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Horizons Magazine February 2013


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Published in: Spiritual
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Horizons Magazine February 2013

  1. 1. Horizons FEBRUARY 2013 Making an Impact in LA
  2. 2. editorial “Choose Compassion”Reggie More Challenging ThanHundley We Might Realize The January issue of HORIZONS included an article fromEditor,HORIZONS Dennis & Lynn Free that should be re-read often. We should and be examining our lives and asking of ourselves, “Am I choosingExecutive Director,Mission Services compassion in my life?” The answer may be more challengingAssociaiton than one might think. If you missed this issue or have misplaced it, it may be downloaded from our base website ( A few copies remain in our office. Choosing to be compassionate would seem to be simple for most readers of this journal. After all, it is devoted to world evange- lism in the name of Jesus. Though it is read in more than 100 nations in print and online, most are Christians who regularly attend church gatherings. It would be logical to accept the pre- sumption that our readers are forgiving, open to others, and act compassionately. That may not be the case at all. The Frees accurately assessed the transformation for Savannah Christian Church. It was, at one time a “mono-chrome, mono- cultural church, with a membership whose attitudes were not We welcome your notably different than one would find elsewhere.” I do not think letters to the editor. Letters no longer many would be surprised, or overly concerned, to learn that than one typewritten people attend a church where others look and think like them or page are more likely to be published. where the congregation would hold very similar values. This, in Include your name and address on all and of itself, would not designate a group where “compassion” correspondence. had taken a back seat. Only signed letters can be printed. Letters may be The question of whether or not we are compassionate addresses edited for the sake of length and clarity. attitude and action. Do we WANT our congregation to remain E-mail: editorial@ __________________________________________________________________________________ 2 / HORIZONS
  3. 3. one where everyone looks and thinks thesame? Are there individuals living in thegeneral service area of our meeting place Horizonswho do not know Jesus and who are dissim- February 2013ilar from our congregational makeup? Are No. 1183 • Vol. 62, No. 2we, as individuals and a family of God, ac-tively seeking to learn how to build bridges HORIZONS is a mission-oriented maga- zine of the undenominational fellowshipwith those individuals and groups so they of the Christian Churches and Churchesmay find their way INTO God’s family? Are of Christ. Mission Services, as publisherwe content to leave those dissimilar from of HORIZONS magazine, publishes ar- ticles written by field missionaries ratherourselves to others who we believe are “bet- than staff writers. We believe this offerster suited” to reach them for Jesus? Have we a clear image of the variety of opinions that exists between missionaries withinallowed ourselves the comfort of believing the historical Restoration Movement.we are simply not able to “reach” certain Editor: Reggie Hundleyindividuals or groups? Editorial Assistant: Carol Hundley Graphic Design: Cheryl Elliott Pressman: Bill TopleyChoosing compassion calls us to actively, Bookkeeper/Treasurer: Georgia Sharpedeliberately, and through daily choices open Publisher: Mission Services Associationourselves to children of God who do NOT Address: 2004 E. Magnolia Avenuelook like us, dress like us, think like us and Knoxville, TN 37917have the same values we hold. Choosing Phone: 1-800-655-8524 Outside USA: 865-525-7010compassion calls us to deliberately go into Fax: 865-525-7012places and enter relationships where we are E-mail: msa@missionservices.orgnot comfortable and where we do not “fit.” Web Site: www.missionservices.orgChoosing compassion calls for us to become U.S. Subscriptions: friends with those from another culture, $20.00 for 1 year $36.00 for 2 yearsnot in order to convert them but as equals Bundle rates: in God’s creation. As we learn to share 5 copies @ $95.00/yearin the joys and grief of life, God will tear 10 copies @ $170.00/yeardown the walls that separate us. Then, as a 15 copies @ $220.00/year Additional copies: $14.00 eachtrusted friend, will we have the opportunity Call MSA for Forward in Faith items, theto speak about the life changing power of Missionary Directory, missionary contactgrace. Have we chosen compassion or com- information, and displays for MSA.fort? You think about that!__________________________________________________________________________________ FEBRUARY 2013 / 3
