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Jesus 4 Greater Asia May 2014


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ministry news from Paul & Rickie Clark

Published in: Spiritual
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Jesus 4 Greater Asia May 2014

  1. 1. Jesus 4 Greater Asia UPDATE FROM JAPANUPDATE FROM JAPAN Paul and Rickie Clark . . . our email to you . . . No. 49, May 2014 OBS Support: Osaka Bible Seminary PO Box 696 San Jose, CA 95106 Personal Support: Osaka Bible Seminary PO Box 1697 Columbia, MO 65205 Osaka Bible Seminary — Jesus for Japan KANSAI CHRISTIAN SCHOOL has entered a new era with an increased student body of 25%, and we have a new principal and two other new teachers. With changes God always bring opportunities to grow in His grace and lean upon Him. It has been a good year, but there have also been difficult times of adjustment. Spring is always busy with different events and one of those was Drama Night. Grades 1-6 pre- sented “The Three Piggy Opera” and Grades 7 -12 did “Miss Nelson is Missing.” It was a fun evening. We have also been blessed with a gift of ten new computers! We had help from an IT person from the States and a missionary dad in setting up the new com- puters, as well as help from our son-in-law Chad who updated our database. Please pray for KCS as we enter a new era. We especially desire our students to know Christ in a way that establishes and revolutionizes their lives! OSAKA BIBLE SEMINARY’s student body is growing! This spring we welcomed four new full-time students, including our Mrs. Ibuki from Nakaburi Church, and one auditor. Our students come from 7 different prefec- tures; five are on-campus and three are doing full-time online studies. OBS has never been large but we have graduates on all the main islands of Japan who are faithful in their callings., just as OBS has continued faithful in its purpose “to train preachers, pastors, evangelists and other Christian workers for INTERNATIONAL NIGHTS continue to bring new peo- ple for a fun evening of games, snacks, singing and a message from the word. This month we had peo- ple from Brazil, China, Korea, U.S., Japan and Colombia. We see people growing in Christ and all were urged to bring non-believers next month. JUST COINCIDENCES? This month we have had con- tact with students and friends we worked with many years ago. 1) We met one of my former students and her grown-up daughter in a drug store recently. 2) Two of Rickie’s former students are now attending Nakaburi church “off and on.” 3) Our good friends the Iries called recently and invited us to a fam- ily-only wedding reception for their grand- daughter. We think these are “divine appoint- ments, not coincidences! Is God honor- ing His kingdom work from earlier years? “YES!” Praise Him! MONGOLIA THIS SUMMER: We have both been asked to go to Mongolia for 2 weeks in June and July and speak at a Centurions ministry staff retreat. We look forward to sharing with them and going to the countryside afterwards. It has been 4 years since Rickie has been able to go. Entrance ceremony and reception Brother Kimura speak- ing in OBS chapel Principal Sainio and Computer Lab Goodbye to Susan (center) The 3 Little Piggies and the Big Bad Wolf (or bear?)! Learning Team Work Spiritual Life Emphasis Week activity Speaking in chapel at KCS