Jan 2014 Brazil Christian Mission newletter


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Jan 2014 Brazil Christian Mission newletter

  1. 1. Brazil Christian Mission The work of teaching Love continues... 2013 was a year of great losses that left us with enormous “Saudades” (missing loved ones). However, these loved ones who went on home to be with the Lord our Father, left us great teachings of loving. They left this world and we who are still here will need to continue their ministry. Unfortunately we cannot even begin to compare to them, but we can do our best. This is what they would want and it is also the will of our Lord Jesus Christ for sure. Therefore we will continue this ministry, now we are not holding hands with them, but our spirits are connected to them and to our heavenly Father! 2014 has begun and we pray the Lord will be in our lives caring and protecting each one of us as we seek to help others with the same LOVE as that of JESUS CHRIST! A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you… By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Jo.13:34. We will meet at the East Gate!” Forever in our hearts! (Lloyd David always liked to say that and mean it) In Memoriam and Testimonies! Our dearly beloved Pastor David was called by God to rest in His arms. Angels sing with his arrival in heaven. To us comes the difficult task of saying goodbye to this example of Christianity, love, human being, missionary, pastor, counselor, husband, brother, uncle, grandfather. Father of us all, he hugged us and loved us and cared for us, as wisely as he could be. Everyone has a story to tell of how he advised him or her, of how he opened Ruth and Bonnie Snodgrass were preacher's daughters, his or her eyes, baptisms, weddings, life renewal. A book would not be and the gospel their father preached became their own enough to write all the stories. More than 60 years of walking hand in hand with God, Churches founded, implemented projects and still wanted more, very early in life. always making new plans. Active, always with his Bible in hand, many Ruth died in January after 65 years in Brazil as a books recommended to us. His unmistakable accent, his voice, and the missionary with her husband Lloyd David. Bonnie sweetest smile I have ever seen. Difficult to put in a few words what Pastor followed in October, having supported her sister in David means to us, but we can put it like this: ways completely unknown to most. She was the confidant, the correspondent, and the "whatever I can do to help" person. “HE HAD A BIG PART IN OUR LIVES!" Brazil Christian Mission included the Sanders family as our first Christian Church missionaries to Brazil, May everyone love like you did, may each one of us be an example of and a board to give counsel and contact with supporters. Christianity like you, may we make our lives truly DEDICATED to God, It expanded as others came to work with them, then like you. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to have a rare and honorable move on into their own ministries. person like David here on earth for 95 years. An example for life! An In the passing of Ruth, Bonnie, and now Lloyd David, example that will be stored in our hearts forever. We'll be waiting for the day we see the impact of their lives as the gospel thrives in when we can meet again and embrace you our dearly beloved Pastor David! their beloved Brazil. We see their legacy continue His life is in each of us, in every project, in every Christian Church. in the Brasilia Church and the many believers they have served in the area, and in Starla's ministry to Today beside his beloved wife Ruth to rest in the arms of the poor in Recife. Our Lord Jesus Christ! To Ruth, Bonnie and L. David come the words of the Master: "Well done good and faithful servants. Enter Always in our Hearts! Always alive in each of us! We Love you! into the Father's house…" Kalinka Carvalho Darel Boston - BCM board chmn. WELL DONE, GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANTS!