  4. 4. contents6 Making an Impact in LA Impact LA exists to bring the love of God to all the people in the city. Some are harder to love than others. Our goal . . . is to go and make disciples among the unreached in Los Angeles. In the megalopolis you find people with various life circumstances. Getting into the neighborhoods and meeting the people God leads one to is a great way to spread the good news. We start by reaching people where they live, then encourage them in reaching those close to them, and eventually penetrating the neigh- borhood with the Gospel. It is when disciples are made the church naturally breaks out meeting in houses, coffee houses or even tattoo parlors! We are recruting partners to help us in this much-needed mis- sion field. Would you partner with us?n articles 2 “Choose Compassion” -- More Challenging than We Might Realizen spotlights 5 Coming Events 12 Prayer Needs & Praises 14 In memory: Ruth Sanders 14 Thank You! n advertisements 15 the missions network__________________________________________________________________________________4 / HORIZONS
  5. 5. coming eventsMay 20-21 2 1 03 Johnson University, Knoxville, Tennessee Eubanks Institute for Missions (EIM) Conference Focus: Bible Translation Contact information: Gerald Mattingly 865-251-2349 / gmattingly@johnsonu.eduJULY 9-12 Louisville, Kentucky North American Christian Convention Theme: “Victorious” President: Matt Proctor Contact information: North American Christian Convention 513-772-9970 / www.gotonacc.orgJULY 21-27 Angola, Indiana 2013 Lake James School of Missions Contact information: Kent Shady, Program Chairman 260-824-2132 / kdshady@adamswells.comNOVEMBER 14-17 Kansas City International Conference on Missions Contact information: David Empson 317-539-4231 / david@nmc-windows.orgNOVEMBER 15-17 Hershey Convention Center, Hershey, Pennsylvania Eastern Christian Conference President: Ben Cachiaras Contact information: Eastern Christian Conference 410-836-6102 / www.easterncc.com__________________________________________________________________________________ FEBRUARY 2013 / 5
  6. 6. focus Making an Impact in LA -- by Kim Gasaway urban missionary “Bacca” couldn’t stand Christians. HeReaching the Peopleof the City knew some of his lifestyle choices wereMy wife needed her ears re-pierced. She wrong but he didn’t need people tellingcould have gone to a jewelry store but him that. What he needed was someonewe lived in Highland Park, a neighbor- to listen to him, care about him. Whathood in Northeast Los Angeles, so she he needed to experience was the love ofwent to the local tattoo and piercing God. He became a man of “Bacca” is a former Golden Gloves What is a man of peace? This is aboxer and a Marine. He is now a tattoo principle found in organic, simpleartist. His clients vary from his Latino church planting. In an unevangelizedneighbors to porn stars who often have area God will put people receptive totheir limousines in front of his store. He the gospel. We need to be sensitive tohas been involved in Satanism and is a the Holy Spirit’s leading to find thissex addict. I spent 2 hours talking with person. Most often God uses this personhim and “Mike,” his piercing partner, a and their family to establish a “beach-son of a Baptist preacher and currently head” for the infiltration of the gospelan alcoholic. into that neighborhood. (See Luke 10)__________________________________________________________________________________6 / HORIZONS
  7. 7. Kim and Diane Gasaway Left to right: -- A man of peace in Chinatown -- Despair and homelessness. The city is home to people needing to be transformed. -- To the beat of a different drummer on Hollywood strip. • Addictive behaviors (sex, drugs,Impacting LAThe city is really a complex mesh of alcohol…)people. In the city of Los Angeles where • Large functional and dysfunctionalI serve there is extreme diversity. families• People groups (over 200 different • Transitional people (people who use cultures) the city as a jumping off point)• Languages (over 100 different The enormous number of people languages) in the city (regional population of over• Distinct neighborhoods (over 100) 17 million people) begs for a variety• Economic wealth (from living on the of approaches to reach the lost. There streets to living in mansions) are traditional churches reaching out into the city which is a good, but there• Crime (over 50, 000 gang members are also many people like “Bacca” who and the countries largest municipal will not be effectively reached by a tra- jail) ditional church approach.• Homelessness (also over 50,000) The strategy we have adopted is an__________________________________________________________________________________ FEBRUARY 2013 / 7
