Eastern dominican christian mission spring 2014


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Eastern dominican christian mission spring 2014

  1. 1. file:///C|/Users/Cheryl/Documents/Slide%20Share%20Documents/render.htm[4/17/2014 8:56:03 AM] Having trouble viewing this email?Click here Eastern Dominican Christian Mission Spring 2014 Ryan, Erin, Micah & Josiah VandeLinde "Heart to Corazón" What do you get when you have 450 passionate Dominican Christian women all gathered together for the same purpose? A beautiful array of pink shirts all praising Jesus! And that's just what happened at our church camp in Salcedo, located in the northern part of the country. Women from all over the country came together for three days with the sole purpose of worshiping Jesus Christ. A large group of women from our churches here in the eastern part of the country made the 6 hour trip to the camp excited for what God had in store for them. And after three days of worshiping with other Christian women, our ladies came back changed......transformed... and on fire for Jesus! Leticia Baez (wife of LRM church preacher Jovanny) was called to lead worship for the event and she did a fantastic job. Using her musical abilities of singing and playing the piano, Leticia led the In This Issue Heart to Corazon A Personal Touch Contact Information Micah's Minute and Josiah's Jot EDCM Needs Contact Information Ryan & Erin VandeLinde Email: ryanvandelinde@hotmail.com Cell: 1-809-707-3069 Mail and Donations to: Eastern Dominican Christian Mission PO Box 20136 Roanoke, VA 24018 *for all financial donations Micah's Minute !Ferrari Baby! So, the other day I was at soccer practice and one of my friends came to practice in his Dad's new car. It was sooooo
  2. 2. file:///C|/Users/Cheryl/Documents/Slide%20Share%20Documents/render.htm[4/17/2014 8:56:03 AM] women in powerful, passionate worship every time they gathered together. We have many pictures of women with their hands raised high to the heavens and with tears rolling down their cheeks as they bring praise to the name of Jesus. We praise God for this event and for women like Leticia and Erin VandeLinde who helped lead our women in passionate worship of our Lord. "Short-Term Teams" --------------------------------------------- Northeast Christian Church Louisville, KY A wonderful group of well-equipped doctors and nurses from Northeast Christian Church (Louisville, KY) held our annual "Operativo Medico," or Medical Outreach Event. Thanks to Nancy Gray and Leslie Schuschke, the Northeast team always arrives fully prepared to see as many patients as possible. This year, the team focused on hernia and gall bladder surgeries performing around 40 major surgeries in only 4 days! Working 12 to 15 hour days, the dedicated team of volunteers helped heal a record number of patients, many of which have lived with their gall stones for more than a decade. The Dominican people were so thankful for this medical outreach that they began to describe the event using the following words: marvelous, incredible, unbelievable, a miracle and a true gift of God. sweet I had to take a picture! David's dad has a Ferrari! However, I am not sure how he drives it here with all of the pot holes and speed bumps? Oh well, it is an awesome car! This is a picture of me hanging out with my family at one of my favorite places in the world...Cadaques! We go here sometimes to swim in the beach and hang out with my friends at the pool. I love this place! See ya! Micah, 7 1/2 yrs. old ---------------------------------- -------- Josiah's Jot "Me and Euri" Hey everybody, it's me...Josiah. This is a picture of me with my
  3. 3. file:///C|/Users/Cheryl/Documents/Slide%20Share%20Documents/render.htm[4/17/2014 8:56:03 AM] Along with offering 40 surgeries, Denise Puthuff, a Dermatologist, saw around 150 patients and provided them much needed medicine for their skin problems. We thank Northeast Christian Church for partnering with us in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the community of La Romana. Praise God! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Springfield, IL EDCM Board of Trustees member Joni Colle arrived with a great group of hard workers from her home church in Springfield, IL. The West Side team focused on ministering to the men and women of the La Romana Christian Church offering a two night women's/men's outreach event. The events included bible studies along with each woman having the opportunity to make their own purse or scarf. The men studied the Word together and then participated in friendly competitions of "Washers" and "Corn Hole." Fun was had by all! friend Euri. I love Euri. He is so nice to me and always says hi to me at church. He is going to be a doctor. Maybe he will be my doctor one day. Adios! Josiah 3 yrs old PHYSICAL NEEDS Laptop computers. We need several good working laptop computers. Higuey Christian Church Roof: $20,000 to put on a concrete roof PRAYER NEEDS VandeLinde baby! The Baez Family' Jovanny, Leticia, Nashlie, Saimon, Sianny Higuey Christian Church's 3rd Anniversary Thank you for your prayers! God listens and answers! EDCM Online www.easterndominican.com Facebook Eastern Dominican Christian Mission
  4. 4. file:///C|/Users/Cheryl/Documents/Slide%20Share%20Documents/render.htm[4/17/2014 8:56:03 AM] After... Before... The West Side team put the finishing touches on the new entrance to the La Romana Christian Church. The new entrance is beautiful and helps give the church an identity in the community. Joni Colle and her team of medical volunteers also offered free blood pressure and sugar testing to the community, serving dozens of people daily. Great work West Side! "A Personal Touch" It's almost time! That's right, it is almost time to welcome the newest member of the EDCM team...a little princess. Baby girl VandeLinde is planning on arriving sometime late May and will be welcomed to this world by her two big brothers, Micah and Josiah. Erin and the boys have arrived safely in the USA and will remain there until after the birth of our little princess. We praise God for this blessing and we are looking forward to meeting our little girl real soon!
  5. 5. file:///C|/Users/Cheryl/Documents/Slide%20Share%20Documents/render.htm[4/17/2014 8:56:03 AM] The EDCM Mission Team www.easterndominican.com Forward email This email was sent to missionsrvcs@gmail.com by ryanvandelinde@hotmail.com | Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy. Eastern Dominican Christian Mission | 1715 Meadows Rd | Vinton | VA | 24179