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Insight Resources International Apr 2014 newsletter


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Ministry news from Insight Resources International

Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Insight Resources International Apr 2014 newsletter

  1. 1. Insight News In the last article, I explained some of the discoveries we have made at IRI about learning. I want to expand a bit on that and talk about how the ideas of direct and indirect understanding impact self-identity. We have found this is important when helping others improve themselves. As I covered in the previous article, people tend to learn things in one of two ways – directly, through personal compre- hension of an idea, or indirectly, by learning someone else’s ideas. In general, we learn indirectly at first, but our ultimate goal should be direct understanding. This is especially true when we are learning about our own personal identity. If someone points out that we learn about ourselves from others, many of us would understand what was meant. I learn about who I am initially from my parents, my siblings, my extended family, and my friends. They tell me my name, that I am a human, what ethnic group I belong to, and other interesting things about me. Eventu- ally, however, I start to formulate my own ideas about things: blue is a prettier color than other colors, science is more interesting than art (or vice versa), cauliflower is yucky, and so on. Over time, I understand that I am myself, and other people are not me. In a healthy environment, I also understand that I am responsible for myself. Ide- ally, I develop a direct self-identity; I am me, and I know who I am. In reality, however, the final parts of this are a bit easier said than done. Most of us constantly struggle with other people’s perceptions of us. Sometimes this is good, as others can help me see things about myself that are valuable or need devel- oping that I had missed. All too often, however, this is a negative experience, as oth- ers see me as too short, too fat, too ugly, or otherwise inferior or deficient. We strug- gle between understanding ourselves directly (having a strong internal sense of who I am), and understanding ourselves indirectly (seeing ourselves as others see us) for most of our lives. We want to use what we learn from others (indirectly) to form a correct direct understanding of ourselves. We don’t always succeed, but we now un- derstand our goal. Unfortunately, the ideal sometimes gives way to the terrible. In some situa- tions, our ability to develop our own direct understanding of ourselves is stifled or suppressed. There are many scenarios where this can happen: abusive families, over- bearing teachers or supervisors who will only accept their understanding of things, and nearly every case of slavery or broad cultural oppression. In these cases, our abil- ity to form a direct understanding of ourselves is squashed in favor of a second per- son’s understanding. We are told someone else already knows everything there is to know about us (or at least everything important). Our identity is forged by proxy, and we develop an indirect identity. This indirect identity creates a sense of dependency—I now need this second person, because it is through that person that I understand myself. I suppose this could be acceptable if the other person understood me perfectly, but that’s not possible (other people are no more perfect than I am, after all). As a result, I become depend- ent on this second person for my identity, and the associated sense of well-being and security that goes along with having a sense of self. This is a dangerous situation. We have discovered that this dependant sense of self seems tied to a displaced sense of responsibility. One of the issues we have VOLUME 8 ISSUE April 14 04 Insight Resources International, Inc. Copyright © 2014 Growing Human Potential One Worldview at a Time Mailing Address PO Box 2937, Mills, WY 82644 Nichols’ Notes Nampula Gurúè Northern Niassa Province & Lichinga Tete Selva Manica Mussacumbira Nhamazara Chimoio Jason Nichols President Al Corson Vice President
  2. 2. Mission Activities April — Al will be in Lewis- town, Havre, St. Ignatius, and other places in Montana April — Jason will be in Indi- ana and continuing in Lincoln Christian University in Illinois. May 15— Al leaves for Mo- zambique. Our PayPal button on our website is now working again. Donations may now be received at: m Shopping on line? Your shopping can benefit IRI. 2 ways to help….. 1. Raise money for Sa- fari Insight Mission just by searching the Internet with Good- (powered by Yahoo), or shopping online with Good- WE are still listed as Safari Insight Mission w/ Good Search/Shop 2. AmazonSmile just pick Insight Re- sources Interna- tional. Page 2  I.R.I. Office: (307)-277-4639 Email:  I.R.I President: Al Corson Email:  I.R.I. Secretary: Velma Corson (307) 277-4639 Email:  Insight Seminars: Jason Nichols - (307)269-0145 & Vice-President Email:  I.R.I. Promotions: Jack Harper - (918)355-5523 2631 E. Albany #A, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 Email:  Nichols Notes cont. encountered among suppressed people groups is a sense that they are not in charge of their lives. Not simply that they are being controlled, but that they really aren’t responsible for what happens to them. Our theory is that since their identity is tied up in their suppressor, it causes them to identify their suppressor as the one responsible for their lives. Thus, I am not responsible for what happens to me—the person I depend on is responsible. This dis- placed sense of responsibility makes it difficult for people to act on their own behalf in areas of importance. As a result, many people in this situation attempt to create a sem- blance of control through self-gratification instead of attempting the seemingly impossible task of genuinely taking control of their lives. Temporary pleasurable feelings take the place of real self-management.. Ironically, as long as the suppressor remains, this situation is livable. I can get along in life, as long as I have this second person (who is responsible for me) telling me what to do. I may not like that they are in charge, but I am accustomed to it, and have learned to live within the arrangement to the best of my ability. Once the suppressor is removed, however (whether by an external liberator, or by my own rebellion), things get tough. Now I discover