His seed sowers - july 2014 news


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His seed sowers - july 2014 news

  1. 1. News from HIS SEED SOWERS and VIRGINIA DUGAN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR EMMANUEL DESROSIERS, MANAGING DIRECTOR Funds address: U.S. e-mail: safedugan@aol.com His Seed Sowers Phone: (386) 255-6960 P.O. Box 214107 Haiti e-mail: nanlundy@yahoo.com South Daytona, FL 32121 Website: www.hisseedsowers.org JULY 2014 Praise God from Haiti! Digicel, the telephone company in Haiti, has made a contract to turn over control of the communications tower for the next few years to the ministry. This will give a real boost to Radio Echo Celeste and the growth of the Kingdom in a larger area. The deal hinges on a one-time payment of $4,040.00. We are asking those of you who can give to make this happen to send a one- time gift to seal this deal. We would only need 101 people to send $40.00 each. I will be the first to give my $40.00. Now we need only 100 more… This is an opportunity to reach thousands more through our radio ministry and to take the Word of God to a far greater circle in Haiti. The Lord has placed the tools in our hands and now we must step up and show our faith as well. Please consider this project when you are budgeting your blessings this month. We are grateful to each one of you and covet your prayers in this endeavor. Radio Echo Celeste serves the community in announcing church events and is also involved in programming events such as the various churches taking part in the Bible Knowledge Competition. The youth find it stimulating and have the opportunity for growing in knowledge of the Word as well as something special to do. Praise the Lord for these teachable moments.
  2. 2. Emmanuel is shown here signing the contract for the agreement on the lease of the tower. Faith can move mountains. In this case it can give voice to the mountains, forests and cities. We are in awe of the work the Lord is performing in Haiti during these trying times. Testimony from a former pupil of the School and Church in Jeremie Good morning Mrs.Dugan. I hope you feel well in the name of Jesus! I am DR.Romélus Hubermann, an old pupil of Nan Lundy Christian School and Church(JEREMIE,HAITI.,W.I). For a long time I was dreaming to have this opportunity to write you this letter just to thank you. words are not enough to express how I am grateful to these you did for me because after God and my parents you’re the one who make me be who I am today, I have just been graduated like Doctor in Cuba last July. Now I am in Jeremie helping to my people. I would like to contribute in the development and surviving of HIS SEED SOWERS just to help others children and young like you helped me, so if you have any medical projects for the mission such as: have a medical clinic or whatever kind of healthcare help you would like to bring to the students and others people of the mission as it was at the beginning. Don’t be afraid to contact me, I am ready to bring my help counseling you or working like Doctor (GP) for HSS. I think it would be very interesting if Jesus, Education and Health where joined in the vision of HIS SEED SOWERS for the future. I am very happy and grateful writing you this letter. GOD BLESSES YOU. Thank you very much. I’m waiting for your news. Say hello to the old Sponsorers of HSS , specially mine. With love, DR.ROMELUS Wedding announcement! CONGRATULATIONS! Go into all the world Emmanuel had the honor and pleasure to hear their making disciples vows. After attending church services at Tessier Christian Church a few times, these two sought counsel of all nations and reached the decision to pledge themselves to one another before God and family. This couple had lived together as husband and wife over 30 years. This kiss, though not typical, indicates real joy. This couple also were baptized into the church as part of their new commitment to each other and to the Lord. A line in the song “I lost it all to find everything” comes to mind when I sometimes get tired or discouraged. Then God sends a message like these (the letter above and this precious wedding). YES, It’s worth it.
  3. 3. The youth participate in the community-wide Bible Knowledge Competition. NEWS ALERT I am sure most of you have heard of the latest sickness to hit the Caribbean and even a couple of cases in Florida of Chikungunya which is a fever that causes excruciating pain. In fact, the name actually means “that which bends up” which describes a victim’s posture while suffering through the pain. This is a mosquito born disease along with Dengue Fever, Malaria, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Yellow Fever and other illnesses. The people of Haiti need mosquito nets to protect themselves and their families. We can purchase mosquito nets for about $5 per person. You can help with your gift of these live saving nets. Maybe your church or group would like to donate enough for a whole family. And, as always, keep our people in your prayers for protection. The schools are also in great financial need in order to continue operating. We must keep good teachers. We are praying that your will continue to support the work of the mission with your prayers and your donations. Education will help to lift the level of success for the next generation and your help can surely help provide the teachers and supplies needed. Without you we would cease to exist. With you, the work of the Lord can continue. Revival services in Haiti are well attended. The Word of God does not go out void here. The Haitian people are hungry for the Word.
  4. 4. HIS SEED SOWERS PO BOX 214107 SOUTH DAYTONA, FL 32121-4107 o I WANT TO SPONSOR A CHILD: _____ BOY _______ GIRL at $25.00 PER MONTH. o I WANT TO MAKE A ONE TIME GIFT TOWARD THE MEDIA TOWER: $40.00 o I WANT TO MAKE A ONE TIME GIFT OF $_________ FOR MOSQUITO NETS. o I WANT TO SUPPORT THE SCHOOL WITH MY GIFT OF $_________________ NAME: ________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________ CITY: __________________________ STATE___________ ZIP __________________ EMAIL: ________________________________________________________________ HIS SEED SOWERS PO BOX 214107 SOUTH DAYTONA, FL 32121