  2. 2. Flashes of Brasília... First Missionary Conference organized by the Missão Cristã do Brasil. Missionaries linked to the Missão, serving in Moçambique, China, Angola, America, Guiné Bissau, Peru, Paraguay, Brasilia (Brasil), Goias (Brasil), Pernambuco (Brasil) came to the Conference. It was a great blessing. There were over 500 people visiting during the 4 days. It took place at Pro Vida. On the last day there were many baptisms by several of the Christian Churches in Brasilia.. Pr. Edson, the President of Missão Cristã do Brasil and Minister of the Christian Church in Brasilia called Starla and Daryl Sanders up front to pay a special honor to Lloyd David Sanders, who had been so enthusiastic about this missionary conference and went to be with the Lord two days before the conference began. He also invited Starla Sanders Azevedo to be part of the Missão Cristã do Brasil officially. Pr. Marinho invited Starla and Luiz for a special service in memoriam of Pr.David & Ruth A special thank you to the Sanders Family. Starla participated in the end of the year “Better Age” meeting. This is a meeting that Ruth Sanders helped organize for the elderly women of the Christian Church in Brasilia. Pr. Edson and Pr. Geraldo Borges were also present. At Christian Church in Asa Norte. Like Starla, Phil McAfee is a second generation missionary to Brazil. They are praying about Phil´s ministry (Brasilia) becoming a part of BCM.” Flashes of Recife... Maria and Antonio receiving food basket These families live in this area Ana receiving food basket. New slum that is beginning to be visited by our volunteers Lagoa do Náutico
  3. 3. Flashes of Recife... We ended the year of 2013 giving out food baskets every month (Thanks to IDES). (Luiz Carlos, Starla’s husband distributing food baskets) Homeless, wandering individuals and those who can’t have hot meals at their living place received hot meals from the Azevedo’s home, provided by the IDES donations. Through small projects 20 families received water filters which were given by IDES and 20 more will be receiving the other filters. Most of these families didn’t realize the importance of having filtered water. We showed them details of how to use the filters and reasons to use them, like the fact that not using them, they will have serious diseases in their homes and a high risk for their children. (pictures of families with filters) IDES also provided funds to purchase chickens for three families (this is still in process, due to change of families. First families moved away without explanation). Another project due in March 2014, which we know will be a big success is the sewing machines purchased to help three ladies start their own sewing business. These sewing machines are also thanks to IDES which has helped our people so much. A special thank you to IDES and to those who have contributed to IDES to help us. We would like to thank all brothers and sisters in Christ, all Christian Churches, Churches of Christ and even other churches who have helped our ministry to continue on in full force. For your encouragement, donations and specially your prayers, THANK YOU. We could not have gone through the whole year of 2013 without you, who are blessings the Lord has showered upon our lives and ministry. A special THANK YOU goes out to the BCM Board who has so faithfully stood by our side, with enormous patience and love, encouragement, prayer and gifts, many times going out of their way to work on our difficulties…. Members of the BCM Board from left to right: Jerry Turner, Jo Ann and Darel Boston, Brad Moore, Marybelle Schreiner, Elnor and John Van Der Wege, John Gates, Ora Martindale, Brian and Julie Fiedler. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU! Luiz & Starla Azevedo Av. Ulisses Montarroyos, 5743 Candeias - Jaboatão - PE Cep: 54.430-070 Brazil - S.A. Darel Boston Send gifts to: Send emails and request for information to: Board Chairman darel1936@yahoo.com Brazil Christian Mission c/o Jerry Turner Starla Joy: starjoy@hotmail.com or Treasurer P.O. Box 12 Jerry Turner: jlt@wiredks.com Jerry Turner Anthony, KS 67003 jlt@wiredks.com
  4. 4. GOAL FOR 2014 The Lord Directing Our main GOAL and PURPOSE for the year of 2014 is the purchase of a site for CAEC (Ministry to needy families). We are going to raise the funds to purchase the Site. This site will improve our way of reaching out to the Families and their children. We will have a center to assist the families with counseling, food, clothing, medication, directing them towards ways of improving their lives. There will be a Daycare center for the children to stay while the parents go to work. There will be a school where young people and adults can improve their skills to get jobs or find means of self support. (Reading and Writing classes for the illiterate, computer skills, cooking and other professional courses). And of course we cannot forget the main purpose. We will build a Chapel where all can come to worship the Lord without fear of being turned away. YOUR PRAYERS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT MEAN LIFE TO YOUR MISSIONARIES AND THEIR KINGDOM OUTREACH!