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HORIZONS magazine March 2013


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Published in: Spiritual
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HORIZONS magazine March 2013

  1. 1. Horizons MARCH 2013
  2. 2. editorial Did God Really Call UsReggie to be a Pinball Wizard? I confess that this question is a bit revealing. Yes, I am a childHundley of the rock and roll days! I listened to rock music then andEditor,HORIZONS continue to listen to the “oldies” stations whenever and and wherever possible! For those wondering, I am harkening backExecutive Director,Mission Services to the song “Pinball Wizard” released in 1969 by The Who. TheAssociaiton lyrics describe a “deaf dumb and blind kid” who became one with the pinball machine and, by feel and intuition, could keep the steel ball bouncing! If you are not familiar with the song (or want to hear it again), it may be found on YouTube. What does this have to do with ministry and missions? Stay with me! Having been involved in local church and missions parachurch ministry for more than forty years, I have often thought that the role of leadership is to keep the flippers flipping, keep the steel ball bouncing, keep the bells ringing, and never (no never) let the game come to an end without a new record score! Still wondering about this? Is a successful church one with an ever increasing physical plant and number of services? Is the successful congregation one with an attendance chart that bears a striking resemblance We welcome your to the compound interest curve? Do our ministry descriptions letters to the editor. Letters no longer present an image of the successful leader as one who avoids than one typewritten all the distractions while attending all the meetings, preparing page are more likely to be published. to lead all the necessary groups, and keeping the various age Include your name and gender groups involved in spite of their widely disparate and address on all correspondence. preferences while simultaneously being a fully devoted family Only signed letters can be printed. member? Have ministry leaders created a success model for Letters may be ourselves that require well written blogs that are always up to edited for the sake of length and clarity. date, that include the active and effective use of every iteration E-mail: editorial@ __________________________________________________________________________________ 2 / HORIZONS
  3. 3. of social media, that include being up to Horizonsdate on every new show, song, movie, book, March 2013blog, podcast and message board in order No. 1184 • Vol. 62, No. 3for OUR messages, classes, Facebook posts,tweets, discussions and blog posts to be HORIZONS is a mission-oriented maga- zine of the undenominational fellowshiprelevant to the moment? of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Mission Services, as publisherIn moments of greater sanity, when I allow of HORIZONS magazine, publishes ar- ticles written by field missionaries rathermyself to think about being a follower of than staff writers. We believe this offersJesus, I realize that God did not call us to be a clear image of the variety of opinions“pinball wizards.” Jesus is not impressed that exists between missionaries within the historical Restoration Movement.with the size of our mission, the programs Editor: Reggie Hundleywe have created, the number on our staff Editorial Assistant: Carol Hundleyor even the number of churches we have Graphic Design: Cheryl Elliottplanted. The heart of Jesus for the life of Pressman: Bill Topley Bookkeeper/Treasurer: Georgia Sharpeevery believer is that we follow in His Publisher: Mission Services Associationfootsteps and depend upon Him for our life Address: 2004 E. Magnolia Avenueand our future. Knoxville, TN 37917 Phone: 1-800-655-8524I have heard that we can tell what is really Outside USA: 865-525-7010 Fax: 865-525-7012at the “heart” of our life by noting that for E-mail: msa@missionservices.orgwhich we pray. With that in mind, consider Web Site: www.missionservices.orgMatthew 6:9-13. What is the heart of Jesus? U.S. Subscriptions: A) His purpose is to be our desire (v.9b-10). $20.00 for 1 yearB) His provision is to be our dependence $36.00 for 2 years(v.11-12). C) His honor is to be our devotion Bundle rates: 5 copies @ $95.00/year(v.13). There is peace, liberty, freedom and 10 copies @ $170.00/yearencouragement when we learn that our 15 copies @ $220.00/yearsuccess does not depend on our talent Additional copies: $14.00 eachalone! God intends to do things beyond all Call MSA for Forward in Faith items, the Missionary Directory, missionary contactour dreams and aspirations, but He does information, and displays for MSA.NOT call us to “Play a mean pinball.” Youthink about that!__________________________________________________________________________________ MARCH 2013 / 3
