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Gebhard newsletter march 2014


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Gebhard newsletter march 2014

  1. 1. HALA TANDO Preparing to board a transcontinental flight for the other side of the world. Passports in hand Gebhards plan for mid-April return to West Africa Jesus told us to go and make disciples among all the peoples of the earth. He told us to baptize them in God’s name and teach them to obey everything he commanded us. Perhaps most importantly, he told us he would be right beside us until the task is finished. He is with us as we continue in the mission of taking his good news to the ends of the earth. These last several weeks, God has been with us in many ways. On March 3, we received our renewed passports. The next day, we took off on a road trip to speak to two of our supporting churches in Kentucky. On the way we stopped in Knoxville Tennessee so that our oldest son Timothy could visit Johnson University there as he is looking in a career in cross- cultural media ministry. Our family was blessed to spend some time with two other missionary kids from West Africa PBT families, Hannah Pruett and Emma Riley, who are students there at Johnson. Things are gearing up for our return to West Africa. Both our stateside and field leadership have recommended that we prepare for our return. In a recent conversation with Tina, our stateside supervisor Scott Graves said, “I feel News about the Gebhard family’s work with the Lele people in West Africa March 2014 Pray  Physical, emotional, spiritual protection.  Visas, packing and preparations for our return to Africa.  Spiritual protection for Lele Bible translation team—Our friend Pastor J has just finished rough- drafting Gen. 1-15! “Go and make disciples of all nations...Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” -Jesus (in Matt. 28) Marc talks about the work in West Africa at Sugar Grove Christian Church near Owingsville, KY. Gebhard kids with Granny Dora in Kentucky
  2. 2. Transformed Lives Through God’s Word In Every Language Contact Financial Contributions*: PBT- Gebhard P.O. Box 10184 Terre Haute, IN 47801 Stateside Address: Marc and Tina Gebhard c/o PBT 7255 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. Dallas TX 75236 (Until April 10) Phone: (214) 709-1702 (Until April 15) E-mail: *Donations to our ministry with PBT should be made out to “Pioneer Bible Translators”. Thank you for partnering with us to reach the Lele and other Bible-less peoples around the world. We value your faithfulness to our ministry with Pioneer Bible Translators. Marc and Tina Village Sunset comfortable and confident recommending that you, Marc, and the children head back to [West Africa].” “I go along with Scott in recommending that you go ahead with plans to return,” said PBT’s west Africa branch director in a March 3rd email. Praise God! Or as they say in Lele, “Hala Tando!” So, where do we go from here? We purchase plane tickets and then send our renewed passports back off to Washington D.C. to get visas for traveling to the nation in West Africa where we serve. With God’s blessing we plan to fly back over between April 15 and April 20. Please pray for God’s guiding hand as we move forward in this process. We’re considering a few different options for plane tickets. Pray for us as we clean up our rented home and pack up our belongings—getting ourselves to living out of our suitcases again. Pray for wisdom in packing our bags for flying out and that it would all fit! Praise God for giving us the strength and courage to move back to the field. Thank you for your part in making this mission possible. You are helping to build God’s kingdom around the world through your prayers and financial contributions to our work with the Lele people. PBT West Africa Missionary Kid Friends—Sarah, David, Grace, Timothy, Hannah Pruett, Emma Riley