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Navajo ministry news & invitiation

  1. 1. Navajo ministry news & invitiation   Ministry Updates from Navajo Nation by Brian Snyder, Administrator and Missionary to the Navajo   The Navajo ministry is still going strong after one year as a ministry of Lifeline Christian Mission!  Looking back, we had a lot of great things happen and some interesting, not-so-great things as well, but we kept moving forward.  As a mission, we are creating plans to move forward with new ministries, building plans, and outreach to the communities that surround us; we want more of a presence on the Reservation so new initiatives are on the radar.      Mark your calendars: weve planned a "Navajo Ministry Celebration" event to celebrate the ministry work to the Navajo, and to invite you to be part of the future.  We hope that you can join us!  Youll find all the details and RSVP information online.       Thank you for your support and prayers this first year of ministry!  We appreciate it!   Red Sands Christian School School started again and we now have four teachers!  Dawn Springer, Principal, writes, Red Sands Christian School is proud to announce our new teacher Laura Chee. Laura comes to us from Leupp, Arizona and is teaching grades 2 and 3. We are excited to see how her addition brings in more students to the school. We look forward to seeing how God uses Red Sands to further His Kingdom.[10/2/12 5:00:54 PM]
  2. 2. Navajo ministry news & invitiation Yes, we grew in staff, and our current student count is a good base of wonderful children that will help us keep moving forward with our plan for accreditation as well. We are beginning the conversation with ACSI for our Christian School Accreditation as a mission school to the Navajo. This will take approximately 3-5 years and we will keep you updated on our progress. Overall, this will be a great move for the school and the students that are attending!   Red Sands Christian Church  Alyssa, one of the teens in our church, was just baptized this past Sunday!  Nine people have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior since Lifeline began ministry work with the Navajo!   Dilcon Christian Church The church in Dilcon is getting some work done on it by volunteers and there are now working bathrooms in the church there! We will continue to pray and seek God for direction for this property as we make improvements.   Work Teams We wrapped up our summer work teams with a one- day work team from Christs Church of Flagstaff, which is right down the road from us. They are great to have on board with our mission as many have volunteered to come back and help us personally with items, such as school photos and re-keying the locks at the school.  Others are planning to help with landscaping and finishing projects around the church.  We have one more work team this fall and we are looking forward to tackling some projects that need wrapped up for the year.    Surprises and Challenges This past year did present some surprises to us in regards to buildings that need repairs. We discovered that many buildings were constructed without permits and therefore needed to be inspected.  In doing so, we found: The church needs to be brought up to current American Disability Act (ADA) requirements for us to receive an occupancy permit.  The trailer that the teachers use needed to be removed. The hogans are not permitted with the current sanitary system in place.[10/2/12 5:00:54 PM]
  3. 3. Navajo ministry news & invitiation Not to mention the house we were living in was declared uninhabitable. We are now residing in a couple of campers on the property until the house can be repaired. The foundation of the house is the main issue the county is focusing on.  I know this is a sensitive issue because many of the churches and supporters of Navajo Trails poured out their effort and money to make these buildings a reality, but we must fix them before we can move forward.  We appreciate all the work that has been done in the past, but we need your help now as well. This is not going to be a cheap, easy fix. Work teams with specialized skills, financial assistance and prayer warriors are needed over the next several months to help us get back on track.  The future will continue to be bright as we honor God with our plans and follow the rules (despite how difficult it may be where we are).    Later this fall we are planning on releasing a plan detailing projected growth for the Navajo ministry, but it cannot become a reality until the list of items from the county is addressed. We trust Gods plan for us here and know that it can happen, but we are also trusting God to lead us to the financial ability to make this a reality as well.   Fundraising for this type of issue is never easy; we not only need funding for these special situations, but also for the Navajo ministry: we need general funding as well as personal funding for hiring of new teachers, for Lifeline staff, etc. This economy has been adversely affecting us all and has been keeping the focus off of ministry and onto building and maintenance issues around here. I know that God has bigger plans... bigger than a few building code issues. We need your help though, to get over this hurdle and focus on the future more than ever.   On a funny side note: we did have a comical time getting the mobile home trailer off the property. Lets just say it was heavy and the truck pulling it needed some help (see the picture above). It was bittersweet though: the trailer had been here for a long time and the teachers would stay here during the week. The trailer was donated to the teachers as a home for them in the Dilcon area.     Thank you! We thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement and support over the past year! The ministry to the Navajo is so vital and we realize that you are a huge part of what happens. We look forward to next year and hope that ministry continues to triumph over the mounds of trivial issues that seem to plague us right now.[10/2/12 5:00:54 PM]
  4. 4. Navajo ministry news & invitiation      Your Impact You can personally impact the Navajo ministry and change lives for eternity!  Here are some various ways to be involved:   Youre Invited! Join us at our "Navajo Ministry Celebration": an evening celebrating Lifelines ministry to the Navajo, with a challenge to be part of the future!  Details and RSVP information are available online.   Connect! Prayerfully consider bringing a work team!  There are still dates available for 2013. Visit our website for the basic details, then contact with additional questions or to schedule a team!   Donate! Fund a special project.  Simply support the general ministry to the Navajo.  Or maybe you want to support a Navajo teacher, like Laura Chee, who joined our school family.  You can even support the ministry of the current staff: Dawn Springer or the Snyder family.   General donations can be made online or contact for project-specific donations.   Sponsor a Child!  You have a very unique and special opportunity to sponsor one or more Needs of the children in our Christian school.  The Needs-based sponsorship program has four Need categories: Education 101; Food and Nutrition; Special Programs and Activities; and Transportation. Sponsors can elect to sponsor one or more of these four Need categories of a child; each need is $35 a month.  The sponsorship helps our children get the best education and will show them people care about them, and you get to connect with them on a personal level. We are excited to have this opportunity and encourage you to join us in reaching the Navajo children for Jesus. Contact for children available to sponsor immediately!    Pray! Join with us in prayer for the continued direction, funding and workers to help us move forward with Gods plans at Navajo Trails![10/2/12 5:00:54 PM]
  5. 5. Navajo ministry news & invitiation You are invited to an evening celebrating  Lifelines first year of ministry to the Navajo,  with a challenge to be part of the future!      Tuesday, October 23, 2012   Visit for details and  to RSVP individually ($20) or a table ($100)   ------------------------------------------------------------- - - -    Discover more at and join the conversation on Facebook & Twitter.[10/2/12 5:00:54 PM]
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