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May 2011 issue of HORIZONS magazine

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Horizons May 2011

  1. 1. Horizons May 2011 introducingMission Services Looking Forward . . . Embracing the Future
  2. 2. contents 6 Mission Services cover “Missionaries have always had personnel needs! There have Looking Forward . . . Embracing the Future been, and always will be, opportunities for people to work when the ex-patriate missionary returns home on furlough. Opportu- nities also arise when a ministry might be advanced if a family or individual is added possessing a particular skill needed...even on a short term basis. How are these opportunities to be communi- cated to people? For the most part, individual missionaries have relied upon their normal communication base and the network- ing potential that provides. Would it be beneficial for missionar- ies and ministries to have one central place to list such openings? Would it be beneficial if that central base was an Internet driven site where literally thousands of people interested in world evan- gelism might visit on a monthly basis? the missions network has just this potential to serve the needs of the missionary. “n articles 2 “Two Statements that Challenge Our Thinking”n spotlights 5 Coming Events 16 Prayer Needs & Praises 18 In Memory: Marianne Baughman 18 In Memory: John Myer Fuller 19 In Memory: Dewey Thackstonn advertisements 15 Ziden Nutt, “Beyond Ourselves”________________________________________________________________________________4 / HORIZONS
  3. 3. 2011coming eventsJULY 5-8 North American Christian Convention Cincinnati, Ohio Theme: “unleashed: the church turning the world upside down” Contact information: North American Christian Convention 513-772-9970 / www.gotonacc.orgOCTOBER 6-9 National Christian Convention of the Deaf Council Bluffs, Iowa Theme: “different” President: Chad Entinger Contact information: Deaf Institute 3515 Warsaw Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45205 www.nccdeaf.orgOCTOBER 28-30 Eastern Christian Conference Hershey Convention Center, Hershey, Pennsylvania Theme: “Changed Lives” President: David Johnson, Colonial Point Christian Church Contact information: Eastern Christian Conference 410-836-6102 info@easterncc.com / www.easterncc.comNOVEMBER 17-20 National Missionary Convention Atlanta, Georgia Theme: “commissioned: making disciples of ALL nations” President: Wing Wong Contact information: David Empson 317-539-4231 / david@nmc-windows.orgJULY 25-29 2012 Global Gathering of the World Convention Goiania, Brazil Contact information: Gary Holloway 615-298-1824 / www.worldconvention.org________________________________________________________________________________ MAY 2011 / 5
  4. 4. looking forward . . . embracing the futureA s mentioned in the editorial of this issue, a friend recently was chal-lenged by this statement, “Current real- ministry. Circumstances changed, and the magazine became focused upon mission work. The need missionariesity demands a new mentality.” While encountered for assistance in com-there are timeless principles of truth municating with supporters grew into athat do not change, the vicissitudes of significant publishing and mailing min-life must be met with fresh ideas and istry. The reality of the time required aenergy. When current reality presents new mentality and adaptation!new challenges, when communication Sixty-five plus years later, the staffmethods and lifestyles change, we can- and Board of Mission Services continuenot simply continue as if nothing has to address current reality with a newoccurred! Ministries must be able to mentality...and fresh energy and excite-view challenges and opportunities with ment. For much of our history, printinga new mentality. has been a staple of the communica- Adapting to changing circum- tion process. Throughout the years,stances is part of the “DNA” of the processes involved in publishingMission Services Association. The and mailing changed regularly. Thoseministry was conceived during a time realities were embraced and addressedof incredible change! World War II had in order to serve missionaries andjust ended. Young men and women ministries effectively and be good stew-returned to United States after living ards of supporters funds. Over thein far flung nations and experiencing past several years, communicationvastly different cultures. Many of these via electronic media has increasedcame home with a hunger to share Je- dramatically. Its efficiencies in bothsus with people they had never known. time and cost make it a dominantThe Restoration Movement congrega- element in the life of all missionar-tions had been pioneers in world evan- ies and ministries around the world.gelism and missions. That pioneering Ziden Nutt, long term missionary ineffort was soon to grow into a wave of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and founder ofactivity. Harrold and Adele MacFarland Good News Productions, Internationalbegan the ministry planning a maga- said this about MSA, “The effectivenesszine recruiting young people to enter in keeping up with modern communi-________________________________________________________________________________ MAY 2011 / 7
