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His seed sowers april 2014 newsletter


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Published in: Spiritual
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His seed sowers april 2014 newsletter

  1. 1. News From HIS SEED SOWERS AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR VIRGINIA DUGAN MANAGING DIRECTOR EMMANUEL DESROSIERS Funds address: U.S E-mail His Seed Sowers Phone (386) 255-6960 PO Box 214107 Haiti E-mail South Daytona, FL 32121 : HISTORY WAS MADE Praise the Lord for Who He is, for marvelous things He accomplished the 24TH & 25th December 2013. Haggai 2:8 the silver is mine and the gold is mine,' declares the LORD of hosts. He showed us that he can get the Haitian people willing to share whatever they have with those who are the weakest. Radio Echo Celeste members idea was announced and the First edition of Christmas Solidarity forthe weak- est in hospice of Marfranc was organized. The plan was to help those who cannot support themselves economically. Then we asked the listeners for their support and their response was tremendous!! People pledged and began bringing to the radio station rice, corn, some oil, garlic, black beans, tomato paste, shoes, clothes, underwear for men and women, someone sent kerosene lamp, another kerosene, another pure water, some people even gave money. Nearly 130 people put everything together enough to fill half full a box truck. We took musical instruments and played a concert, we sat down and ate with them, then we sang together. Afterward some patients gave testimonies, they said they were despised by other people, no one ever came and spent time with them like we did. Year comes, year goes it was the same for them, always sad. The nun’s said they saw Jesus Christ in us. Our group was so happy singing and dancing with those poor people, our people said that day will always stay as the unforgettable Christmas Eve in their life.. Children Christmas on the 25th of December We want to let you know Radio Echo Celeste philosophy touches all ages, not only adults but young people and children also. The radio station collected enough toys to give to 600 or 700 children in the afternoon of 25th . We announced on the radio at 3 o’clock Echo Celeste Radio station welcomes all children, come and learn Bible verses and say their Christmas wishes to their parents. The Mission ’s house was packed with children and young people. Some of them sang Christmas songs; some of them said Christmas poems, many wished Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to their parents. Afterward many of the parents came to thank and congratulate us, for what we did for their children. We gave each 2 crackers and a cup of juice. Please pray for Haiti especially His Seed Sowers as we hold fast to our commitment that evangelisam is pri- ority. Pray for good fruit from the outreach for Christ through 5 schools, 8 churches and Echo Celeste Radio station. Ask the Lord to open doors to reach more people with the Good News of Christ Jesus in more distant areas of Grand'Anse like: Abricots, Marfranc, Moron, and Chambellan. Dame-Marie, Anse d'Hainault and les Irois, these 3 places in 2009 had an estimation of 94,020 population. To be able to reach the above mentioned we are in need of 2 transmitters with antennas and cables, a complete set estimated costs $7000. In addition we will need 3 STLs, to send the signal to the transmitters, the STLs are at estimated cost of $2000.We are also in the pro- cess of negotiating with a telephone company here in Jeremie for permission to use their towers to in- stall our equipment, that would be a big savings for us. At this time we are not sure what fee they will charge. Pray for Galcom International, of Canada, that once again they will provide the Solar Powered Radios which are programmed to accept ONLY our Chris- tian station, these are given at no charge.. Funeral On the 27th a person who was helping fund the radio station passed away. The staff from the radio station, attended and carried the casket. We took some time to encourage and pray with the family. Our staff was busy helping in different ways. People in the community really appreciate what we are doing spiritually and socially. Many of them are praying that soon the Lord would open new doors, in other areas to have another transmitter installed in a place called Montagnac , so people in the surrounding area can hear. April Proud to hear Christian Radio Echo Celeste
  2. 2. Blessed opportunities for hearing the gospel message, and the people responded. Thanksgiving service in Jan- uary saw the church packed and they were served the KINGS food, spiritual nourishment and as well as physi- cal nourishment. The Bordes church was in charge of planning the event, sounds of singing filled the air as they happily worked cleaning , cooking and some were decorating . Wednesday’s prayer service 8 AM til 12 noon, on the porch, at the radio station, chairs are set up in anticipa- tion of a crowd for people that come from all around. Invitations are given over the radio so guests often ap- pear. One Wednesday in January a very pleasant young woman, a nursing student, attended and was so moved by the events of the morning she responded saying she believed and wanted Jesus as her Saviour and wished to be baptized. At the end of the program we went to Grand Ance River and baptized her. In February Bordes church reported 2 Baptisms and Casetach- es church reported 3 Baptisms. Even with satan on the attack Bordes church went ahead with their planned revival, the guest preacher began the Sunday service with a dynamic message and the people responded well. The attendance increased nightly as people wanted to be a part of this exciting time in the Lord. They came from town, countryside even farther distances to see and hear the Word being preached. There were 8 decisions that week. Hurting , Still Trying to Understand The increased need among the Haitian population since the earthquake has made it a challenge for us to main- tain the same level of service we have offered to the people in the past. In recent times, HSS decreasing finan- cial resources and increased operational cost have forced the mission to cut back on some outreach ef- forts. Unfortunately, this has given an excuse to a small group of people in the Nanlundy community to be ma- nipulated into believing that they are entitled to more than the mission can presently afford to provide. Prom- ises and underhanded efforts by other missions operators on the field, including people who have worked at the mission in the past, have exacerbated these entitlement tendencies. In recent time the mission's and the churches' leadership have been under attack on every front by the enemy on account of these circumstanc- es. We covet your continued prayers for the mission and for our leaders, and we continue to depend upon your financial support as we strive to maintain our commitment to evangelizing and to showing the love of Christ to the Jeremie community. The mission covets your prayers and your financial support, we have an attorney to refute the false claims that have been made. We don’t make this request out of want but out of need if you could please include something extra in your donation it will be greatly appreciated. We especially thank you for your prayers during these troubling times, please know these things will make us sink our roots deeper into our faith in Jesus our Lord . Also I want to thank those of you who have given or made donations in Don’s memory no matter which wor- thy Christian organization you have chosen. HIS SEED SOWERS PO BOX 214107 SOUTH DAYTONA, FL 32121-4107 MY FIRST MONTH’S CHECK IS ENCLOSED. I WANT TO SPONSOR EITHER A BOY ___ GIRL ___ AT $25.00 PER MONTH. NAME _______________________________________________________ ADDRESS ____________________________________________________ CITY ________________ STATE ______ ZIP _____________ Gearldine Emmanuel being baptized