Jill Shaw Aug 2014 eNews


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news from the ministry of Jill Shaw in New Zealand

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Jill Shaw Aug 2014 eNews

  1. 1. Banner Template file:///Users/rhundley/Desktop/Jill%20Shaw%20Banner%20Template[8/19/14, 8:55:06 AM] Subject: Banner Template From: "Jill Shaw" <jillspcf@gmail.com> Date: 8/18/14, 2:40 AM To: rhundley@missionservices.org Discipleship - Church Planting - Networking - University Chaplaincy - Refuge Jill Shaw:  SPCF New Zealand August 2014 Points for prayer as September approaches: NZ elections are 20 September Hailey Knee is coming from Sept-April for a missional internship FaithLift at Shore, 4 Tuesdays in September: a conversational series for marginal & seekers. Peace Week at Massey University: great opportunities for finding common ground and having conversations Movies Also, in an effort to understand the context in which we do ministry in NZ, how about watching some movies with a few friends or your small group? NZ films, even the comedies, are dark.   Create a movie night and watch a NZ film, maybe with a few friends or your small group.   Quick Links www.jillspcf.org Donate Online Receive this Newsletter Email Jill Conversations@intersections  www.facebook.com/spcfnz Twitter @SPCFanz
  2. 2. Banner Template file:///Users/rhundley/Desktop/Jill%20Shaw%20Banner%20Template[8/19/14, 8:55:06 AM] • Whale Rider,  • Sione's Wedding,  • Boy (the NZ one),  • The World's Fastest Indian,  • Goodbye Pork Pie.   If the Gospel is good news for every situation of life, not just a conversion text, then the question to ask is:   How would we speak the gospel into each of these stories within the story?   I do not endorse the content of ANY  of these films. They demonstrate WHY people need Jesus, so be very careful who your audience is when you show them to a group. Some may trigger victims of addiction or trauma.       Find the films online at: https://ondemand.nzfilm.co.nz/#!/home    or maybe in a local library Flying to TelAviv via Istanbul took me over places I only read about in headlines. So many causes for prayer. People need Jesus, here and everywhere.  Financially support the ministry Jill provides, or correspond via • South Pacific Christian Fellowship P.O. Box 43581, Louisville KY 40253 USA • Remove my name from all future email correspondence   Address postal inquiries to: South Pacific Christian Fellowship PO Box 43581 Louisville, KY 40253 Powered By