  5. 5. cation tools is truly a great service in sionaries allow them to channel theirthe mission of the church around the creativity and energy into their Godworld.” ordained calling. In response to current communica- Throughout the planning, designtion trends, we would like to introduce and implementation process, the staffthe missions network. This is and Board of MSA were careful toan innovative, Internet based (http:// assure this new project fulfilled ourthemissionsnetwork.com) communica- Mission Statement and was faithful totion platform serving missionaries, the outstanding history of this minis-ministries, congregations and individu- try. As the missions network isals interested in world evangelism. currently arranged and introduced, itIt is also a communication platform is based upon three different elementsthat adds value to all those served of communication designed to accom-by Mission Services...missionaries, plish our evangelistic strategy. Theseministries, supporters, congregations, are the Missions Knowledgebase, theindividuals interested in missions, col- Ministry Personnel Needs, and thelege students and professors, and the Ministry Podcast.brotherhood at large. Designed with our evangelisticstrategy and the current reality inmind, the missions networkutilizes web based and podcastingtechnologies to share information and The Ministry Podcast section ofcommunication in print, audio and the site is devoted to audio and videovideo format. Our evangelistic strat- communication. Missionaries, andegy seeks to accomplish four things, ministries involved in world evange-1) saving funds in the communication lism, have the opportunity to submitprocess for those we serve provides audio or video files that communicategreater financial resources for ministry, the nature, status, progress, challenges2) intensifying the bond between mis- and victories of their work. These maysionary, ministry and supporter results be highly produced videos, video takenin increased prayer (and potentially on site at an event, audio updates or in-increased financial) support, 3) provide terviews. We welcome the impromptuinformation concerning world evange- video or audio taken on the spur of thelism that may instill with individuals the moment; there is no production re-desire to join the work and 4) providing quirement. The Ministry Needs sectionsound communication options for mis- is currently devoted to “people needs,”http://themissionsnetwork.com________________________________________________________________________________8 / HORIZONS
  6. 6. but it will grow to include needs while ing, or at least soliciting their attention.on furlough and equipment. Our first For-profit corporations understandentries in the Missions Knowledgebase these obstacles, spending billionsare audio recordings from the 2011 Eu- of dollars and immeasurable energybanks Institute for Missions at Johnson overcoming communication barriers.University (formerly Johnson Bible Col- Those involved in world evangelismlege). The theme for the Institute was need to break through the “noise” of“The Work of the Forwarding Agent life to tell their story, but must spend– Past, Present and Future.” Our goal ministry resources carefully. Electron-is to include audio, video and textual ic, particularly Internet broadcast, com-files covering as many phases of the munication offers significant potentialwork of world evangelism as possible. for meeting those needs. The Ministry Podcasts of thethe missions network serves missions network open anthe communication needs of mis- exceptionally wide broadcast channelsionaries and ministries for these communications. Videos are made available for viewing via 1) Missionaries and ministries alike the base website, 2) the missionsface the challenge of consistent, effec- network channel on blip.tv, 3) thetive and cost efficient communication missions network video podcastwith supporters. Individuals encounter on iTunes, 4) the MSA Facebook pagea daily barrage of information requir- (search Mission Services Associa- the of e view pag ho me________________________________________________________________________________ MAY 2011 / 9
  7. 7. http://themissionsnetwork.comtion) and 5) the MSA twitter account ministry might be advanced if a family(MSA1946). Audio communication is or individual is added possessing aavailable via the base website, and particular skill needed...even on a shortMission Services submits all audios for term basis. How are these opportuni-their own podcast stream via iTunes. ties to be communicated to people?Individual podcatcher programs and For the most part, individual mission-apps are also available to follow these aries have relied upon their normalstreams. All video and audio files are communication base and the network-available for download via the mis- ing potential that provides. Would it besions network base website as beneficial for missionaries and minis-well. Such a broad distribution channel tries to have one central place to listenables missionaries to connect easily such openings? Would it be beneficialcurrent supporters via podcast sub- if that central base was an Internetscription or simply accessing the file.This broad distribution channel alsohas the potential to connect missionar- onsies and ministries with people who are issi enunot yet acquainted with a ministry to he m rk mlearn about their work, victories, needsand challenges. t two Missionaries have always had nepersonnel needs! There have been,and always will be, opportunities forpeople to work when the ex-patriatemissionary returns home on furlough.Opportunities also arise when a________________________________________________________________________________10 / HORIZONS
