Mission explosion update - april 8, 2014


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Mission explosion update - april 8, 2014

  1. 1. MISSION EXPLOSION INTERNATIONAL “Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of Faith” Rusty Swafford, Evangelist PO Box 1331, Athens, TN 37371-1331 Contact # (865) 292-4411 E-mail: Info@MissionExplosion.com www.MissionExplosion.com The Mexico Playa Del Carmen Church needs our Help! [please go to www.missionexplosion.com and send your donation today] Books, Study Materials and Bibles We need to purchase Spanish Bibles and Christian literature to be distributed among our neighbors. We need children’s VBS materials and other Christian curriculum. Cost for this project - $400 *$75 given to date* Windows and Doors for the Church Building During the monsoon rains, the building floods because we only have bars on the windows and doors. We need to purchase glass windows and metal doors for security and inclement weather. Cost for this project - $500 *$50 given to date* Repair and Install Fire Escape Ladder to Building The fire escape stairs need to be welded and anchored to the side of the building. The stairs will give access to the roof which, in the future, can be used for classrooms. Cost for this project - $425 *$300 given to date* Completed Project Thank You! Build an Awning over the Porch Leading to the Restroom Church members and children cannot get to the restroom without getting soaked during rainy season. Cost for this project - $350 Repair and Extend the Old Restroom We have only one restroom, and it’s in very bad shape. The walls and flooring need repaired, the toilet and sink need to be replaced, and a shower needs to be installed. Supplies need to be purchased: concrete, paint, electrical wiring and fixtures. Cost for this project - $650. COMPLETED! Repair and Finish Sunday school Classrooms We need to pour a concrete floor, repair and paint the walls, and install electrical outlets. It is a dirt floor now! Cost for this project - $750. *$75 given to date* Rusty Writes… Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I wanted to send out this update informing you of the completion of the restroom at our church building. We also purchased a sound system for worship services and open air meetings like VBS and other community outreach activity. As you can see above we still need to complete several more projects. We desperately need Bibles and materials for VBS, our class rooms are in really bad shape and we need to finish all of the much needed repairs on the building. Please pray about taking on one of these projects during your VBS or Camp Week this summer. Present these needs to your Mission’s Ministry for their consideration. This Church is located in a very poor area and has the potential to reach hundreds for Christ. The members are hard working folks whose income is around $10 a day. Most of them work as hotel maids and maintenance laborers or other service type jobs. Two of the elders work on a garbage truck 6 days a week. They need our help to reach out to the community with the Gospel. There are many false doctrine groups in the area such as the Jehovah Witness, Mormons and 7 Day Adventist. We need the true New Testament teaching on salvation proclaimed in this region. Will you help your brothers and sisters in Christ? We will be back in Mexico the end of this month the Lord willing. Please let us know ASAP if your Church would like to fund a project or if you are planning on a short term mission trip with MEI this summer to help with our VBS down in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.