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  1. 1. “Position Report” Tim & Cheryl Doggett Our Future Winter 2014 Abundant Provision We need to share a God story with you! One of the most difficult ACMI leadership team decisions, ever, was a decision to allow our group health insurance expire on the 1st of June 2013. (I won’t attempt to explain the reasons here.) For several reasons, we were unable to find suitable replacement coverage for Howard & June Crowl. So we agreed on a plan that would put aside the funds that had been paid for premiums which would eventu- ally form a new “emergency fund”. Of course this left us vulnerable, especially in the early stages of the development of this fund. Sure enough, only a week or two after the plan expired, June fell and broke her arm in a couple plac- es. She was able to get the immedi- ate care she needed, but of course this left us with a big medical bill. Following this accident, the Crowls experienced other, unrelated, crises all of which were costly. In early October 2013 the Exec- utive Director of ICOM (International Conference on Mis- sions) e-mailed us (and others) about an opportunity to connect with the Kairos Legacy Partners, who were offering financial assis- tance, through their benevolent fund, to help retired missionaries and ministers. Though Crowls are far from “retired”, we quickly con- tacted Kairos and shared their story. They informed us of a church in Indianapolis (The Creek) that was ready to help, and to make a long story short, God’s provision through Kairos and The Creek has been abundant! All of the financial needs caused by all of these recent crises have been met and there is still a balance available for future use. Here are a few more details: Continue reading on page 2>>>> A decision has been made. Cheryl and Tim have come to the firm conclusion that God is asking us to continue in our support role, here at the ACM International U.S. Office for the foreseeable future. We have chosen, this time, not to place any time limitation on our commitment. Discussions with our home congregation (including our elders), many of you—our faithful partners, ACMI Trustees, ACMI members, friends, and family have been an important part of this decision journey. We appreciate your patience, encouragement and ongoing faith- fulness during this year of prayer and discovery. One of our part- ners made the statement recently: “Come on! Don’t keep us in sus- pense!” I’m sure they speak for many of you, and we will accept responsibility for the delay. We pray that you understand the im- portance we have placed on this decision. We want you, our part- ners, to be confident and excited about the ministry you are a huge part of. We want ACMI to be confident in their leadership choice. And, of course, it is vital that we, personally, are confident that this leadership role is where God has called us to invest our passions, our time and our lives. We are confident that we are, indeed, where God wants us to be at this time! We are very excited about the ministry that is being accomplished now and the poten- tial that exists within the commu- nity of mission-workers that is ACM International. We men- tioned several new initiatives in our last update. Our North Africa team is now on location and set- tling in well. Tyler & Amy Max- well have just arrived in Nairobi, Kenya for their second term of ser- vice and God is leading them to- ward a big vision of transformation- al development for street kids in Africa. Our three new families con- tinue to progress in the new- mem- ber process. In fact following the upcoming ACMI gathering/ business meeting, we will spend a couple of days in a “Welcome” training session with all of them. I’ll also mention that I (Tim) just spent a whole day with Jared Odle, one of our members, to plan our next steps toward launching a team in Ghana. There is nothing that brings Cheryl and I more joy, than to explore, join, and support the calling that God places on the hearts of our ACMI members (and potential members). One of the questions we have wrestled with as a part of this deci- sion process is: “What kind of leadership does ACM International need for this next chapter in our history?” One of the conclusions I (Tim) have come to is that this fu- ture need is fundamentally different than what we have needed in the recent past. (The guidance we have been receiving from Lincoln Chris- tian University under the tutelage of Dr. Don Green, including my clas- ses, has been very helpful!) We certainly don’t know exactly what God has in mind, as He continues His transformational work in us, but we are excited about the journey of discovery ahead. Pray that we will fully surrender to the work that God wants to do in and through us as we continue this work. “For those of us who are in positions of leadership-as parents, teachers, pastors... -our following skills take priority over our leadership skills. Leadership that is not well-grounded in followership-following Jesus-is dangerous to both the church and the world." Eugene Peterson
  2. 2. MissionServices 2004E.MagnoliaAve. Knoxville,TN37917 ReturnServiceRequested NonProfitOrg. U.S.PostagePaid Knoxville,TN Permit#374 CONTACT INFO Forwarding Agent: (SEND ALL FUNDS HERE) Sam & Missy Dew 160 Theibes Rd Labadie, Missouri 63055 Phone: (636) 451 3210 Email: Praise God For: * The privilege to con- tinue our service in the ACMI U.S. Office! * His abundant provi- sion for the Crowls through Kairos and The Creek. * The safe arrival of our team in North Africa and their good transition into language study. * A good staff transition in the ACMI U.S. Office! * The privilege of work- ing with our newest members! Please Pray For: * God’s transforming work in our leadership team. May we learn to follow Jesus completely! * Our upcoming Wel- come orientation for our newest members. * Pray specifically for quick partnership devel- opment for John & Han- nah. Their goal is to be in Tanzania by June. * Our ACMI gathering including the business meeting - March 17&18 * Pray for two vision trips coming up soon. One to North Africa and the other to Ghana. * Focus on His Priorities! Home Address: M/M Tim Doggett 1270 Sandy Drive Florissant, MO 63031 Tim’s Mobile: 314 372 1771 Cheryl’s Mobile: 314 372 1790 Email: A special offering was taken at The Creek especially for the Crowls. The goal was to cover the major hospital bills (around $8000). The offering that day was $9,223! The next day the pastor of the church, Gary Johnson, re- ceived a phone call from a couple in the church inform- ing him of their plans to match that offering!! They were moved by the story of Crowl’s faithful ministry in Africa! The Crowls have indeed served our Lord faithfully for more than 60 years! To ex- perience God’s abundant pro- vision through Kairos and The Creek is a huge encour- agement to all of us. God is completely trustworthy! Watch this Thank You Video See our NEW WEBSITE including the creation of publicity materials, prepar- ing for our group gather- ings and business meetings, coordinating our presence at conventions and the ICOM, and she is very ac- tive in all the interactions we have with members, new members and potential members. Cheryl is also taking on a new leadership role at our home church. IF you would like to be on our electronic mailing list or even on both, please send us a quick note, from your e-mail address to our personal email: Follow Us on Twitter! @timothywdoggett Electronic Mailings PrintedandMailedfor: ACMInternational St.Louis,Missouri Watch acMI’s NeW Vision Video More On Vision Soon! Maybe it is Time for a Visit, Even An Unofficial One ? Chery’s role is chang- ing, as we mentioned in our last update. She is now very busy working her way out of the financial account- ing part of her job. We also introduced you to Erika Doggett, our new U.S. Of- fice accountant. This tran- sition is progressing beauti- fully. Erika is talented and very conscientious. We know already that she will be a great asset to the team. It is great fun to listen from the adjacent office and hear them solving problems and discussing new ways of doing things. Cheryl is not going anywhere. As Office Manager she will still give oversight to Erika and our team of Forwarding Agents. She also wears other hats Abundant Provision Continued from Page 1 Cheryl’s Transition