Lifeline work team news & updates 4 30-13


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Lifeline work team news & updates 4 30-13

  1. 1. work team news & updates[4/30/2013 2:38:57 PM]I tell you the truth, whatever you didfor the least of these brothers ofmine, you did for me.  Matthew 25:40The hands and feet of Jesus... During the first three months of 2013, God has been at work inthe lives of the nationals and work team participants.  During thistime, Lifeline has hosted over 230 people on work teams(including 56 ladies for the annual womens trip) in Haiti; many ofthem were "first timers."   Team members exhibited a servantsheart and enthusiasm, and many have carried this spirit home,remaining engaged with Lifeline by collecting clothes or shoes forHaiti, raising funds to build a house, spearheading food packingevents at their church, and acquiring a deeper appreciation andunderstanding of missions in general. The work team members have had the opportunity to minister to"the least of these" in Haiti.  They have given in the name ofChrist to those in need.  They have been a blessing, and in turnhave been blessed.  They have been the hands and feet of Jesus,and have made an eternal difference in the lives of many people. Enjoy these highlights from the January, February & March teams! 
  2. 2. work team news & updates[4/30/2013 2:38:57 PM]A Special Invitation...Just for Ladies!Ladies, you are invited to joinGretchen and Christi on a specialteam to minister to the women andchildren in Lifelines Christianchurches and schools in Honduras! Dates: October 21-30, 2013Cost:  $1875, which includes airfare,in-field travel, meals and hotel Contact or 614-794-0108 for additional details! work team dedicates a new homeHomes For HaitiThe work teams work alongside the Haitian masons, building asafe and secure house for the recipient family.  Thirty-threehomes were constructed during the first 3 months of 2013 for atotal of 522 (as of March 25) since this ministry began in 2003! The donors, or donor representatives, were present to help withthe construction of 29 of these homes.  There is no experiencerequired for team members to participate in this ministry; we give"on the job" training. You, too, can share in this ministry.  Prayerfully consider raisingfunds to provide a home for a needy family; tell others about thisministry and invite them to become involved. or  for more information about this lifechanging ministry.    work team sings a special during worshipMeeting NeedsA big part of the work team experience is ministering personally tothe Haitian people.  The blessings for this go both ways: theHaitians are blessed by the love and compassion of the workteams, as well as the gifts they receive, and the work teams areblessed by the interaction with the Haitians.  And in everythingGod is honored. 
  3. 3. work team news & updates[4/30/2013 2:38:57 PM]Join a Team!If you or your church is interested inscheduling a work team, please contact us:,, or 614-794-0108.  It can be a lifechanging experience for you! We welcome the opportunity to talkwith you about a trip to one of ourfields: Haiti, Honduras, Navajo Nation(Arizona), and El Salvador.  SeekGods leading in how you can partnerwith us to share the love of Christ andsee people come to Him. Join us as we serve together, beingthe hands and feet of Jesus.    Here are some highlights of these ministries:   Fitted nearly 1600 people for clothing and shoes!Went into homes throughout the community to pray forindividuals and families.Prepared thousands of bags of food to be distributed in thenutrition programs.Participated in the infant and toddler nutrition programs(which also involved holding lots of cute little babies).Went into the community to deliver baby layettes to needyfamilies.Visited the Lifeline Childrens Home in Port au Prince. Teams shared Bible lessons, skits, puppet programs,music, games and gifts with the children.  Worship on Sunday morning at the Grand Goave church,and evening worship at the church at Jeanty. Many of these ministries are done in order to meet great physicalneeds in the hope that, in turn, we will have an opportunity toshare the love of Jesus Christ.  All gifts given, such as clothing,food, etc., are given with a prayer and a reminder that the gift isfrom Jesus Christ.  One of the teams had the blessing ofwitnessing 21 people being baptized into Christ!  It was a movingand powerful reminder that the seeds sown by work teams cangrow and produce life changing results!      The work teams also participated in many work projects: Painting projects: trusses and doors for the houses theywere building; bed frames: church benches; and thekitchen and computer lab at the Leogane school. Laying plumbing lines for the new Grand Goave ChildrensHome.Spreading gravel in front of the Grand Goave school.Mechanical repairs. These are just a few of the many projects team members wereinvolved in.  
  4. 4. work team news & updates[4/30/2013 2:38:57 PM]Pray!Many more work team members willtravel to Haiti, Honduras and Arizonathroughout the remainder of this year.Please continue to pray for thepeople of Haiti, Honduras, and theNavajo in Arizona, and pray for thosewho will be going to serve at one ofthese locations.    mens work team at the Navajo ministrySpecialty TeamsIn addition to the "regular" work teams, we hosted a medicalteam, two MEET Teams (representatives who are new to Lifelineand considering becoming more involved) in Haiti and ElSalvador, a Survey Guest Team, a Leadership Seminar Team (forthe local pastors, teachers and other leaders), and a Media Teamin both Haiti and Honduras.  A specialty team of 9 men also spent a week at our Navajoministry location in Arizona.  These men did extensive remodelingin preparation to host work teams at our new location on theNavajo Reservation.   Thank you!To our work team participants, we say, "THANK YOU!"  You havemade an eternal difference in the lives of so many people.  And,God is doing a work in you, as well as through you. Continue toremain open to his leading.  Co-missionaries with you,
  5. 5. work team news & updates[4/30/2013 2:38:57 PM] Keith & Christi DimbathWork Team Directors                          continue the conversation          discover more at www.Lifeline.orgForward this emailThis email was sent to by |  Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy.Lifeline Christian Mission | 921 Eastwind Drive, Suite 133 | Westerville | OH | 43081-3363