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August 2011 issue of HORIZONS magazine

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Horizons August 2011

  1. 1. feature The Work of the Forwarding Highlights of a Forwarding AgentM by Brent Brewer, Associate Professor, Intercultural Studies Program Coordinator Brent Brewer uch has changed in the world of missions in the last 30 or 40 years but one thing that is still very important is the role of the Forward-ing Agent. One might think that because of improved travel, comput-ers, the Internet, on-line Banking, Skype and other new technologicaladvances that the need for Forwarding Agents has decreased. But evenwith all these advances and the growth of new large mission organiza-tions who handle some of the administrative responsibilities in thehome office the need for Forwarding Agents still remains imperative. Because of the continuing need for Forwarding Agents and the lack ofavailable training for existing and new Forwarding Agents, Dr. Jerry Mat-tingly, the Director of the Eubanks Institute of Missions at Johnson Uni-versity (formerly Johnson Bible College), put together a very thoroughtraining seminar to meet this need. Topics covered the full range of FAresponsibilities with a great mixture of the task oriented technical detailsand the more relational personal interaction. Approximately 40 peopleparticipated in the event at Johnson University on May 23-24, 2011. Ziden Nutt, veteran missionary in Africa and the founding directorof Good News Productions International, started the seminar with anexcellent historical background of Restoration Movement missions andthe rise of individual direct support missions, which created the needfor each missionary to have a forwarding agent. He then talked aboutthe importance of choosing the right person and shared his personalexperience of having a family member serve in this capacity. He men-tioned that while new missionaries are often advised not to choose__________________________________________________________________________________6 / HORIZONS
  2. 2. service Swapping HymnalsI for Hammers by Ron Bull, Associate Minister, West Towne Christian Church Knoxville, Tennessee don’t do a lot of wheeling and dealing. It’s not because I don’t think it is a good ideabut because I’m just bad at it. I normally end up feeling like I gotthe raw end of the deal. This past Sunday, that was not the case.Let me explain.On Sunday morning, August 21, West Towne Christian Church inKnoxville, TN, put down our hymnals and picked up hammers tomake music to the Lord. We started the morning out with a time of__________________________________________________________________________________10 / HORIZONS
  3. 3. focus on Prayer Needs & Praises • Steve Zimmerman reports economic Africa Pioneer Bible struggles in South Africa with gasoline • Shannon Haynie (Ukraine) Translators over $6.00 per gallon and the exchange -- gives praise for a safe re- rate of currency has dropped 17% in 3 turn to the mission field. months. Pray for all missionaries deal- -- requests prayer as she ing with similar circumstances. focuses this term on • Chiredzi Christian Children’s Home/Vil- completing a transla- lage gives praise for the recent opening tion project on 4 addi- of their half-way house that will ac- tional books of the in the commodate the needs of older children Crimean Tatar language. (18+) as they transition to adult lives. -- requests prayer for her • JoAnn Martin (Zimbabwe) requests upcoming marriage in prayer as their mission seeks to expand 2012. the Community Orphan Care Program in • Mark & Tina Gebhard September. This will assist hundreds of (Guinea) request prayer children with food and education. for the following; -- Pray for their ministry partner, Beth Ramos, who plans to arrive this • LaVerne Morse (SE Asia) asks us to pray Asia Fall to focus on literacy for Miao Bible Institute in Moloshidi efforts with the Lele Valley, India. This school is surrounded people. by 113 different tribal groups -- many -- Pray for Tina as she ad- unreached with the gospel. It is hoped dresses medical issues the school can train many of these tribal related to continued members to serve as evangelists. brain trauma from her • Beverley Kalnin (Thailand) requests 2001 vehicle accident. prayer for new believers in the coun- This may delay their tries of Laos and Myanmar, reached by return to Guinea until Frontier Labourers for Christ. November.__________________________________________________________________________________14 / HORIZONS
  4. 4. • Bob Sheffler (Grassroots • Please join John & Amy Ralls (Taiwan)Around the World Team Expansion Leadership Development) in praying that God would provide requests prayer for the suc- divine appointments that will result cessful advancement of the in relationship building. TEE program in the Philip- • Please join Allen & Cherry Messimer pines, Ethiopia, India, and (Taiwan) in praying for Helena, their Hong Kong. former real estate agent, and her• Pray for Kathy Girton & fam- family. Pray that hearts will be led to ily (Dominican Republic) Him. upon the recent death of her • Please join Cory & Mandy Popp (In- husband, Mike. ternational Services) in praying for wisdom, clarity, and guidance as to where God is leading them.• Ray Trantham (Ukraine) re- • Ask God to fulfill Team Expansion’sUkraine quests prayer for the follow- vision of the establishment of 80 ing: church planting movements around the world by 2015. -- Pray for Odessa Theologi- cal Seminary, which has • Pray for a good transition into life in a been training Ukrainians sensitive field for PC and his family. for church leadership • Pray for the women with whom Dave since 1989. Damron (Regional Mobilizer) meets -- Pray that church leaders via webinars each month for encour- will remain true to NT agement, training, reporting and ac- teachings and continue to countability in their roles as volunteer grow strong. mobilizers. -- Pray for the Trantham • Please pray for Eric Derry in his role family as they strive to as Vice President of Mobilization. Ask serve in a difficult field -- God to help his wife, Michelle, with physically, economically, her studies and plans to teach school. and emotionally challeng Pray also for their 3 sons Elijah, Joe, ing. and Jon. __________________________________________________________________________________ AUGUST 2011 / 15