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Osaka summer 2013

  1. 1. Volume 29 Summer 2013 Paul and Rickie Clark E-mail: Paul and Rickie Clark 2-35 Suikoen-cho Hirakata-shi, Osaka 573-0095 JAPAN Tel: 011-81-72-841-2934 Osaka Bible Seminary 2-11 Nakamiya 4 chome Asahi-ku, Osaka 535-0003 JAPAN Fax: 011-81-6-6954-4144 Osaka Bible Seminary Osaka Bible Seminary continues its ministry for the Church in Japan both on campus and off canpus. While continuing to teach on-campus students, OBS professors are regularly going out to congregations over weekends. Off-campus open seminars are being held in local congrega- tions from Okinawa to Hokkaido with good attendance from across the Christian community. These with on-campus seminars scheduled regu- larly, continue to extend the ministry of OBS. OBS’s online degree program coupled with on-campus time, continues with six students. It is not possible for all to become on-campus students because of work and family commitments, so this program is helpful to those who cannot physically be in Osaka over a length of time. It is difficult for many in the U.S. and other countries to envision a land where only about 1% of the population is Christian and where most pastors must have “second jobs” in order to provide for their families. Churches Brother Kishimoto welcoming you to OBS Ten Okinawan students (7 in picture) completed OBS preaching short course Brother Ikeda giving seminar in Tokyo
  2. 2. across Japan are small (a “mega- church” here is something over 150 people); therefore, there are few potential Bible college stu- dents to draw from. Yet there is hope! We see a genuine interest in spiritual matters in the non-Chris- tians who attend our International Nights. Most of these are in their 20s and 30s. One of OBS Assistant Professor Taguchi’s disciples, who attends International Nights, was baptized at OBS in April! Pray the Lord of the Harvest to bring work- ers into His harvest field (Matthew 9:37-38)! OBS was founded in April 1937 and in April this year Founders’ Day was celebrated with Dr. Trent Maxey speaking. Trent is the grandson of Mark and Pauline Maxey (always a strong supporter of OBS) and the son of Walter and Mary Maxey, missionaries in Kyushu. Osaka Bible Seminary President Kishimoto has had a long preparation for his leadership role with OBS and our congrega- tions. With his over ten years of work with Japan’s KGK ministry, an equivalent of the U.S. university and college campus InterVarsity Fellowship, he has been instru- mental in seeing over 30 young men and women go into full-time Christian service. Brother Kishimoto has had Brother Taguchi teaching Brother Taira doing on-campus online degree program requirement at OBS Visiting Vice President of Ozark Christian College Bob Sims family visiting OBS On-campus student Miss Toguchi, with music teacher, Mrs. Yokobori, and our Jenann Beckman Founders Day Lecturer, Trent Maxey “Pray Ye the Lord of the Harvest” President Kishimoto speaking 2
  3. 3. OBS Family Christmas Luncheon Asahi Church building ministries in Osaka and Tokyo and now ministers to another Osaka congrega- tion, Asahi Christian Church, which is now meeting in the recently gutted and remodeled building, the house where I grew up in the 1950s. I am on the board of Osaka Christian Mission, the “mother body” of OBS, speak in chapel regularly and attend the OBS general staff meetings. As well I attend OBS board meetings as President Emeritus. We look forward with anticipation as to how the Lord will continue to use OBS in His unfold- ing plan for the gospel in Japan! Osaka Christian Mission board meeting OBS board 3
  4. 4. Our 2012 summer among our sup- porters was wonderful! We not only shared the work the Lord has given us to do in Japan and Mongolia, but also vis- ited some congregations who had sent funds for the Tohoku Disaster Relief in order to report to them the progress that has been made. In all, we gave some 35 presentations, slept in 46 different plac- es, and traveled through 19 states. We flew on 15 different flights, but most of our travel was with two borrowed vehi- cles. We were so grateful to Ran and Joyce Berlin who lent us a car for our West Coast travel, and to Chris and Jocelyn Wolfe whose car we used for our Midwest and East Coast travel! We also wish to thank congregations and individual support- ers along the way whose offerings covered our expenses as God was faithful to us for encourag- ing world evangelism with our reporting. God provides and He is good! One surprise event we knew nothing about happened in Heyworth, Illinois, not too far from Lincoln University where I received two graduate