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ESP 2012 Christmas newsletter

  1. 1. Celebrating 45 Years of MinistrY! A Christian Ministry Dedicated to Fighting Cults and the Occult Evangelist Ben Alexander - P.O. Box 307, Kennesaw, GA 30156-0307 - December 2012 A “THANK YOU” FROM THE UK . . . OUR ‘YOU TUBE’ TO THE PRAYER PARTNERS OF ESP MINISTRIES CONGREGATIONHello Ben, We have a unique congrega- I thank God for sending you to me as you cannot imagine the impact your thoughtful- tion -- over 90% are unsaved,ness has had on me. I went to Michael Bent’s church today and spent some time with him nobody pays tithes, and theyand the rest of the congregation. I have never felt so welcomed and comfortable in the send me hate mail almost on amidst of complete strangers!!! Michael has offered to support and guide me in my marital daily basis. But despite all this,problems and I continue to have faith and pray for God to take control of the situation. I our congregation continues topray that I get the opportunity . . . to meet you one day. May God continue to bless you in grow. EVERY WEEK, TWOreaching out to save others like me. THOUSAND people watch and -- God’s blessings, Jane listen to the exposing of cults and occults around the world. Here is a follow-up e-mail from Michael Bent regarding this woman: They also hear the plan of sal- vation on every video.Hi Ben, The people we are reaching Thanks for contacting me and introducing Jane Okoye. I emailed her the day after our would never darken the doortelephone conversation and include the church address and my contact details, she re- of a church. We are convincedsponded and sent me her telephone number for me to ring her. I called and talked with her that our ‘YOU TUBE’ programfor a while. Well, you should be the first to know that she attended church every Sunday is God’s plan for them to besince we talked. warned of the dangers of the I know you are praying for her, please continue to do so. cult/occult and hear the plan -- Michael Bent of salvation so that they will beNOTE: Michael Bent is one of our missionaries in London. I want to emphasize that this without excuse.e-mail, as well as the one below and many others very similar to them that we receive here We are excited that we areat ESP Ministries, is made possible because of your prayers and support. now reaching thousands in India via the ‘You Tube’ in the Hindu language. Also, shortly we will SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT be reaching into 16 Spanish- speaking countries with our “I came across your video on the ‘you tube’ which prompted me to contact you as I ‘You Tube’ with sub-titles in thebelieve you may have experienced what I am at the moment. Spanish language. I am a born again Christian since March this year. I attend church where we sing and Often the comments leavepray and then the Pastor talks about Christ, but mostly the enemy (Satan). Also, they a lot to be desired. But, thentalk about casting out demons and witchcraft (they come from Tanzania). We also have a again, I am not preaching to thePastor who comes now and then to fill us with the Holy Spirit where people fall back and choir -- I am preaching to thesomeone behind them is breaking their fall. world. You can read these on He tried three times to fill me with the Holy Spirit but I would not fall to the floor. He said my web page at www.espmin-I was resisting and then moved to another person.” by clicking on you tube. I must add a warning re:The above is another false teaching that is sweeping the UK and India. I exchanged sev- language. But the good newseral e-mails with this young lady, explaining how to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts2:38). I linked her up with Tim Aho, another one of our missionary’s serving in the UK. continued on next page
  2. 2. CONGREGATION, continued from page 1 OUIJA BOARDis, many of these people have reached out to me and I have been able to Christmas is one of Satan’s favorite holidays.counsel and witness to them. I then introduce them to a minister in their I often see ‘Toys R Us’ offer the Ouija Board.area. And I am happy to tell you several have been baptized! Last year they showed a young girl playing with We began this program three years ago and it has gone viral. To date we one. Usually the game is played for so-called funhave reached over 180,000 views and have an average of 300-400 viewers at a “slumber party.” But, it often ends in tragedyevery day. This number will continue to grow long after I have gone home to as evidenced below in an e-mail I with the Lord. I want to say “thank you” to Stuart Cook who first created this avenue of CAN GOD USE A DOG?