  8. 8. organic, simple church method of making disciples. We start by reaching people where they live, then encourage them in reaching those close to them, and eventually penetrating the neighborhood with the Gospel. It is when disciples are made the church naturally breaks out meeting in houses, coffee houses or even tattoo parlors! Reaching the city in a Framework of Isaiah 61 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me
to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison In the megalopolis you find people to those who are bound; with various life circumstances. Getting into the neighborhoods and meeting the people God leads one to is a great way to spread the good news. The following are descriptions of people we have come to know. Not all have become disciples butTop to bottom: most are receptive. The names and-- Piano man on Venice Beach. locations have been changed due to How do we reach the un- protect their privacy. They are real reachable? people who need Jesus.-- Tattoo artist in Highland Park in Los Angeles.__________________________________________________________________________________8 / HORIZONS
  9. 9. to her. "A Gap in the Hedge,” is a bookLet’s start at Destiny’s about a girl who finds a gap in the hedge.House, looking for I was introduced to Destiny while There are many hedges in the city,openings in the hedgespassing out sack lunches with a min- natural or man-made, that keep peopleistry reaching out to the homeless and from hearing and accepting the Gospel.disenfranchised. For her and many like her there is a gap Four years old, bright red hair, freck- in the hedge, if we go to where they live.les and a smile that lights up the neigh- It is a temporary gap at times. In 8 yearsborhood. Deep down was the innocence she could be out of reach. Sharing withof a child but at the surface her life the lost in urban settings requires us towas anything but innocent. Just 5 days seek out the family at its most vulnera-earlier a social worker had stopped by ble place. If we act, the mother and evenand said if the condition of her house the father in incarceration are withindid not improve they would take this the grasp. She is a gap in the hedge.freckled face cherub away the next day. Her daddy is in jail awaiting convic-tion. Destiny is a name that rang with Ricardo lives in an at risk neighbor- Ricardo, a Vulnerable Ageirony. What will her destiny be? In 2 hood with an at risk family. He is at anweeks it would be Christmas. It might age, 13, which gangs are recruiting. Hebe years before she could hug her daddy. sometimes has carried a gun for protec-Her guarded demeanor wouldnt allow tion. It is a dangerous world in the city.her to look up at me. I teased her, talked There are temptations beyond mostwith her, tried to connect with her. of our understanding. Some give in to She finally smiled at me. The wall of temptations just to survive.fear had come down. She pulled out Gang affiliation becomes a family-likea small book and asked me to read it structure they may not get at home. Ricardo was begging for belonging, for hope. Ricardo just showed up one day. Taken under the wings of a young Chris- tian couple involved with the ministry, Ricardo began to shine. He was bap- tized at the beach. We have moved from Highland Park to raise funds so we move back to the city. The couple is not involved with Ri- cardo anymore. Our hearts hurt for him. Impact LA exists to bring the love of God to all the people in the city. Some -- What is her destiny? are harder to love than others.__________________________________________________________________________________ FEBRUARY 2013 / 9
  10. 10. Making an Impact,becoming aCatalyst in the City When Paul traveled from city to cityhe had a group of followers. I’d liketo call them catalysts. A catalyst inchemistry is a substance that speedsup a chemical reaction, but is notconsumed by the reaction; hence thecatalyst can be recovered unchangedat the end of the reaction it has beenused to speed up, or catalyze, to beused again. Catalysts go out two by two andmake disciples who contain all thatit takes to go and do the same. Thisis how church planting movementsbegin. One can see an example of thisin seeing how the Chinese church hasgrown exponentially. We are working in collaboration Kim graduated from Cin-with Global City Mission Initiative( cinnati Christian Universitybased in New York City. Global City in 2002. He worked with 2Mission represents a strategic vision church plants and as ancombining years of experience in elder in a third church asurban mission settings with a vision God seemed to be pointingfor disciple-making that leads to new to urban ministry. After 2churches. Working at the worlds years in an urban churchcrossroads, we long for disciple- in Los Angeles, he came tomaking movements in and through embrace the city and thediverse and globally connected cities. organic, simple church Our goal at Impact LA is to go and model as a catalyst andmake disciples among the unreached urban Los Angeles. We are recruitingpartners to help us in this much- Kim is raising support andneeded mission field. Would you additional catalysts to takepartner with us? the good news to the people in Los Angeles.