that I don’t know who I am. In addition, I am accustomed to having a suppressor, and all my habits are oriented around that end. It makes a tragic sense, then, that many people form abusive relationships return to their abuser or end up in similarly abusive situations later. On a large scale, it means that a suppressed culture will have a tendency to look for a new “substitute” for their old oppressor. This is not necessarily a conscious decision—it is a consequence of habit. This is a tragic cycle--one that is self-reinforcing once started. Impressions and repeated behavior, over time, become habits. These habits, over time, spread throughout the culture. Habits repeated throughout the culture are eventually seen as normative. Thus, the culture itself can serve to reinforce this sense of helplessness and displaced identity. The people of such a culture may lament their position or think it perfectly acceptable, but at the end of the day, it is just the way things are. It is this type of self-perpetuating system of psychological entrapment that we are trying to address in our work. We have found that, while it takes time, if the underlying presuppositions and habits are addressed, it is possible to break the cycle. Jason Donate with and We are stretched to the limit… We need your help….. Jason’s car is dying. It has over 180,000 miles. We are asking if someone has a good used vehicle that they could donate to Insight Resources International for Jason’s use to travel in the U.S.? Jason will be leaving Lincoln Ill in June 2014. He will need to have reliable transportation.
  3. 3. . Visit us on the web at Financial Partners Page 3 Please send your donations to: Insight Resources International PO Box 2937 Mills, WY 82644 Insight Resources International PO Box 2937 Mills, WY 82644 Raising special funds over the regular monthly costs for the upcoming trip Fall of 2014 Al—funds to fly from USA to Mozambique May 2014 He will be there for about 2-3 months. Al’s ticket has been purchased. Then Al and Leonard will fly from Mozambique to Hong Kong. Need funds for Leonard’s ticket $2000 Al, Leonard, Linda, will fly Round trip Hong Kong to Philip- pines Tickets will cost $350 per person Al, Leonard, Linda, 3 team mem- bers from Philippines, and 2 team members from USA will fly round trip from Hong Kong to Myanmar Tickets will cost $500 per person and $80 night for lodging per per- son for 21 days. December Leonard will fly back to Mozambique. Al will fly to Alaska for 2 months then back to the lower 48 in the end of January 2015. Corson Concepts March has been a month full of blessings. The month started with the clutch going out of my pick-up while traveling to churches. My truck had 288800 miles on it and this was the first clutch. The blessing was it happened while I had a sched- ule opening, and I was in a place where there were certified mechanics that could (and did) put me at the front of the service line. They had my truck out in three days (they had to wait a day on parts),. Thanks to our brother and sister in Christ who stepped forward and offered to pay for the repair. I had the opportunity to spend some time with my kids in Oklahoma during the repair time. I also had the chance to work with one of our board members, bringing him up to speed on the latest updates to the material we are using. When I got back to America in July, my goal was to spend enough time with the churches I was visiting that they would have a comprehensive under- standing of just what IRI does. This has been a blessed investment of time. New doors of opportunity have opened up for IRI. The most significant thing that has transpired is the deeper development of the relationship between IRI and its sup- porting churches. Mozambique is going well. Leonard is holding ABC thinking workshops daily. He has been focusing his work on local Pastors at their request. George continues to work with new churches when his time from his regular job permits. Tito continues working with the municipal and his church. The men of Mozam- bique are working hard to develop churches. Some pastors from Nacala who had gone through the Insight Seminar in 2011 came to Chimoio to meet with Leonard and work with him on the coaching class. Because of this meeting Leonard and I will be traveling to Nacala when I return to hold a seminar and coaching work- shop,. There are some locations, however, that need some investors to help the nationals develop business and social programs. This will allow the nationals to develop employment and earn an income that will allow them to support their lo- cal church. IRI will be sending out a booklet to our partners to give them an over- view of the accomplishments and needs of ourselves and the nationals we are working with. If you do not get a copy of the booklet and want one call 307-277- 4639 or e mail Velma at I am only about halfway through my church visits for this year. I have until the first week of May before I start preparing to head for Mozambique. I leave America on the 15th of May, and will be gone through Feb 2015. We are currently planning for 2015, and we want to come to your church and share this work in detail with you. Call 307-277-4639 to schedule a visit. Till next month, Blessings to all of you. Al
  4. 4. The greatest thing that you can do for Insight Resources In- ternational is to actively pray. We be- lieve that Prayer is the cornerstone of this ministry and without it we cannot stand against Satan’s at- tacks. InsightResources International,Inc. POBox2937 Mills,WY82644 Get our Newsletter via Email To get our newsletter via email please email with your information. The newsletters is mailed from Please put this in your approved list. Please notify us of any address changes so you do not miss receiving our newsletters. Growing Human Potential One Worldview at a Time PAGE 4  Please continue to pray for the growth of those in Hong Kong, Philip- pines, Myanmar, and Mozambique.  Pray for Al and Jason as they meet and plan for the upcoming year.  Pray for Leonard, Jose’, George, and Tito as the Country of Mozam- bique is still in Political Unrest.  Praise for our faithful supporters. We thank you all. Prayer Partners Please Pray for these Things: Please pray for Leonard in Mozam- bique as he coaches others. Contact Us: I.R.I. Office: (307)-277-4639 Email:  President & Insight Seminars: Jason Nichols - (307)269-0145 Email:  I.R.I Vice-President: Al Corson Email:  I.R.I. Secretary: Velma Corson (307) 277-4639 Email: