Mercy prayer partners update cholera outbreak- 3 june14


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Mercy prayer partners update cholera outbreak- 3 june14

  1. 1. Prayer Partners Update - Cholera Outbreak- 3 JUNE14 file:///C|/Users/Cheryl/Documents/Slide%20Share%20Documents/Mercy%20Prayer%20Partners%20Update%20-%20Cholera%20Outbreak-%203%20JUNE14.htm[6/3/2014 11:38:01 AM] View online Cholera Emergency in South Sudan Cholera outbreak is spreading as of this morning, over 1106 cases of which 27 are fatalities. Cases are confirmed in our areas of impact, Yei, East of Juba, Kajo Keji ( where our partnered well boring organization is based) spreading to Upper NIle where Thomas and Tom were in October. ( picture provided by UN IRIN at Juba teaching hospital where 400 dead were transported when war broke out at the start of the year. ) Ethnic gap widens and confusion continues - President Salva Kiir as of yesterday stated that he would not allow South Sudan be destroyed, meanwhile his defected troops disclose information of crimes against humanity and site Kiir as “ genocidal” see: We are witnessing a disconnect among regions in South Sudan that are reporting that peace has been restored. Kiir announced the construction of a hydro electric plant to begin in December, whereas, UN announced scaling back nation building since last weeks attack on a UN base by Kiir’s troops. Tom has completed training under the Medical Missions Intensive and has been certificated. Weekly discipline of using the skills obtained is required to successfully implementing lifesaving practices that will allow others to hear of their Saviors love. Pray for Tom’s time to be protected so that the training will have it’s greatest impact for God’s Glory. Pray for the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir. Our Lord is watchful over the atrocities and watchful over us as we pray for the least of these. Pray for all the Non Governmental Organizations and Faith Based Organizations as well as the United Nations. None have the solution, unless they claim dependence on Christ. - This can only be achieved if we pray for God's supernatural power in individuals lives that comprise these entities. Pray for those that are suffering the effects of Cholera that they may receive the company of a Christian that they may learn of God’s Love before leaving. 1.910.920.0004 update email address Copyright © 2013 Mercy Partners, A registered Trademark. Mercy Partners, PO Box 236, Columbia North Carolina, 27925 is a 501c3 tax deductable charity. You are currently signed up to Mercy Partners, Prayer Partners Updates because you have subscribed, Unsubscribe This email is powered by Direct Mail for Mac. Learn More Report Spam