degrees. Lynn Laughlin, then Acting President, was there at Heyworth Christian Church and we greeted him warmly since he has been a friend for some 38 years. Little did we know that he would come forward at the close of the worship service to present us with a framed “Christian Servants’ Award conveyed upon Paul and Rickie Clark for more than five decades of faithful Chris- tian ministry, preaching and teaching on the mis- sion field and at home on behalf of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—servants to all on behalf of the Kingdom of God” (Col. 3:23-24). May the Lord be praised for His faithfulness to us as we have followed his leading. Preaching at my childhood congregation -- first to support us when we announced for Japan -- Kirklin Christian Church, IN Shared in several Sunday School classes and Vacation Bible Schools Missions Team at Brownsburg Christian Church, IN -- new support Meeting with the Parkside, Cincinnati, missions team -- long-time supporters Christian Servants’ Award presentation by Lynn Laughin Last Summer Among Our Supporters 4
  5. 5. Last summer we were able to spend three days with the Centurions Ministry’s founding director Gan- tumur, his wife Deegii and their three children on the campus of Johnson University near Knoxville, TN. We are very grateful to Dr. Chris Templar, a friend since her visit to Japan in 1986, who volunteered her home on campus to us while she was in China. It was a time of relaxation for us in the midst of our U.S. speaking schedule and we thoroughly enjoyed the times of con- versation, planning, sightseeing and family fun. Gan- tumur graduated in May this year with his Master of Divinity degree from Beeson Seminary in Birmingham, Alabama, and is now back in Mongolia getting settled with his family “where he belongs” (quoting him). I was invited to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the showing of the Jesus Film by Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ, where we were honored for work with the Centurions Ministry from its “very beginning.” We were privileged in 2002 to join a Jesus Film trip into the countryside where the nomads live, traveling some 1,500 miles by Russian van and showing the Jesus Film in as many as 3 locations each night. We would divide into three groups (3 vans loaded with Christian young people—and us) each evening and then find clusters of gers (yurts), asking if they would like to see a movie that night. Many indicated real interest in learning more about Jesus. Before this “steppe phase” of showing the film, it was shown some 4,000 times in 356 villages and communities over 250 population, in the larger cities, and also repeatedly on TV. The Jesus Film has provided a unique grounding and unity for all Christian mission work, the Church in Mongolia. While in Mongolia, I also spoke to two congregations and taught groups of young cadets. They always keep me busy on these trips. Since 1999 I have now made 23 entries into Mongolia and Rickie has been there 8 times with me. Very recently we received word from Brother Bataa, the first Mongolian direc- tor of Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ, saying that the Mongolian government, in connection with the annual application for renewal of the MCCC registration (for a length of time, the only religious orga- nization registered with the government), asked them to shut down the Centurions Ministry’s facilities! The government stated Greater Asia Outreach Gantumur, Deegii and family, Great Smokies National Park Receiving the plaque Our first Jesus Film trip, Bayaraa at projector, in 2002 MCCC Director Bataa (right), Centurions Ministry Director Bayaraa (center) -- First Jesus Film Deployment in 1992 5
  6. 6. that the Centurions Ministry is doing religious work in the military, which also includes the police, and also that they will not allow MCCC to operate in dif- ferent districts without separate registration. They complied by closing the Centurions Ministry office completely, canceling all summer projects and mis- sion activities until further instruction, and relo- cating the military staff to other working positions where necessary. Bayaraa, the present director of the Centurions Ministry, wrote to us personally say- ing, “It is difficult for us, but we’re trusting God and waiting for His guidance. He encouraged through His Word in 1 Peter 2:12, 13: ‘Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us. Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men…’ Please pray for us and we will keep you updated about this matter.” The staff members continue working on “support raising and only their personal ministry (Bible study and discipleship).”’ It is exciting to see these young men and women continue to disciple others! I have plans to make my next trip to Mongolia this fall to encourage our leaders. What a privilege it is to mentor them! Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless the faith of these young men and women as they serve Him and that He will re-open or make new doors for the spread of the gospel among the military in Mongolia! Take note how Brothers Bataa and Bayaraa were a part of the first Jesus Film effort, evidencing the high retention rate of be- lievers for the strong leadership ministry from the beginnings. The Centurions Ministry has been very careful to abide by protocol, but more, our reputation and repeated in- vitation to return from the inception of the ministry has been grounded in serving— from English, computers, and leadership training to provid- ing help even with pre- and post-deployment counseling resources before which the military was without! Luncheon with Director Bataa, Brother Bayaraa, and Warren Willis Three MCCC Directors: Founder Warren Willis, Long-serving Director Floyd Sebald, and first Mongolian Director, Bataa Celebrants Yours truly and CM’s right hand man, Tuuguu After banquet Centurions Ministry’s crowd 6
  7. 7. 7 Lord’s Day worship with Grace Church I spoke on “Grace”! Always a meaningful time with the cadets On the road Lord’s Day luncheon and CM discipling follow-up seminar On the way back -- Ger hospitality Photo-op -- was family of Bayaraa and an evangelism stop Director Bataa and myself flying out of UB The beautiful honoring plaque
  8. 8. 8 This year has been a very busy one, especially for Rickie as Executive Assistant at KCS, but for the board as well. Our staff has been very stable over the last few years with little turnover, but this year our principal of seven years and his wife, a middle school teacher, have returned to South Africa to be headmaster and teacher in the high school of a new school sponsored by Christian businessmen in the Preto- ria area. Underprivileged children are being sponsored by these businessmen and the children are responsive! This couple was not seeking a change of employment back in South Africa, but this group of businessmen ap- proached them last summer asking them to prayerfully consider this opportunity, and we cannot deny the Lord’s calling on their lives. In addition, another staff member of 4½ years decided to move on, so the board has been busy trying to recruit replace- ments. May the Lord be praised—we now have our staff for the coming school year! The lady, who will be teaching grades 1 and 2, is a friend of close friends of ours, has 30 years experience, has always wanted to teach in a mission school overseas, and is retiring at this time to do so! The new English teacher is a missionary kid herself from Romania, and graduated from Bucha- rest Christian Academy, where two of our former KCS teachers from the early 1990s have taught since leaving Japan! The principal is from Finland and is currently teaching math and physics in an International Baccalaureate (IB) school! The Lord has certainly provided these well-qualified staff mem- bers and we praise Him for it! Please pray that the new staff members’ visa processes, their moves to Japan, and their transition into ministries here will go smoothly and timely as a blessing by God!! After many years I will be chairman of the KCS board again beginning in September and Rickie will begin her 29th year with the school as executive assistant. The Christian Churches, as a founding mission, are one of five missions represented on the board. The board works together well and enjoys the fellowship with one another in Christ as we sustain this important ministry. Note: Our new missionary principal-teacher with his wife and three young boys (8, 6 and 2) needs additional support at least for his first year in Japan. There are gov- ernmental restrictions in Finland aboutfund-raising. ThesalaryKCS can pay is not enough for a fam- ily of five to live on. If you could pledge a monthly amount ($25, $50, $100) to help KCS with this young family’s expenses, please let us know. Tax-deductible gifts can be sent to Osaka Bible Semi- nary, PO Box 1697, Columbia, MO 65205 with a memo “for KCS.” Thank you for considering this. Kansai Christian School Our departed Greeffs answering a calling in South Africa A social time at Hikari no le for the KCS extended family A close-working and busy board