‘Video Evangelism’ for us and is responsible for the filming and technical Can God use a dog? Why not? If God usedarrangements. Also, I want to say “thank-you” to Pel Carter who puts the a donkey to speak to Balaam (Numbers 22:28),program on our web page. why couldn’t He use a dog? The lady who wrote At the time of writing we have just finished video number 100; 96 videos the following gave me permission to print her e-are exposé’s of the occult and videos 97-100 are videos showing how to mail so it may help someone who may have hadreceive the gift of the Holy Spirit. We are praying as to what God wants us a similar experience. This story is sad and it alsoto do, as we continue filming to reach out to the masses around the world. has a supernatural twist. After reading her story,Please keep us in your prayers for God’s wisdom in our mission for Him. ask yourself: “Why would a dog stop outside a house? And why would the owner of the dog (a stranger) walk up the steps to tell the person who lives there that her dog stopped outside her front GAY MARRIAGE -- THE FINAL door? NAIL IN A NATION’S COFFIN end. This is a wonderful story, please read to the Lately Gay marriage has been prominently featured in the news. Most ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~discussion has been centered on the legal aspect. The media does not re- One evening, when my husband was away,port about the spiritual point of view. Several years ago I saw the beginning I was waiting for our son, Chris, to arrive homeof the end in the UK. after visiting a friend. It was a long drive, but Homosexuality is a sin, but when the nation accepts it that is the begin- he told me to expect him for dinner. Six o’clockning of the downfall of that country; regretfully that has happened to the rolled around . . . then seven . . . then eight. Nonation of my birth -- The UK. Christianity is the first to die. Only two of sign of Chris. I began to worry. I called his friendone hundred people attend church. There are more people going to the who said Chris had left on time. I tried to be calmmosques. and read a book, but the clock kept ticking. At Other countries that accept Gay marriage are Canada, Spain, Norway, 1:00 a.m., I called the police.The Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argen- While I was on the phone with the local policetina and now it is accepted in six States in the USA. department, a message came in to them from the “God help us.” Calling something marriage does not make it marriage. State Police, so I was put on hold. When theMarriage has always been a covenant between a man and a woman which officer came back on the phone, he told me thatby its nature ordered toward the procreation and education of children and they were sending an officer over.the unity and well being of the spouses I knew in my heart something was wrong. In the 1960s, society was pressured to accept all kinds of immoral The officer who came happened to be a friendsexual relationships between men and women. Today we are seeing a new of Chris’. He confirmed my heart’s worst fear: mysexual revolution where society is being asked to accept sodomy and same son had died in an automobile “marriage.” My picture perfect world shattered into a mil- If homosexual “marriage” is universally accepted as the present step lion pieces. My husband flew home from his trip,in sexual “freedom,” what logical arguments can be used to stop the next and family and friends flooded to the house tosteps of incest, pedophilia, bestiality and other forms of unnatural behav- lend support. I withdrew to my bed, holding myior? grief inside. The Gay movement, whether we acknowledge it or not, is not a civil I couldn’t do anything after Chris died. I de-rights movement, not even a sexual liberation movement, but a moral revo- tached myself from everybody. My mother caredlution aimed at changing people’s view of homosexuality. for my daughter while I stayed in my bedroom Gay marriage offends God. Whenever one violates the natural moral reading and searching for answers.order established by God, one sins and offends God. Same sex “marriage” My son’s death became my obsession. Idoes just this. Accordingly, anyone who professes to love God must be op- wanted to know where he was and if he wasposed to it. okay. I wanted to stay connected to him. I just Genesis teaches how God punished Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of couldn’t let go.homosexuality. Please pray for America. Let us pray God will give wisdom to Soon I got involved in New Age religion andour leaders. would leave the house only to go to seminars
  3. 3. about how to contact the dead. Though I had gone to church my whole life, could not afford. The woman who owned the home wanted so much for us to take it that she INTRODUCINGI had no understanding of God or life beyond reduced the rent. It was like a miracle. RON SUNSERIthe grave. I was desperate to know what hap- One afternoon I was driving home from thepens after death, but instead of turning to God, car repair shop when suddenly the air con- Ron Sunseri has been aI turned to the occult. I didn’t know what I was ditioning quit and the windows would not roll close friend of mine for atgetting myself into at the time because I was down -- the exact problems I had just paid the least three decades. Ron hasso focused on wanting to know about my son. mechanic to fix! I stopped the car and burst shared speaking engage- About a month after Chris died, my hus- into tears. I knew I was at my breaking point ments with me in the UK andband and I lost our home and our cars to and that