__________________________________________________________________________________10 / HORIZONS
  11. 11. Left to right, top: -- Baptism on the beach -- Buddhist on Santa Monica pier -- Sign says it all. Got Jesus? Left to right, bottom: -- Living in a post modern world -- Working alongside the police__________________________________________________________________________________ FEBRUARY 2013 / 11
  12. 12. focus on Prayer Needs & Praises Africa Europe • Give praise with Marc & Tina Gebhard • Georges & LaVerne Carillet (PBT-Guinea) as they see God’s Word for (Ukraine) request prayer for the Lele people come into being. 2013 a successful closing on the will see Luke refined, Acts translated, purchase of a ministry center and people learning to read them. in their area. Asia South Pacific • DiscipleMakers, Inc. request prayer for • PBT-PNG request prayer as the following: the NT in the Tay language is -- Recent graduates of the Himalayan scheduled to be completed Training Center in Kathmandu as they this year, with the Mborena Kam, Waran, and Apal New begin ministries in various locations in Testaments following soon Nepal. after. Pray that God will pro- -- Ryan Warmuth, a Cincinnati Christian tect the people and resources University student, serving a 7-month involved in finishing these internship in Nepal. translations. • Harvey & Nancy Bacus request prayer for the countries of Jordan and Syria for peace in this region full of turmoil. U.S. • Be in prayer for Wayne • Give praise that the Jordan government Murphy as he officially has granted resident visas to Harvey & retires as Executive Director Nancy for another year. of Polish Christian Minis- tries. Also pray for the new • Beverley Kalnin (Thailand) requests Director, David Hatfield, who prayer for a co-worker, Sarip Pung, in- will assume responsibilities volved in a serious accident recently. March 1st.__________________________________________________________________________________12 / HORIZONS
  13. 13. PBT Team Expansion• Pray that God’s Word will impact the lives • Please pray for Spencer & Pat of mother-tongue translators as they Garner and a trip to Mongolia grapple with its meaning. May 15th to August 15th.• Pray that minds and hearts will be open to • Pray for Nigel & Loida Pyle recognizing when God’s Word confronts (Philippines) as they finish deeply-ingrained habits and attitudes. the school year, which ends in March in their current• Pray for courage to live in obedience to God location, which is subject to and his Word. foreclosure.• Pray that unbelievers will be drawn to • Pray for Mike & Jean Propp Christ as they see the transformed lives of and the work they are doing their Christian neighbors. in the Philippines with Vil-• Pray that God’s Word will produce a rich lage of Hope. harvest as PBT personnel and local lead- • Pray for John & Cheryl Dunn ers lead public reading and discussion of (Taiwan) as they reach out to mother-tongue Scriptures. the people through activities• Pray that translated Scriptures will be and outdoor worship. widely distributed in electronic format in places where print copies cannot go. • Pray for good health for Chris & Samantha Sanford and• Pray for transformed lives through God’s their daughter, Hosanna, as Word in every language. they serve in Taiwan. • Ask that God would provide opportunities for Dave & Jeanay Stiles to start a newGlobal• Pray as Good News Productions begins to church in Taiwan. translate The Global Gospel Project into the top 25 languages of the world by the year • Ask God to open hearts to 2015. This is a series of 88 stories on the the gospel in David Atkin’s life of Christ. (To view these, go to Monday night English class in Taiwan.• Please join the Life in Abundance Ministry • Ask God to bless the work family as they pray for persecuted brothers of Scott & Angie Pagel as and sisters worldwide. Pray for justice and they also work with the mercy. Taiwanese.__________________________________________________________________________________ FEBRUARY 2013 / 13