  9. 9. Kim from Lincoln, IL, with a substitute term of teaching Eagle Theater presented “The Cat in the Hat” Open Mic Night show Our once-a-month International Nights continue to be well attended with enthusiastic guests from all over our greater Osaka region! Some travel as much as two hours each direction. We al- ways have first-time guests and those who are not yet Christian. Our regulars are quick to invite friends who often return. We regularly host people from Japan, Korea, China, Ghana, South Africa, and New Zealand. In addition, this year, we have had guests from England, Taiwan, Vietnam, Trinidad Tobago, Nepal, and Kenya! This is why we call them International Nights! Hikari No Ie China and JapanHonduras and Kenya Ghana and America International Night returnees, Masa and Sarah, for a visit Socks competition! 9
  10. 10. 10 Covenant Players involving attendees at International Night Game time Devotion time Rickie’s English and Bible class students, after completing their study of the book of Luke, are now studying through the book of Acts. It is a fascinating study for them and they are enthusiastic about read- ing “the next episode!” As we shared in one of our eUpdates this spring, when the ladies were study- ing Acts 9:18, the phrase “something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again,” brought an excited response from the ladies. They said they had a warm feeling when they heard that phrase since they have a similar phrase in Japanese, “me kara uroko ga ochiru,“ (from eyes scales fall) which means understanding something they had not understood before, seeing the light. Please pray that the “scales will fall off their eyes” and they will understand the truth, realizing the good news is for them, too! We often have guests staying overnight after International Night and we host Taguchi-san baptizing disciple Rickie’s English and Bible class Ikedo family arriving from Brazil, International Night regulars International Night Christmas Pot-luck
  11. 11. 11 others as well. In October, Horton and Lisl Doughty, who attended Nakaburi Church for a year and a half while here studying and work- ing, stayed with Hor- ton’s parents in our basement for 10 days while they showed them around. They moved back to North Carolina before Christmas and we miss them greatly. We still communicate with them in North Carolina where they now live near our Jeremy and Amy. The Covenant Players, a Christian drama group, stayed with us again for a few days last winter when they worked with the KCSstudentsonDramaDay. Itiskindofahomebaseforthemwhilethey make preparations for their ongoing itinerary before going to the next place. We enjoyed their directing a skit involving many of our partici- pants, as well as doing another one for the February International Night. Please pray that those who experience God’s light at Hikari no Ie (House of Light) will be blessed and encour- aged to live their lives for Him—coming into the forever Kingdom! Horton and Lisl with his parents Lisl’s community concert performance Jack and Keiko Marshall, faithful favorites of the Clarks, with Jocelyn Interrupting the shiroari’s (termites’) work Our congregation will be honoring Brother and Sister Kimura for their 30 years of ministry with the Nakaburi Church of Christ on July 14th. They have been faithful servants of our Lord and an exam- ple to everyone with their servant-hearts. Many years ago Brother Kimura told the congregation that, even if we could not pay him, he would still preach. He does only receive a small salary which is supplemented with his income from driving taxi three 20-hour days a week, and we admire him for his humility and dedication to his calling to “preach the word.” Keiko, his wife, is just as committed and has spent hours every week preparing for and leading the pre-school program that went for over 30 years. Keiko is an inspiration to all, both Christians and non-Christians, as she meets the challenges of lung cancer (right lung is completely blocked now with cancer) with faith and trust in the Lord! Keiko is in and out of the hospital and her goal now is to live until November when their son Hosana is scheduled to make a trip to Hong Kong for a presentation of his graduate thesis in computer technology. Please pray that the Lord will give her more opportunities to bless those around her with her life witness to God’s grace—even her healing. Nakaburi Congregation Brother and Sister Kimura with the children they love so Plaque honoring Kimuras for 30 years of ministry at Nakaburi