I could not go on. Brazil. Ron has visited first-bankruptcy. We were forced to move several The very next day a new neighbor was hand the places and peopletimes within a few short months; but I stayed walking her dog, when the dog came to a stop I worked with when I wasnumb to the process. My only concern was my in front of my house. She walked to my front in Spiritualism. He has alsoson and how to contact him. door and rang the doorbell. I opened the door seen the demonic at work. Soon books were not enough for me. A and, in no time, was crying on her shoulder. Ron is a living encyclo-friend introduced me to the Ouija board. The Sensing I was on the brink of a nervous break- pedic expert concerning thefirst time I tried it, I believed I had contacted down, she invited me to her church that was ESP Ministries and couplesmy son. I had put my fingers lightly on the holding a special 3 day seminar . . . by Ben that with communicativeviewer. As it moved, it spelled out, “Hi Mom.” Alexander. skills.The more questions I asked, the more an- At that seminar you talked about demonic I heartily recommend Ronswers I got. In fact, I would even test the Ouija activity. I listened intently and began to won- Sunseri to you. Ron is alsoboard by asking questions that I believed only der about all of the activities I had dabbled in quite knowledgeable aboutChris would know, and I would get answers over the last year -- especially the Ouija board. what humanism is doing tolike, “Stop testing me Mom.” I was convinced When the study was over, I talked with you for our nation and has interest-that I was communicating with my child. a long time. I asked what you thought of my ing and exciting presenta- I consulted the Ouija board a couple of activities with the Ouija board and you ex- tions about the roots thattimes a day for almost a year. At first it seemed plained that there was no power in the board made our country great andright and good. The board gave me a sense of itself, but that I was inviting the power of Satan how those roots are erodinghope that my son was all right and that I was into my heart! You prayed over me for what in many arenas today.still connected to him. I started getting out of seemed to be hours. I left, feeling like the bur- We need to hear what Ronbed and mingling with people again. But my den of the entire world had been lifted from my Sunseri has to say; Ron isrebound didn’t last. shoulders. senior minister at Morning I had no idea that the Ouija board was an That night was the first time since my son Star Church in Gresham,open door into the demonic spirit world. Un- died that I slept through the entire night. Fi- Oregon. He can be reached atfortunately, I was immersed in it. What I was nally I had the peace of God. I finally knew the 503-348-0606.unaware of at the time was that I was never truth about my son’s death from God’s Word.communicating with my son, but with evil spiri- I found healing from my sorrow through thetual forces that were very real and dangerous. PLANS FOR power of God rather than destruction from Sa- Everything was falling apart around me. I tan.began to deteriorate both mentally and physi-cally. I got very depressed and distraught. The I’m writing to you to let you know that, when you left that night, you had no idea the impact 2013occult practices were taking a toll on me. Even that you had on my life. Thank You! After much soul search-though by this time I had stopped consulting I also want to let you know that I am now ing and prayer, at 92 years ofthe board, the damage had been done. I was helping those who have suffered the loss of age, my commitment to mysuicidal by now, and each day my thoughts a loved one by showing them how to turn to Lord still remains the same:became more dark and hopeless. I could not God’s love for peace, comfort and compas- “ 24/7”stand being alive. My mind continually turned sion. I will accept bookings,to death. The woman who had once thought I’ll close with the passage you quoted along with my ‘You Tube’life was wonderful was now sinking into a during your seminar . . . the one that hit me commitment, answering e-world of despair and death. I never talked to square between the eyes: “And the person mails, and making more vid-anyone about the torment I was going through who turns to mediums and familiar spirits, to eos. If there arises any time Iin my mind, and I didn’t know what to do about prostitute himself with them, I will set My face can’t travel, Ron Sunseri hasit. Doctors did not help, tranquilizers failed, against that person and cut him off from his agreed to fill the vacuum.and even loving family members were unable people. Consecrate yourselves therefore, and 45 years ago I made ato help me find hope. But God knew I was be holy, for I am the Lord your God.” promise to Jesus that Iin trouble, and He was working behind the I just wanted you to know that you saved would preach till my dyingscenes for me. my life . . . both physically and spiritually! day. I intend to keep that We ended up moving, once again, to a God Bless you, Ben! neighborhood into a house that we really Thank you for your prayers.