  14. 14. Thankin memory Ruth Sanders You! January 15, 2013, God called His daughter, Ruth Sanders, As we strive to serve mis-home. Our beloved missionary, our counselor . . . her kind and sionaries and ministriesgentle way, her soft-spoken way, caring, always wanting the worldwide, we rejoice withbest for each of us. She departed and we will miss her. these who share our goals and visions. Thank you for She was an example for all of us as a person, daughter, your continued generoussister, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, great-grandmother, support! The following arefriend -- extraordinarly brave! Her strength, her charisma, her those whose gifts were re-love for others, always with a smile on her face. She taught us ceived as of February 12th,that it is best to forgive, to love and this is the best way to live. 2013. To date, $11,765.00 God took her and how the angels sing with joy upon her has been given.arrival into heaven and she is feeling the Lord’s peace for sureand feeling such happiness to be able to stand next to our Bare, Garland & DorothyGod and loving Father. Barnett, M/M Frank We do not learn to say goodbye, and as much as we Bloomsburg CC, PAprepare to let someone we love go, it hurts; it takes a piece Bourne, M/M Glenn H.of our hearts. We think of how we could have loved more, Community CC. St.talked more, played more, been more connected . . . but we Jospeh, MOknow that what we lived beside Ruth was enough to maker First CofC, Bryan, OHher feel loved by us and we felt very loved by her, and God Haney, M/M Henrygave us the privilege of having her around for 88 years. 88 Howell, M/M Donyears well lived. Many of us cannot be present for a last goodybe. That, in Kenneth, M/M Jerry D.fact, this is just the carnal good bye because we’ll soon be at Malinnag, M/M Andresher side again. Se we will just say “Goodbye Ruth. We’ll see McFarland, M/M Jon soon.” And during this time we will certainly miss you and McSpadden, Jason &we will remember all the times we had by your side and it Stephaniewill open a smile on our lips, often causing a tear to fall from Miller, M/M Richardour eyes. But we will remember that she is happy with the Moore, M/M DonaldLord in heaven who will be comforting, soothing,every pain Moore, Vernof longing and teaching us to continue to live until the day of Mt Carmel CC, Irvine, KYreunion with our loved ones. Poplar Springs CofC, So today, we thank God for being in our lives and to have Missionary society,known Ruth Sanders. King, NC Ruth Sanders, you will always be remembered! Alwaysloved! We will miss you, until we meet again! Reece, M/M Johnathan E. Shelby CC, Versailles, IN -Kalinka Jean (Ruth’s granddaughter) Stafford, Roy & Marlene(editor’s note: a funeral service was held for Ruth on January Tucker, Marjorie17th at the Christian Church in Brasilia. Ruth was buried at Camp Weston CofC, Ladiesde Esperanca.) Missionary Society, OH__________________________________________________________________________________14 / HORIZONS
  15. 15. For more than 65 years, Mission Services Association has had effective communication at the heart of its mission.For much of our history, printing hasbeen a staple of the communicationprocess. Over the recent past,communication via electronic media hasincreased dramatically. Its efficienciesmake it a dominant communicationchoice. In response to current communication trends, we would like tointroduce the missions network, an innovative, Internet basedcommunication network. the missions network serves the communication needs of • missionaries, • ministries. • individuals, and • congregations committed to world evangelismWhat is undeniable is the potential the missions network hasserving the needs of missionaries, ministries, individuals, and congregations.We invite missionaries and ministry leaders to discover how the missionsnetwork might build upon your existing communication strategy. We invitecongregational leaders, ministry team leaders, and all who are committedto world evangelism to use the missions network to deepen yourunderstanding of and passion for global ministry. Our vision is for thousandsto connect with the information available each month. Only God knows howHe wants it to be AUGUST 2012 / 19
  16. 16. Before you move, please send the mailing label with a copy of your new address to MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION, 2004 E. Magnolia Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37917. Mission Services Association Non Profit Org. 2004 E. Magnolia Avenue U.S. Postage Paid Knoxville, TN Mission Knoxville, TN 37917 Permit #374 Services Return Service Requested Address 2004 E. Magnolia Ave. Knoxville, TN 37917 Phone Numbers 1-800-655-8524 (USA) 865-525-7010 (Outside USA) E-Mail Web