  12. 12. Worship time Worship time with grandchildren present Erika Matute from Honduras re- turned last summer as a missionary with the Nakaburi congregation! With the help of Keiko Nelson, one of our members, she has been teaching a “Sunday school” on Fridays. About six children attend regularly with others who come and go. She has gone through “cane training” and has become familiar with places where she regularly goes, such as train sta- tions, and gets around very well on her own with her very limited vision! She is now living for a few months in a facility for the sight impaired in Kyoto, learning Japanese Braille, and witnessing in her daily life there. She volunteers in a care facility for the el- derly and continues to follow up on children she taught last summer in Ikoma. Congregation bowling party Fellowship time Paul preaching Jeremy and Amy greeting Keiko and son, Hosana ConversationwithKeiko Erika and Keiko Nelson with children’s class Congregation contracted OBS graduate, Ryuji Niiro, to trim up our trees 12
  13. 13. 13 Our annual OBS Tanemaki-kai (literally “seed sowing” conference) is held in November. Well-prepared speakers delivered relevant messages and, of course, the singing and fellowship was “a glimpse of heaven” in the minds of all. We admire the older ones for their many years of faithfulness, despite broken family ties because they have chosen to serve God, and we are happy to see younger leaders taking their places of leadership. The annual meeting of preachers, missionaries and other evangelists of regional western Japan was held in April in the mountains not far from us. It is always encouraging for our Japanese leaders to get together and share, and is encouraging to us to see their faithfulness in ministry! We have made reservations to fly to Kagoshima the end of July to attend the All Japan Christian Convention. Christians from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south enjoy attending these conventions to hear both younger and older speakers, have Christian fellowship with one another, and especially enjoy singing together in a large group! Christian Fellowship Gatherings Tanemaki-kai Break time fellowship Dendosha-kai in session Kansai regional Dendosha-kai As we go about our daily lives, it is always our purpose to make and deepen relationships with people as channels used by the Lord. In a land where people do not usually speak to one another unless they have been introduced, we often hear the comment, “Paul can talk to anybody!” In my recent hospital experience I made several unique friendships with hospital staff and fellow patients. I am con- fident that some of them will come to our International Nights as promised, and at least one very staunch Buddhist fellow-patient, Forming Relationships New friends in common over hip replacement surgery
  14. 14. who repeatedly told me he will con- tact me toward the end of the summer, will visit. This spring Rickie has gone on a couple of excursions with members and teachers of the Japanese class she attends at our local community center. She also had a modeling job recently. These unique opportunities provide reason to share the hope that is within us, as people are always in- terested in why we have lived in Japan for so long and what we do here—and with our “graying” there is an evident increase in respect!  14 A new artist friend, fellow hospital inmate Plum viewing excursion . . . with Japanese class students and teachers Excursion to Kyoto We made two trips to Ishinomaki this last year in Novem- ber and May, not only to visit our grandchildren(!) and daugh- ter and son-in-law Chad and Jennifer, but to minister there as well, both physically and spiritually. Many of the people know us now and are eager to share their lives with us, always ex- pressing their thanks to us for all our Huddleston family has meant to them. One of the exciting and blessed ministries of the Be-One group is the “Nozomi Project” begun to help ladies who had been through the disaster to pick up their lives, earn some money by making quality jewelry out of shards of pottery scat- Trips to Tohoku Disaster Area Neighborhood leader Tsuchi-san who has worked so much with Chad and the Be-One ministry Anika leading children’s Sunday school time Leftover Onagawa tsunami- toppled structure -- only one of several and not the biggest