  4. 4. contents6 Blazing New Trails Riverwood. On an average morning, everyone begins the process of getting up just like your average household. Some are happy and excited about getting to work and some would rather stay in bed. As breakfast is being prepared, the sleepy eyes are beginning to clear and before you know it, the van is ready to take some of God’s special people to work. That is a quick depiction of how our day begins; amazingly similar to yours. Does it always go without a hitch? Does yours? We are the Christian Churches Disability Ministry . . . a home, not an “institution.” The people who live here are loved -- first by God and then by those who work with them.n articles 2 Did God Really Call Us to be a Pinball Wizard?n spotlights 5 Coming Events 12 Prayer Needs & Praises 14 News Brief: CRAM Worldwide, Inc. n advertisements 15 Korea Christian Gospel Mission -- Yoon Kwon Chae__________________________________________________________________________________4 / HORIZONS
  5. 5. coming eventsMay 20-21 2 1 03 Johnson University, Knoxville, Tennessee Eubanks Institute for Missions (EIM) Conference Focus: Bible Translation Contact information: Gerald Mattingly 865-251-2349 / gmattingly@johnsonu.eduJULY 9-12 Louisville, Kentucky North American Christian Convention Theme: “Victorious” President: Matt Proctor Contact information: North American Christian Convention 513-772-9970 / www.gotonacc.orgJULY 21-27 Angola, Indiana 2013 Lake James School of Missions Contact information: Kent Shady, Program Chairman 260-824-2132 / kdshady@adamswells.comNOVEMBER 14-17 Kansas City International Conference on Missions Contact information: David Empson 317-539-4231 / david@nmc-windows.orgNOVEMBER 15-17 Hershey Convention Center, Hershey, Pennsylvania Eastern Christian Conference President: Ben Cachiaras Contact information: Eastern Christian Conference 410-836-6102 / www.easterncc.com__________________________________________________________________________________ MARCH 2013 / 5
  6. 6. focus Blazing New Trails You plan a fabulous vacation trip - to Italy. You buy a bunch of guide books and make your wonderful plans. The Coliseum. The Michelangelo David. The gon-by dolas in Venice. You learn someGary handy phrases in Italian. It’s all very exciting.~Spangler After months of eager anticipa- tion, the day finally arrives. You pack your bags and off you go. Executive Several hours later, the plane Director, lands. The stewardess comes in Christian and says, “Welcome to Holland.” Churches Headed to Rome . . . Disability “Holland?!?” you say. “What do you mean Holland?? I signed up Ministry for Italy! I’m supposed to be in Italy. All my life I’ve dreamed of going to Italy.” But there’s been a change in the flight plan. They’ve landed in Holland and there you must stay. The important thing is that they haven’t taken you to a horrible, disgusting, filthy place, full of pestilence, famine and disease. It’s just a different place. So you must go out and buy new guide books. And you must learn a whole new language. And you will meet a whole new group of people you would never have met. It’s just a different place. It’s slower-paced than Italy, less flashy than Italy. But after you’ve been there for a while and you catch your breath, you look around.... and you begin to notice that Holland has windmills....and Holland has tulips. Holland even has Rembrandts. But everyone you know is busy coming and going from Italy... and they’re all bragging about what a wonderful time __________________________________________________________________________________ 6 / HORIZONS
  7. 7. they had there. And for the rest of your life, you will say “Yes, that’s where I was supposed to go. That’s what I had planned.” And the pain of that will never, ever, ever, ever go away... because the loss of that dream is a very sig- nificant loss. But... if you spend your life mourning the fact that you didn’t get to Italy, you may never be free to enjoy the very special, the very lovely things That is one explanation of what it feels like to be a parent of one with a ... about Holland. disability by Emily Perl Kingsley. Welcome to our Holland – Riverwood. On an average morn- ing, everyone begins the process of getting up just like your average household. Some are happy and excited about getting to work and some would rather stay in bed. As breakfast is being prepared, the sleepy eyes are beginning to clear and before you know it, the van is ready to take some of God’s spe- cial people to work. That is a quick. . . but landed in Holland depiction of how our day begins; amazingly similar to yours. Does it always go without a hitch? Does yours? We are the Christian Churches Disability Ministry. In September of 1981, Sam Stone was editing Christian Standard magazine at Standard Publish- ing in Cincinnati, Ohio. His parents lived next door at a church-sponsored retirement facility, Mount Healthy Christian Home. On most days he would walk across the wide yard on his lunch break and visit a while with his parents. One morning while he was at Mount Healthy, he spoke to another resi- dent in the hall --Marjorie Broxon. She had cerebral palsy and was in a wheelchair. Marjorie spoke slowly and with difficulty; she was often hard to understand. They chatted for a few minutes as usual, and he started to go on to see his parents. Then she said, “You know, I like it here. There are good folks operating the home. But all of the other residents here are a lot older than me and I __________________________________________________________________________________ MARCH 2013 / 7
