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Jennings Jazz May 2013


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news from Brian & Comfort Jennings in Ghana

Published in: Spiritual
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Jennings Jazz May 2013

  1. 1. THE JENNINGS JAZZ, MAY 2013 e-Bulletin of Brian and Comfort Jennings, Serving Jesus’ Kingdom through Education and Action in Ghana, Supported by the Fellowship of Churches of Christ based at Ghana Christian University College, Accra, Ghana, West Africa Dear Friends, KASOA WEDDING Ransford Ayitey, the former Elder for Evangelism at the Asbury-Dunwell Church has begun a church plant on the porch of his house in Kasoa, a suburb on the west of Accra. Last year Comfort and I joined a team to lead their first celebration of the Lord’s Supper. On the last Sunday of April we returned and I (Brian) conducted their first wedding! Ransford Ayitey, asked me to bless the marriage of two of the members of the Church. I preached from Genesis Chapter 2 about the joy that should come from the marriage relationship for the couple, their children, their families, their friends, and the Church as the husband and wife serve each other in love. After the message I had the great privilege to bless the union of Teiko and Ivy Soroko by praying over their rings and having them share communion with each other as husband and wife. During our last visit to the site we prayed over some land that the Church was hoping to buy. We learnt during our time with the Church that they had successfully agreed on terms for their purchase! COMFORT’S CAMPAIGNS The last two months have also been a very busy time for Comfort. She has completed the Entrepreneurship Training Project funded by the US State Department and organised an ICT ‘Train the Trainer’ programme supported by Intel. From 26th May Comfort will be visiting the the US for two weeks at the invitation of Ten Thousand Villages, a US based Christian Fair Trade company, who are one Comfort’s main commercial partners. Comfort will be making a presentation to their store managers about how Ele Agbe (Comfort’s company) supports women in rural Ghana through the manufacture and export of Shea butter cosmetics and recycled beads. NEWS ABOUT GHANA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Affiliation with University for Development Studies Three weeks ago GhanaCU received a bill. Usually, we are not too keen on bills, we just get on and pay them and pray that we have enough funds to meet the next one! But we were delighted to receive this one as it was the bill from the University for Development Studies based northern Ghana for affiliation for our B.A. Development Management! Now we have a route for the students in our School of Development Management to gain their degrees. We are very grateful for all of you who supported us in prayer in this matter. The Lord has been very gracious! Strategic Planning Seminars From the 22nd to 24th of May the staff of GhanaCU devoted themselves to seeking the Lord’s face for the future through prayer and planning. During this time we explored and reviewed the meaning of our mission and vision statements. Considered our internal strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and challenges that confronts us. Finally, we spent two days putting together some proposals for our leadership team to put together in a strategic plan in our behalf. This was a very fruitful time of reflection and discussion. I was responsible for facilitating the thinking Comfort and Her Team Blessing the Rings Facilitating the Planning Seminar
  2. 2. of our academic team. Please remember the GhanaCU team in your prayers as we seek God’s direction on the way ahead. (Picture of me leading here) PRAYER POINTS Thanksgiving:  Development of the Kasoa Church  Completed Entrepreneurship and ICT training programmes  Affiliation of GhanaCU with University for Development Studies  Productive Planning Sessions Intercession:  Continued growth of the Kasoa Church  Safe travel for Comfort as she visits the US  Completion of agreements with UDS  Divine guidance for the GhanaCU leadership as they prepare a strategic plan for the next five years. Our Ghana contact details are: PO Box DD48, Dodowa, Greater Accra Region, Ghana; Mobile +233 543567100 email: All contributions should be make out to the Fellowship of Churches of Christ and sent to Tim Herbert, 46 Wingate Close, B30 1AA.; Tel.: 07916 708538; email: Please print and distribute this bulletin to anyone who you think might be interested! If you feel you are receiving this email in error please let us know at once and we will remove you from the distribution list, we don’t want to be responsible for any spam! Grace and Peace, Brian and Comfort