  15. 15. 15 Young 17-year-old artist has become world famous for putting this destroyed community on the map Mizuki (middle left, google her name) and her mother (middle) during worship time Visiting the Nozomi Project workroom This summer newsletter coming out a little late is due to my three weeks’ hospitalization for my right hip total replacement—surgery and 3 weeks of rehabilitation. My left hip is completely normal but my right hip was bone on bone. I was released on Tuesday, June 18th, and am doing quite well walking with my Sierra hiking poles (preparing for Yosemite 2015!). The pain has been a matter of gradual lessening, and I praise God as normalcy returns! Rickie and I stand amazed that, in my condition, we could hike 45 miles in 8 days in the Yosemite High Country last summer with heavy packs on! More about that trip in Family Notes below. About my hip replacement surgery (kokansetsu kokan)—it has all been a real educational experience (ii benkyo narimashita). Japanese Personal Health Report Rickie saw me daily The hospital staff were agog when I went by the nurs- es’ station with all my lady visitors -- thanks to Kim Be-One worship time tered after the tsunami, regain some hope and dig- nity and experience God’s love. Nozomi in Japanese means “hope.” Go to to read about this ministry and the testimonies of those involved and be blessed. Jennifer flew down for a surprise visit before they left for the States
  16. 16. 16 deal stoically with pain and think it necessary to good healing. I was not prepared for the intense pain I was subjected to without anything like adequate pain remedy! I did not come out of surgery to a recovery room as such, but to my 4-person room—and not in “La-La Land!: but crying out in pain “Itai! . . . itai” . . .itai!” (pain! . . . pain! . . . pain!) clutching hard both Rickie’s hands—for two hours, she says!! I was hospitalized for 22 days (three weeks of rehabilitation) and it wasn’t until a couple of days before being discharged that I had a pain level that was tolerable. I had opportunity to watch two Japanese men, one whose surgery was before mine and the other after. You wouldn’t know they were experiencing the same level of pain (one commented that it was his “samurai spirit”—I must be a wimp!) arriving back to their rooms, UNTIL days later and their stoicism began a meltdown like an iceberg going south—the one after me was in misery when I left 2½ weeks after his surgery. What has been interesting is how short the three weeks were—for all the fighting of pain—LONG nights and short days. Always fighting pain, at one point two weeks out I actually said to Rickie, “Don’t take me wrong, but I must be feeling better—I miss you!” It has been an experience and you do relate to C.S. Lewis’ comments on pain, AND Paul’s, while thinking of our Lord’s enduring the hideous, awful and excruciating pain for us—dying yet, ultimately, of a broken heart—for having come to His own and not received! It has been in the end a spiritual experience. Michaela’s departure allowed me to get out a day early The only scenic view in Osaka just outside mine and the dayroom’s window Many who read Osaka News know our family and appreciate the annual updates. For those who have not met our family, we ask you to understand that, with us, they are a top priority. Chad and Jennifer and family (Anika 14; Josiah 13; Caleb 9; Katia 7; and Gideon 5) continue their relief work in the earthquake/tsunami disaster area—at least for another two years. Their work is changing more from providing physical help to the residents there who lost so much in the earthquake and tsu- nami, to deepening relationships and sharing more about how God loves them and has a plan for their lives. In their recent newsletter they shared that their team “works day- in and day-out with people who have suffered extreme loss and pain, and Satan is hard at work in his attempts to take us down.” Please keep them in prayer for safety as they travel in the States this summer to report on the work the Lord has give them to do. Jenni- Family Notes The Ishnomaki gang -- the Huddlestons
  17. 17. 17 fer home-schools the older two children, and the three younger ones are in local Japanese elementary and kindergarten classes. The wonderful news from Missouri is that last summer our oldest grandchild, Michaela, then 15, made her confession of faith in the Lord Jesus and I was privileged to baptize her in the lake near the Co- lumbia Christian Church where they are members! Chris and Jocelyn and family (Michaela 17; Benjamin 15; Elijah 14; Johanna 12; and Ami 7), living in Columbia, MO, where Chris works as Senior Systems/Stor- age Engineer at Carfax, came to visit us this spring! Chris had to go back to work three weeks later, but Jocelyn and the younger four children stayed seven weeks and Michaela Proud grandparents with Michaela Her baptism in the Chapel in the Woods lake The wolfe-pack arrives stayed three months. They ALL helped with many needed chores on the property without complaint! Jocelyn home-schools the children and they are forwarding agents for both our personal funds and for Chad and Jen- nifer’s Team Expansion funds. (Chris and Jeremy are always available to “operate” on