Gebhard newsletter June 2014


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news from Marc & Tina Gebhard

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Gebhard newsletter June 2014

  1. 1. HALA TANDO A work in progress... Gebhards settle into life in Africa again. By Marc Gebhard After waiting on some vehicle repairs, Timothy and I made our first trip back to our tiny village in mid May. The first thing we noticed was all the road construction projects going on. Even getting out of the capital city proved to be quite the task with all the roads that were torn up. The Chinese have sent construction workers to make major improvements on the national highway. In some places, they’re paving roads that have been a mess of muddy semi-truck-swallowing potholes for years. In one spot we saw a place where the Japanese government has come to make a new four-lane bridge. The downside comes for the people who live next to this big project. Dust and noise are a big problem. It’s also a big problem if you get an X painted on your house. That means, they’re about to bulldoze through your neighborhood to widen the road. You’d better get your stuff and relocate before the big Caterpillars arrive. Those Caterpillars and road graters are arriving more and more often here. Timothy and I saw all kinds of construction vehicles and guys with hard hats as we traversed the nation in mid May. News about the Gebhard family’s work with the Lele people in West Africa June 2014 ‘...and yet we hear them speaking in our own native languages!’ Luke 2:8 The national highway is getting a major facelift. Solar lights are popping up in many major cities. “The quality makes the difference” says the sign at Restaurant Kadi in ‘Kissiville’. Pray  Health—With rainy season, Malaria and colds have been going around in the village.  House Cleanup—The mice play while the cats are away. The cats are back and we’re deep in the cleaning and repairing process. Craziness!  Bible Translation —We’re training nationals in the use of the Paratext Bible translation software. Genesis 1-29 is now in rough draft.  Work—Villagers are hard at work planting their rice fields.
  2. 2. Transformed Lives Through God’s Word In Every Language Contact Financial Contributions*: PBT- Gebhard P.O. Box 10184 Terre Haute, IN 47801 *Donations to our ministry with PBT should be made out to “Pioneer Bible Translators”. Overseas Address: Marc and Tina Gebhard Traducteurs Pionniers de la Bible 030 BP 5 Kipe, Conakry REPUBLIC OF GUINEA West Africa E-mail: Phone: 011-224-656-689-054 Thank you for partnering with us to reach the Lele and other Bible-less peoples around the world. We value your faithfulness to our ministry with Pioneer Bible Translators. Marc and Tina celebrate their 21st anniversary with a weekend at the islands of the coast. Just as we arrived in “Kissiville” (named after the Kissi tribe), the downpour of rain started. We were back in the forest region, where rainy season often lasts eight months. Timothy snapped a quick picture of the fat guy restaurant sign, we grabbed some rice and sauce and headed up to our village. Timothy and I made great progress the next several days cleaning up the house and getting things up and running. We found that the well was running dry and the mice had been working hard in our absence. Meanwhile, back in the capital, Tina and the kids were dreaming up a little family vacation weekend to celebrate Grace’s ninth birthday and our 21st wedding anniversary. We’ve been needing to take a family vacation for the last couple of years. We just waited for Africa to actually make it happen. We enjoyed a weekend getaway at the Islands off the coast of W. Africa. Our mini-vacation May 23-26 was a nice break in our busy life—especially after all the transitions we’ve been through in the last months. A few days later, we packed the truck and headed back upcountry to our Lele friends in the village. They have welcomed us with delight after our family had been away so long. Dancing Grandma has already been by several times as well as Timothy’s friend Boura. Also our friend, Elie Camara has been here working on literacy books in our office. We’ve been working together to update his computer with newer more powerful literacy and translation software. We’ll soon be plowing through the Bible translation and exegetical process again. X MARKS THE SPOT— Buildings to be knocked down for the new widened national highway.