  4. 4. Precious Friends, Greetings to you this Season as we cel-ebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Je- Christmas Greetings from our Familysus Christ. To God be the glory . . . greatthings He has done! The year 2012 has been one we areready to let go of as we anticipate a bet-ter 2013. Although my dear Miranda andI have had our share of struggles and set-backs this year, we will not be deterred inour service to our King. This past year Ibegan experiencing seizures which left mehospitalized on two occasions. A short-lived blood pressure problem is now undercontrol, as well as the unsettling feelingthat comes with experiencing vertigo. But Ben - Miranda - Tori - Megan - Gregg - andGod is good and I am currently feeling the 14-year-old, 6 foot grandson, Ryanbest I have felt in a long, long time. Miran-da is also doing well in her struggle with rheumatoid arthritis. spent answering not one, not two, but multiple e-mails!God is good! Through the avenue of You Tube, we have expanded this God has not left us to suffer alone, just as He has not left ministry far beyond what anyone could have imagined sev-us to minister alone. Although we have lost considerable eral years ago. What began reaching only a few hundredsupport, God has been faithful to provide just when we need people, now has the potential to reach hundreds of thou-it. It is when our circumstances are the darkest that God’s sands of people – people who need to be not only warned ofglory can shine the brightest. We have seen God in our trials the dangers of cults and of the occult, but who also need toand we praise Him for our deliverance through them. be taught the life-saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior It has been absolutely amazing to see how the “You Tube” Jesus Christ. Lives are being changed through this ministryportion of our ministry has skyrocketed just in this one year – and our supporters have played a major role!!! To God bealone! In 2012, we doubled the number of our viewers we the glory!had from the previous 2½ years, going from 100,000 view- But, in order for us to keep ESP Ministries on the fronters at the beginning of 2012 to just over 200,000 as this year lines, we desperately need additional support. This minis-comes to a close. And, as you can imagine, the more the try can reach only as far as the underlying support of fel-viewers, the more the e-mails I receive, and the busier I am low partners will allow us. Would you consider becoming acounseling those who are searching. Nearly every day is valuable partner with us in this vital ministry? If you do not already support ESP Ministries, there is no better time than now to start. If you have Christmas Greetings from our India Team had the privilege of partnering with us, then you have already had a part of saving lives. Miranda and I have no intention to close this ministry just because age is creeping up on us. On the contrary! There are plans on the table to increase the outreach po- tential of this ministry through more speak- ing engagements and through more You Tube videos which will last long after we are gone. We know God is blessing lives through this ministry . . . we see and hear about it every day from people all around the world. And we know God is blessing you as well. How big a blessing do you Stuart Cook, our “you tube” film producer, along with his wife, Lorna, choose to be in someone’s life? who hosted the meeting. Sheela and David Lall, our missionaries visiting from India, are hosting our web site where David has dubbed Love and best wishes, my hundred “you tubes” into the Hindi language. Ben