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Juve prayer partner letter #118


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Published in: Spiritual
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Juve prayer partner letter #118

  1. 1. Miyazaki Bible House Miyazaki International Christian Fellowship Twenty years ago this month, we received a telephone call from a friend in Tokyo suggesting we visit a small group of international students who had begun a Bible study at Miyazaki University. We found out that we could help them with teaching and translation, and we in turn were greatly blessed by their fellowship. For the next two years we drove an hour twice a month to meet with them. In 1996 God arranged for us to move and work with Miyazaki International Christian Fellowship full time. Since then, the group has met on Sunday evenings for bilingual worship, study, prayer and fellowship at Bible House. About 200 Japanese, as well as people from forty other countries have participated in MICF events over the years. When these Bible study family members return home we continue to pray for them. Some are involved in church leadership in their own countries. Christmas Outreach Our Family Christmas theme in December included Jesus’ second coming, as well as His birth. A third of the adults who came were non-Christians, and some were hearing the gospel for the first time. One of them, Kayoko, is a nurse from a nearby town. It was her first “Christmas party.” She thought it didn’t really matter what god you believed in, but since then she has attended a couple of our Cross- Culture events, and heard the Gospel message again at Easter. She has started to pray and listens to sermon CDs every day in her car. The three grade-levels of JOY Club each had a Christmas party. This spring, as the new school year started, several more children started coming. Attendance has increased to twenty students, with two additional class times. JUVE PRAYER PARTNER LETTER #118 SPRING 2014 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matthew 22:37 MICF group on Easter MICF Family Christmas program telling the Christmas story playing games stirring up a chocolate cake
  2. 2. Prison Ministry Prayer Request Al has been a chaplain at the Miyazaki Prison since 2006, and two years ago he was appointed to be on their board of directors. Most of the chaplains are Buddhist, but four are Christian. At their annual meeting this spring one Buddhist, and one Christian chaplain have been asked to talk for twenty minutes about what they typically share with the inmates in their classes. Al was asked to speak on behalf of the Christian chaplains. God is giving him an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel and his testimony with about 25 Buddhist priests and several prison officials, including the warden! On top of that, the meeting is on May 28—the fortieth anniversary of his conversion. Please pray for Al as he speaks, and for the hearts of the men who listen. We  plan  to  be  in  the  USA  during  July  and  August  to  report  to  our  ministry  supporters.             Our  work  here  in  Japan  is  possible  through  your  faithful  prayers  and  financial  support,   and  we  look  forward  to  seeing  many  of  you  and  sharing  with  you  in  person!                                                           Al  &  Rhonda ! ! ! ! ! ~ Contact Information ~ Al & Rhonda Juve 111-7 Kihara, Kiyotake-cho Miyazaki-shi 889-1601 JAPAN Tel: 81-985-84-4420 For Contributions: Capitol City Christian Church 7800 Holdrege St Lincoln, NE 68505 JUVE PRAYER PARTNER LETTER #118 SPRING 2014 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matthew 22:37 Al & Rhonda Juve Weekly Prayer Guide Sunday (MICF) ‣ international Bible study group for Japanese, English teachers and college students ‣ good Japanese language skills Monday (personal) ‣ loving God with our whole heart ‣ daily health and energy Tuesday (prison) ‣ inmates who attend the Bible class ‣ salvation of prison officials and Bud- dhist priests who hear Al’s testimony Wednesday (connections) ‣ getting to know more students ‣ meeting and sharing with seekers Thursday (deaf friends) ‣ Japanese sign language skills ‣ salvation of Keiko, Yasuhiro Friday (women) ‣ Hannah Fellowship members ‣ salvation of Kayoko, Tomoko, Hiromi Saturday (children) ‣ children who attend the JOY Clubs ‣ encouraging their families Cross-Culture volunteers sang at a home for handicapped adults for Christmas, and Valentines Day. A Cross-Culture event was hosted at Miyazaki University in early April; several of us also attended the Welcome Party for new international students. Friends were invited to a Game Night at Bible House for New Years, indoor mini-golf in March, and hiking in May. Cross-Culture Connections’Activities