  8. 8. Left: Early article by Sam Stone. Below: Dr. Pierson training at the 1984 NACC.don’t have a chance to do many things I’m able to do and want to do. I wishour churches provided a home to help handicapped people.” “Well, yes, that would be nice,” Sam agreed, “but you know it would takea lot of money to build a facility like that.” Without hesitation she responded, “It took a lot of money to buildMount Healthy Home, too.” At that point, CCDM began. Yes, it took sometime to raise money and to find Dr. Jim Pierson to lead the ministry, butthat was the beginning, and now, almost 31 years later, we are still hereproviding residential care for adults with developmental disabilities. When Jim laid out how this ministry would operate, he said this placewould be a home not an “institution.” The people who live here wouldbe loved - first by God and then by those who work with them. I am veryproud to say, that goal is accomplished daily. But we now come to a new path. I know I am a “type A” personality, andI am usually a “just the facts” kind of guy. Since I began leading this min-istry in January 2009, I have learned to let God lead like never before. Butthere is always that voice inside of me saying (and praying), “What next?” It is true that every now and then I get the urge for change, a new jour-ney if you will. Someone said, “If you are not moving forward, you are mov-ing backward.” Many have taken credit for that saying, but I am not surewho really said it first. I just hope it was not someone with a crazy agenda.__________________________________________________________________________________8 / HORIZONS
  9. 9. With that said, the past four years of my Pick out the oneministry at CCDM has been nothing butmoving forward. In 2009, we were battling thing you need tothe economic crisis. Auto companies were do, perfect it andabout to go under, jobs were being lost at avery high rate, the home industry was fall- then move to aing off the cliff, and we had to make some next step.”drastic decisions to get our finances undercontrol. With a grin, our dear friend and -- Eugene DePorterformer Board member, the late Don Jeanes, told my predecessor he hadpicked the perfect time to retire. While we were plowing through the eco-nomic field, another friend of mine, Eugene DePorter, gave me some wiseadvice. “Pick out the one thing you need to do, perfect it and then move toa next step.” Incredible advice even though my 30 years at Delta was tellingme to multi-task as many actionable items as possible. “Thank you, Eu-gene.” We put all of our focus on the residential services and that was theright thing to do. I thank God and give Him all the glory as He directed us inmaking the correct decisions that enabled us to rise up and succeed. It tookus about two years, but we finally had a good handle on the operationaland financial side of our ministry. The third year we were able to build a brand new facility with the financial help of many and the hard work of the Jack Ballard Church Builders. As we concluded my fourth year, we were able to pay off all our debts andwe saw 15 groups with more than 300 people come to Riverwood to work New facility in Louisville, Tennesseeon our facility and build relationships with our residents. All of this brings us to 2013. I must admit, there was a time in late 2012that I was befuddled on what to do next. Where was God directing this min-istry? How did He want me to lead? What was He telling me to do to con-tinue this great work? I called one of our Directors who lives not far fromRiverwood and we met, prayed, and sought some answers. We talked about__________________________________________________________________________________ MARCH 2013 / 9
  10. 10. the history of our ministry and how we were founded. We talked aboutSam Stone and how his encounter stirred his emotion. And even today Samcannot talk about the impact that encounter had for this ministry without atear trickling down his cheek. I really believed this ministry would be morethan a facility; it was about building “relationship.”Clockwise, top to bottom:Christy enjoying the Prom ofthe StarsKim is also having a wonderfuleveningOur friend, Frank, looking likethe GodfatherRoller coaster kings at Dolly-woodSunday morning at Grandview__________________________________________________________________________________10 / HORIZONS
