Gebhard Newsletter July 2014


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ministry news from the Gebhards in West Africa

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Gebhard Newsletter July 2014

  1. 1. HALA TANDO God’s word coming to life for the Lele... Pastor Jonas dedicated to translating for the Lele. By Marc Gebhard Pastor Jonas and I are back in the same office working together on the Bible translation for the Lele people. He continues to work on the Genesis rough draft, but he takes breaks from that to help make corrections in the Luke text. We hope to have much of Luke exegetically checked and corrected later this year. Jonas thanks God immensely for restoring his health. As you may know, about three years ago his family suffered a bit of a crisis as Jonas went through a difficult time of burnout and depressive sickness. Now that his health has been restored, he is thankful that he can work again for the kingdom of God. I keep seeing smiles on his face as Jonas finds much joy in making the word of God come alive in the Lele language. Lately I’ve been helping Jonas learn how to use the computer and our translation software. Up to this point Jonas has been doing most of his work on paper and then someone else has entered the text into the computer. News about the Gebhard family’s work with the Lele people in West Africa July 2014 ‘Finally brothers and sisters, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored as happened among you.’ 2 Thessalonians 3:1 Pastor Jonas and Marc work on exegetically checking and correcting the Luke translation. Pray  Bible Translation—Jonas has now rough-drafted 40 chapters of Genesis. Praise God that the exegetical checking and correcting phase is progressing nicely in Luke.  House Maintenance— Since returning to our village house in May, we’ve found many repair issues needing to be addressed including a leaky roof, plumbing problems and weeds taking over our yard. Pray that we can balance these maintenance situations with outreach.  Health—Praise God for good health for Pastor Jonas and for all working on the translation project right now. Pray for continued well-being. Pastor Jonas with wife Elisa and their new daughter Janet. We hope to have much of Luke exegetically checked and corrected later this year.
  2. 2. Transformed Lives Through God’s Word In Every Language Contact Financial Contributions*: PBT- Gebhard P.O. Box 10184 Terre Haute, IN 47801 *Donations to our ministry with PBT should be made out to “Pioneer Bible Translators”. Overseas Address: Marc and Tina Gebhard Traducteurs Pionniers de la Bible 030 BP 5 Kipe, Conakry REPUBLIC OF GUINEA West Africa E-mail: Phone: 011-224-622-177-842 011-224-656-689-054 Thank you for partnering with us to reach the Lele and other Bible-less peoples around the world. We value your faithfulness to our ministry with Pioneer Bible Translators. Now we are starting to move to a new phase where Jonas is beginning to work directly on the text in the computer. Just a few days ago, he successfully entered his first foot note—explaining to the Bible reader how we have chosen to translate the name of God into Lele. Jonas asks for prayers for his whole family. Since returning to his home village here a few years ago, he’s found that he feels a bit like Jesus when he said, “I tell you the truth, no prophet is accepted in his hometown.” Jonas has found some acceptance among some of the believers here, but he also feels the tensions of being among his home village family and needing to dedicate more time to the work of Bible translation. Pray that Jonas would be not only accepted here in the village, but also that he would be officially welcomed and recognized by the churches here as a minister dedicated to the translation of God’s word in Lele. Also, Jonas asks for prayers for his wife. His wife went through Bible school with him and is looking for opportunities to minister to the women here in the village. Pray that God would open the doors for her to serve in a special way here. In addition to Jonas, my friends Elie and Pierre are also working to help us in the translation and literacy work for the Lele people. Pray for them too—that God would continue to give them good health and that they would have the ability to help us in our efforts to make God’s word accessible for the Lele. Thank you much for your faithful partnership in our mission to see God’s word translated into the Lele language. David enjoys time with two of the local village kids—rocking on the hammock one afternoon. Little Susanna has fallen asleep.