our computer remotely as needed!) Jeremy and Amy, living in Raleigh, NC, spent a week here in Novem- ber. It was Amy’s first time to Japan and they enjoyed a lot of sightseeing. They are expecting their first child (our second grandson with the Clark name) in early September. Both work from home for Adobe, traveling to New York, San Francisco and Seattle, and they are in the process of build- ing a house on their Raleigh property. Jeremy is Director of User Design and Amy is Senior Innovation Product Manager. Jonathan, Yuki and Sean (4) make their home near Anaheim, CA. Jonathan works for Sumitomo Electric as Senior Sales Coordinator/IT and liaison between the English speaking customers and the factories in Japan. Yuki and Sean are currently in Japan with her family and will be visiting us soon. Sean is enrolled in a Christian pre-school in California and has been recently advanced a year to begin kindergarten in the fall. Last summer we with Jocelyn, Jeremy and Jonathan, along with a pro- They helped in many ways, here loading firewood Jeremy and Amy, our expectant couple Yuki, Sean and Jonathan
  18. 18. 18 photographer friend Jeff Nixon, a former Ansel Adams assistant, spent eight days in the High Si- erras backpacking and enjoying God’s creation. Three nights were spent in a beautiful alpine valley under Mt. Ansel Adams, his favorite in all the Sierras! For the first time ever, we spent two days on mules getting over an 11,000 foot pass to our first camp. (Rickie says, “Never again on mules!”) We had some spectacular experiences and views, along with life-threatening situations (most unusual for all my lifetime of backpack- ing), and we praise the Lord for bringing us all out safely! He is “Jehovah Jirah,” our protector! Three nights under Mt. Ansel AdamsYosemite 2012 family Ms. Rickie -- He never let a foot slip Everyone should have their own rainbow -- ours We publish a monthly (or occasionally two months at a time) eUpdate which we send out to over 400 addresses by email. If you would like to be on this list and hear more frequently from us how the Lord is working in Japan so that you will know how you can pray for us, please send us your email address and we will add you to the list. We would love to include you. We believe good things happen when God’s people pray. Our email address is eUpdates Want to be included on monthly eUpdate list? Proud Hirai and Clark grandparents with Sean
  19. 19. 19 Clark personal support: These funds are used to pay our personal salary ($2,500/month) and mission expenses such as office supplies, mission travel, utilities, etc. Chris and Jocelyn Wolfe handle these funds. Checks should be made out to Osaka Bible Seminary and sent to: Osaka Bible Seminary, P.O. Box 1697, Columbia, MO 65205. The Wolfes send out quarterly receipts to the donors and banking reports to us. Their email address is and their phone number is (573) 808-6256. Designated funds (e.g. Mongolia, KCS, disaster relief) can also be sent to this address. Osaka Bible Seminary (Columbia, MO) is under the umbrella of Osaka Bible Seminary’s not- for-profit organization in California. We separate the funds for convenience by having two for- warding addresses and separate bank accounts. The funds are combined in our annual report to the IRS. Seminary support: These funds are directly used to support Osaka Bible Seminary in Japan and help with basic expenses. Al- though the Japanese congregations continue to support OBS, they are not yet able, because of their number and size, to fully support the seminary. Therefore, your gifts are still very much needed and appreciated for the ongoing of this vital work here. Jon and Ann Ottinger handle these funds in the States. Checks should be made out to Osaka Bible Seminary and sent to: Osaka Bible Seminary, P.O. Box 696, San Jose, CA 95106. Jon deposits the checks, and sends receipts to the donors and banking reports to us; Jenann Beck- man does the bookkeeping on the Japan side. If you wish to receive a quarterly or annual financial report, please contact us and we will send you one. Please know that 100% of your gifts are passed on to Ja- pan with no “overhead” taken out. Our forwarding agents do not receive any remuneration. We are VERY GRATEFUL for THESE PARTNERS in ministry with us. They, with our sup- porters, make it possible for us to be in Japan! OBS Support Chris and Jocelyn Wolfe Jon and Ann Ottinger Jenann Beckman Scenes from Japan Japan . . . ripened unto harvest Springtime in Japan
  20. 20. MissionServices 2004E.MagnoliaAve. Knoxville,TN37917 ReturnServiceRequested NonProfitOrg. U.S.PostagePaid Knoxville,TN Permit#374 UntoHim, PaulandRickie