  11. 11. We are going to recapture that dream and raise the awareness forpeople to reach out to those with disabilities. There are two very importantideas that we will bring to fruition in 2013. First, we will create an environment conducive to understanding Dis-ability Ministry and embrace the opportunity to help churches exploretheir options. I can’t help but think about the parent who wanted to start aspecial needs Bible study and the leadership at her church said they werenot “good working with people who have disabilities so don’t expect ourhelp.” We will hold retreats on our campus to provide lay leaders withthe information they need to reach out to their disability community. TheUnited States government does a better job at reaching out to people withdisabilities than most of our churches today. Quoting my friend Palmer,“that’s just crazy!” We have the right message and our heart should be inthe right place to reach out. Second, we want to take advantage of the power of “online community.”There are parents who are on the front line without the tools to under-stand what they can expect from the healthcare industry or educational op-portunities. CCDM will create online support groups and monthly webinarsto help families serving those with special needs. The truth is we currently have the financial support to remain effective inour mission to provide residential care, but my heart longs for the opportunityto do more and our dreams require so much more. God has richly blessed uswith years of knowledge and we need to share that knowledge with others. My friend and board member, Roy Row, is helping us blaze new trailsto raise awareness and resources by hiking the Appalachian Trail. He willbegin his journey on April 3, taking a briefstop to visit the North American ChristianConvention Victorious and then continuethrough the rest of the summer. You canshow Roy your support by contacting him To find out more andto watch Roy’s progress, go to our website Our journey in “Holland” is great but weare truly “Blazing New Trails”! Come join us,there is plenty of room. Blazing New Trails for disability ministry__________________________________________________________________________________ MARCH 2013 / 11
  12. 12. focus on Prayer Needs & Praises Africa Asia • Give praise with Marc & Tina • Harvey & Nancy Bacus (Jordan) Gebhard (PBT-Guinea) as they requests prayer for King Abdullah II see God’s Word for the Lele as he deals with over 400,000 Syrians people come into being. 2013 who have sought refuge in the will see Luke refined, Acts country. translated, and people learning to read them. • Please pray for Janeece England as she travels to India to work with • Marc & Tina also request the Kulpahar Mission for a short prayer for Pastor J as he contin- time. ues to rough draft the book of Acts. Marc will soon begin the • From CRAM Worldwide, Inc: task of back-translating and -- Pray for Kenneth Bae, a Korean exegetical checking. American Missionary who was arrested in Rajin North Korea. He • Pray for Beth Ramos (PBT- is a friend of Dr. C.Y. and Patricia Guinea) as she works in the Kim. area of literacy and is in the process of overseeing housing -- Continue prayers for the construction for herself and completion of the discipleship future mission workers in the building and Home. village. -- Pray for health concerns for • Sudan African Mission requests founder, Dr. C.Y. Kim, and his wife, prayer for the well drilling Patricia Kim. project in the village of Maluai Bai. -- Praise God that Sangho and Lisa Kim have returned to China to • Sudan African Mission also work alongside Dr. C.Y. Kim, after requests prayer for a future completing 6 months of training at church plant in Aweil Town. Point University in Georgia.__________________________________________________________________________________12 / HORIZONS
  13. 13. South Pacific Team Expansion• PBT-PNG request prayer as the NT in • Pray for Casey & Molly Bell the Tay language is scheduled to be (Taiwan) as they adjust to completed this year, with the Mborena homeschooling routines and Kam, Waran, and Apal New Testaments settle into their culture. following soon after. Pray that God will protect the people and resources • Ask God to bless John involved in finishing these translations. Bliffen with open doors to share Christ with Spaniards• Jesse & Karie Pryor (Papua New Guinea) as well as serving as region- give praise that several of their locally al mobilizer and on staff at trained teachers have been accepted Mid-South Christian College. into the Papuan New Guinea Education Institute for more formal government • Pray for Mike Bukta as he training. leads a new team in Santo Domingo, Ecuador.• The Pryors also give praise that workers were recently able to reopen the air strip • Shawn Delehoy (Mongolia) so their village can get critical patients requests prayer for health, out to the provincial healthcare centers. guidance, and for the salvation of the Mongolian people. • Pray for a good transitionU.S.