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Dunamis ministries march 2014


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Dunamis ministries march 2014

  1. 1. Summer 2014 2014 is shaping up to be a very busy summer! While we have only 4 mission teams scheduled, we also will be hosting 4 Johns Hopkins camps. Mission teams Our mission teams this year come to us from Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia and Ohio. These groups will do a wide range of service projects from construction to direct ministry. Mission teams are a vital part of our ministry! Without them, we wouldn’t have the time or resources to continue our work. Dunamis Ranch for hire In 2013, we hosted 3 camps for Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health. In 2014, we will once again partner with Johns Hopkins by providing facilities and meals for students attending the Arrowhead Business Group Entrepreneurial Camps. Students learn and become part of a business inspiration and education program. We are blessed to host these camps as they provide Dunamis with some much needed income. It also introduces youth to White Mountain Apache Christian Church and our youth service called “The Rising”. Velicia gets a house! Many of you know Velicia Cosay. Velicia teaches our elementary Sunday school class at White Mountain Apache Christian Church. After many years on the waiting list for reservation housing, Velicia, her husband D.J., and their 3 children (Michaelson 7, Keyana 4, and Darian 9 months) moved into their own house. For many years they have lived in Velicia’s grandparents’ house along with more than a dozen other extended family members. Our summer helper This summer we are blessed to have Amanda from Richwood, OH to help us. Amanda attends Cincinnati Christian University and Richwood Church of Christ. She was here in 2013 with our Richwood family. “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…” Mark 10:45 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2014 Forwarding Agent: PO Box 20, Cicero IN 46034 Missionaries: PO Box 486, Show Low AZ 85902 Matt: 928-205-8582 Karen: 928-205-8579 DISCIPLE NEWS Here comes 2014!
  2. 2. Sunday school news Teaching a Sunday school class doesn’t stop on Sunday morning. In order to fully disciple someone, you must be in their lives, not just in a class. Karen teaches the pre- teen girls Sunday school class at WMACC. She was able to spend the day with these beautiful girls and take them to lunch and the movies. These young girls are definitely growing in Christ. Inside a busy McDonalds, one of the girls reminded everyone that we needed to pray for our lunch. Then to my amazement, another girl (one who is very shy) volunteered to say the prayer. They didn’t care who seen them or that they were in a public place, all they cared about was giving thanks to our God for blessing them. To us that is God moving in these young girls’ lives. The Rising: Spring boy’s retreat March 7-9 was the Rising’s boy’s retreat at Lake Pleasant in Phoenix. Chad from WMACC, Seth and John from Apache Youth Ministries planned the events ranging from hiking Camelback Mountain to rock climbing classes to attending worship at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, AZ. Matt and D.J.(WMACC church member) facilitated camp by providing camping equipment and cooking meals for the hungry teen boys. WMACC Ladies: Weekend with Jesus Karen and Kelle Foland (River of Hope Ministries) along with 5 Apache ladies attended the Joyce Meyer Conference in Phoenix in February. We were blessed by a friend who owns a home in the Apache Junction area. He let us stay there that weekend, free of charge, while he was out of town. Most of the Apache ladies had never attended anything like that kind of conference. All of them left with an awe of God’s power and love for each of them. They were able to experience other fellow Christians worship and were amazed at how many men attended the conference and how they worshipped so freely. Prayer needs: Please pray for: Continued growth of individuals and as a congregation at WMACC. Energy, focus, discernment for the upcoming year. For financial provision for Dunamis. Physical needs: A replacement SUV—our current one has over 275,000 miles on it. While it is still going strong, its days are numbered. Help with restroom construction. Thank You! Matt & Karen Page 2 Ministry in action IN THE NEWS! Karen and her Sunday school class Discussing the day after an early morning breakfast during “The Rising” boys retreat.