram and said he learned a lot since he had a chance to do some “hands on” ministry for such a large crowd.We are trying to give him as many opportunities to learn how to handle programs and ministry situations andthis seems to be helping him a lot as well as helping our work for the Lord.Noemi made over 6 large vats of food and remarked that many of the children and any adults with them com-mented on how hungry they were! Normally people won’t say much about their personal hunger battles but thistime they were fairly vocal as some were facing more involuntary hunger than usual since the weather has beenagainst them at this point in time. They were very thankful for the food and many were able to have severalportions until all the mixture was gone. It was very hot and dry but we had water and bread to wash the fooddown. The people coming consumed 1,000 pieces of bread made into small roles. Noemi said the childrenhad a number of signs of dehydration and some had bloated bellies from the lack of food. The response to theprogram was very good since Junior speaks the native local dialect as well. We are so happy that we held thisfeeding effort and also pray that rain will come soon to relieve the intense heat, dust and despair! The team wasable to mix among the people and share over a two hour period which included the program, meal and follow-up sharing.We received several generous financial gifts towards the completion of our native chapel this past month we arecurrently building in Kalibo. We are very thankful for this and the chapel is going ahead very well. We stillare in need of finishing funds for electrical work and other items to complete the building. Junior is helping ournative evangelist now and has already brought a number of his friends and contacts to the church services andprograms. Many of his friends and family have commented on how much he has changed for the better duringhis first year at Bible College and we hope he continues to follow through in preparation for Christian full-timeministry. Please also pray for Junior so that he can keep his eyes focused on the Lord and also receive the fundshe needs for his second year at Bible College.Serving Christ in the Philippines,Darryl & Carol KrausePacific Rim Ministries