  8. 8. driven site where literally thousands of From lectures to seminars to inter-people interested in world evangelism views, the missions network willmight visit on a monthly basis? the be the place to seek information.missions network has just thispotential to serve the needs of the mis- the missions network servessionary. the needs of congregations and indi- The benefits of the Missions Knowl- viduals interested inedgebase to those devoted to the work missionsof world evangelism are promisingindeed. One of the great roles a web As mentioned already, the age ofsite is called to fill is to provide an electronic communication has beenencyclopedia of information. Virtually a great blessing to world missions.every site includes a short list of FAQ’s, Missionaries now have the ability to letbecause this enables people to find almost an entire support base know ofobvious information quickly and easily. urgent events and needs within hoursHobby enthusiasts of all varieties fre- (if not within minutes) via email, Twitter,quent forums on the Internet searching Skype and other means. What oncefor information. Our prayer is for the took weeks and months now occursmissions network to be a place in the blink of the eye with virtually nomissionaries, forwarding agents, mis- cost. However, this incredible blessingsion recruits, college students, profes- has not come without incredible cost!sors, congregational missions ministry While once we were a “body” ofmembers and anyone interested in congregations and individuals unitedmissions might come to find sources by our interest in, and knowledge ofof experience and knowledge. The world missions, we now more closelyopportunity to assemble original files, resemble disassociated clusters ofor links to files, in one site is exciting. individuals. While we probably have for menu cast iTunes s pod parker ’________________________________________________________________________________ MAY 2011 / 11
  9. 9. more people interested in world mis- Q What does a missionary need to record a podcast?sions than in the past several genera-tions, we know less about each otherthan ever before. Oh yes, we know A computer, a microphone and A audio recording software. Many laptops have built in microphones,about “our missionary,” but we knowprecious little about the work of the but a small investment in a sepa-kingdom that is ongoing. We have so rate microphone improves qualityspecialized and focused our congrega- immensely. If you use a Mac, thetions and ourselves that we sometimes GarageBand program is quiteignore the needs of missionaries in good. Windows users may choosepost-Christian cultures in favor of the from freeware programs such asneed of those serving among the un- Audacity or purchase a programreached, and vice versa. We have more like RecordPad or WavePad. Videopeople than ever attending missions is as simple as having a cameraconferences, but less interaction with available and content they wish tothose with whom we are not familiar! communicate to others.This fragmentation is not certainlybeneficial. of the world can visit the site to learn of Our vision is for the missions the work, needs, victories and challeng-network to become a place of unity es of missionaries. These will not beand source of revolutionizing energy in simply words on a page, but will carrythe cause of world evangelism. Con- the emotions of the voice and the visualsider the following benefits (a partial images as well (depending on the use oflist at best) that the missions audio or video).network may have for individuals • An individual who senses that Godand congregations: would like to use their talent, skill or • A congregation that believes it is experience somewhere other than theirled to support a work (or worker) in an homeland visits the site only to learnarea can visit the site to learn of other that a missionary (whom he has neverpotential works in the area. met) needs someone with just their skill. • College students in every corner • A new missionary would like to nnel erso isted p needs l________________________________________________________________________________12 / HORIZONS
  10. 10. learn more about the benefits and prayer for global evangelism.differences between forming a 501(c)3 • A high school student who hascorporation or being under the over- heard much about missions visits thesight of one congregational eldership. web site or finds the video podcast onThey find information on just that iTunes. The result of learning abouttopic in the knowledgebase. serving the poor in Haiti, translating the • The missions ministry team in one Bible into new languages and more hascongregation would like to know just an eternal impact on his or her life.how much is being done in the world... • An individual deeply committedonly to visit the missions net- to, and connected with, one ministrywork and become amazed at all the visits the missions network andcreative people that God has called to is captivated by the work of anotherserve in so many places and so many missionary. This individual’s familyways. They decide to lead a call to decides to multiply their financial com- mitment to missions. Certainly, these are just a few of the potential life changing events that may happen because there is one central website where people can go to learn about world evangelism. In all likeli- Q What equipment does someone need to listen to or view informa- tion on the missions network? A computer and an Internet con- A nection, nothing more. All of the content on the missions network may be viewed, heard and/or downloaded directly from the web site. If someone wishes to sub- scribe to a particular podcast they may do so via iTunes, Zune, WinAmp or Feedburner. The choice depends upon the com- puter (or smartphone) operating system and personal preference.________________________________________________________________________________ MAY 2011 / 13