• Be in prayer for Wayne Murphy as he for ED from International officially retires as Executive Director of Services to a new field in Polish Christian Ministries. Also pray for North Africa. the new Director, David Hatfield, who assumed responsibilities March 1st. • Chad & Alicia Edwards (Taiwan) request prayer as they serve a people who have a strong allegiance to local temples and bondageGlobal• Pray as Good News Productions begins to traditional ancestor and to translate The Global Gospel Project idol worship. into the top 25 languages of the world by the year 2015. This is a series of 88 sto- • Join Andrea & Heather ries on the life of Christ. (To view these, Gentile (Italy) as they go to launch a new church plant.__________________________________________________________________________________ MARCH 2013 / 13
  14. 14. news brief CRAM Worldwide Inc., serving the peoples of Asia“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look afterorphans and widows in their distress.” James 1:27“In their distress.” What is the distress of orphans and widows? What do theyneed? They need love; physically in the form of food, shelter, clothing, and warmth.Mentally and emotionally the orphan needs to be taught, held, and led. Ironically,the widow needs to teach, hold and lead. Spiritually all people need Jesus.With this in mind CRAM World-wide Inc. has begun construc-tion on a 3000 meter squarebuilding called “Yang Pao - Or-phanage and Ole Folks Home.”The construction is scheduledto be complete by year-end. Ofcourse meeting this goal is de-pendent on availability of funds.An orphanage and an Ole Folkshome all under one roof. Whata concept! The first floor will house disabled orphaned children. The second willhouse elderly people (often disabled) whose families are unable to care for them.Our concept is that the elderly will teach the Chinese customs to these young chil-dren as they hold, stroke and love them. The children will provide energy, smilesand laughter to the elderly. CRAM’s presence on site will provide an opportunityfor the Gospel. For the young; as they experience Jesus, China’s future could beforever changed. For the elderly hearing about the hope of heaven as they entertheir final days will bring assurance of eternal life. Of course ministering in a Com-munist country the mode by which the gospel is spread is as Dr. CY Kim often says“wet eyes, bent knee and broken heart.” It is truly the Good News of the Gospellived out.If you would like to be a part of this marvelous work, or to hear more of the projectplease contact our office in Bedford, Indiana at 800-455-6476 or visit our websiteat WORLDWIDE, INC • 601 Lincoln Avenue • Bedford IN 47421__________________________________________________________________________________14 / HORIZONS
  15. 15. KOREA CHRISTIAN GOSPEL MISSION Dr. Yoon Kwon Chae, Director Yoido, P.O. Box 876 Seoul, Korea 150-010 website: email: - - Chae’s latest book - - - - - Books by Yoon Kwon Chae: *Chae’s Last Letters........................................................$10.00 *Every Life is a Miracle in CHRIST......................................... $10.00 . *Praise Through Pain................................................................. $10.00 *Great Big Father......................................................................... $7.00 *The World is Hungry for The Gospel......................................... $7.00 *Love is Immortal........................................................................ $7.00 *My Dear American Friends IV................................................... $5.00 *Yours Because of Calvary.......................................................... $5.00 *History of Korean Christian Churches....................................... $5.00 About These Books: Experiences and Order books from: inspirational stories of over 45 years of Jean Morgan ministry among refugees, orphans, and 56 Yukon River Dr. forgotten lives in Korea and in the de- Brownsville, TX 78520-9576 serted areas of the world. You will laugh (956) 541-5665 and cry with the author. About The Author: A graduate of San Jose Christian College and Lincoln Chris- Treasurer tian Seminary. Founder of Korea Christian Mike Schmidt Gospel Mission, Seoul Christian Univer- P.O. Box 9384 sity, Geon Christian Children’s Home, Fresno, CA 93792-9384 Braille Christian School, Radio and Prison (559) 275-2033 Ministry. PAID ADVERTISEMENT__________________________________________________________________________________ MARCH 2013 / 15
  16. 16. Before you move, please send the mailing label with a copy of your new address to MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION, 2004 E. Magnolia Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37917. Mission Services Association Non Profit Org. 2004 E. Magnolia Avenue U.S. Postage Paid Knoxville, TN Mission Knoxville, TN 37917 Permit #374 Services Return Service Requested Address 2004 E. Magnolia Ave. Knoxville, TN 37917 Phone Numbers 1-800-655-8524 (USA) 865-525-7010 (Outside USA) E-Mail Web