  11. 11. hood, the actual impact will be gradual, vices Association. We have been, andgrowing greater with more visits. What will continue to be devoted to servingis undeniable is the potential the the communication needs of missionar-missions network has serving ies and ministries around the world. Asthe needs of missionaries, ministries, with any communication platform, thisindividuals and congregations. one will rise and wane in importance. The staff and Board of Mission Ser- While we will not attempt to become in-vices are pleased to introduce this new volved in every type of communication,communication platform to the brother- we will offer those for which we believehood at large. We invite missionaries God has gifted and called us.and ministries to use this platform to Since 1946, we have depended uponassist with their communication chal- and been accountable to a grand grouplenges. Our vision is for this to make of supporters. The support we receivecommunication and information avail- allows Mission Services to publishable to thousands each month. That newsletters, prayer cards, brochuresgoal is certainly attainable. This site and more at non-profit, subsidizedhas been online for almost one month. prices...and...allow us to currently offerEven though it was not introduced the service of the missions networkpublicly, we had more than 6000 “hits” without charge. Our goal is to multiplyin the days it has been up. Only God the impact and value of the support weknow how He wants it to be used. receive. We look forward to the future, This new site and strategy is noth- knowing that God will continue to guideing more than an additional step in the us as He sees fit into opportunities thatongoing development of Mission Ser- glorify Him.________________________________________________________________________________14 / HORIZONS
  12. 12. ________________________________________________________________________________ MAY 2011 / 15
  13. 13. focus on Prayer Needs & PraisesAround the World Haiti• Steve Zimmerman reports Paul & Rachel Ronk (Help Haiti Know Je- economic struggles in South sus Ministries) request prayer for: Africa with gasoline over • the Haitian people and their continued $6.00 per gallon and the daily hardships exchange rate of currency has dropped 17% in 3 months. • ongoing earthquake relief projects Pray for all missionaries deal- • the establishment of a Bible/vocational ing with similar circumstances. institute• Chiredzi Christian Children’s Home / Village gives praise Celebrations that in May their half-way house was opened to accom- • Praise and rejoice with Mission Services modate the needs of older as 2011 marks 65 years serving missions, children (18+) as they transi- ministries, and churches worldwide. tion into adult lives. • Praise God that Ostroda Christian Camp• Bob Sheffler (Ivory Coast) (Poland) will observe a special celebration requests prayer as a new for its 40th anniversary on June 17th. president takes control. Give • Arizona Reservation Ministries recently praise that the political con- celebrated its 9th year of service on the flict in that country has eased San Carlos Apache Reservation. significantly. • Join in giving prayers of praise as the Polish churches celebrate the 90th an-India niversary of the Fellowship of Christian• Bnasan & Marguerite Uriah Churches in that country. give praise to the Lord for the “deep tube well pump” for a school at Iooksi provided New Workers through Scottville Christian • His Seed Sowers (Haiti) is pleased to Church in Illinois. welcome Mike & Teresa Grant. Pray their• The Uriahs also give praise work in Jeremie will produce much fruit. for the recent purchase of 2 • Pray for Beth Ramos who is preparing to used school buses in excellent travel to Guinea this year to direct literacy running order. efforts among the Lele people.________________________________________________________________________________16 / HORIZONS
  14. 14. Philippines Team ExpansionRoss & Cheryl Wissmann report the following • Pray for M & S as theyupdates: prepare for departure to • Pray as they search for a new forwarding agent a sensitive field. Pray for peace in this cur- • Give praise for 25 years of missionary service rently unstable country. • Pray the college campus will be ready for return- ing students as many summer construction NEEDS IN projects are not yet completed VENEZUELA: • Join Dave & DonnaRodger & Dixie Shewmaker report the following Linn in praying for 100praise / prayers: churches to be estab- • Give praise that summer interns from Cebu Bible lished by 2020. Seminary will be assisting them with the Youth Center and camps this summer • Pray for Diana Lugo as she deals with heart • Pray for their new school year which begins in arrhythmia and for June. Hundreds of students will be reached with the new church plant, the gospel. Impacto. • Pray for Connor Peoples (intern from Minnesota) • Pray for Luke Hightshue and his adjustment to climate, culture, language, as he has dealt with and mission work. several health issues in recent months.U.S. Natural Disasters • Join John & Zandra• Pray for those affected by recent tornadoes which Dye in praying for lead- hit numerous states. ership of the El Bosque church.• Pray for IDES as they help to strategically assist in giving aid to recent disaster areas. • Pray with Jorge & Sar- ah Navarrette concern-• Reports indicate that billions of dollars were lost ing leadership training, due to these tornadoes. Pray as these families a meeting place, and adjust during a difficult economic time. co-workers.• Pray for families who have been affected by flood- • Pray that God would ing along the Mississippi River. Personal property use Diana Molina’s year losses amount to millions of dollars. of training with SSL in• Pray for those who have lost loved ones due to Peru among the Warao these disastrous events. people in Venezuela.________________________________________________________________________________ MAY 2011 / 17