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Diane Miller
v.39 January-August 2014 No. 1
Diane Miller
Pioneer Bible Translators
PO Box 997
school because the teacher was sick and students were not in class when Jim and
Silas arrived. Even in Gregrebu, the delay...
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Diane miller - pbt -- january-august 2014 news update


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Diane miller - pbt -- january-august 2014 news update

  1. 1. Diane Miller v.39 January-August 2014 No. 1 Missionary Diane Miller Pioneer Bible Translators PO Box 997 Madang PAPUA NEW GUINEA Forwarding Agent Cindy Yockers P.O. Box 371 Baxter, TN 38544 931-858-6718 PBT/PNB web site:h ttp:// PBT/ISC web site: A TRAVEL ADVENTURE Travel in Papua New Guinea is often quite a challenge. Consider Jim Bliffen’s recent trip with Silas Gibe of the La’o language group. They traveled to several La’o speaking villages to evaluate the progress of the Elementary Prep students whose teachers have been using the curriculum PBT finished preparing for use in 2013 Challenge #1-Delayed Start—The trip originally scheduled for Monday began on Friday afternoon. Jim described this part of the trip as follows, “At about 2 pm Silas came to the office in a van and said everything was ready. I got into the van and we left. A stop to purchase boat fuel delayed us for an hour. After 3 pm, we headed out of town. On the way out of town, we stopped at two different markets. We made two more stops on the way to the place where we would spend the night before boarding a motor canoe to travel down the Ramu River to our final destination, Gregrebu. We did not arrive until about 8 pm.” Challenge # 2—A River Accident “We got up at 5 am the next morning and got ready to travel by motor canoe to the village of Gregrebu. There were two canoes that were making the trip together even though we were rarely in sight of each other. We waited until two canoes were loaded with cargo and people and then we headed downstream to the village. On the way we made several stops. At one point we received word from people in another canoe on the river that the second canoe that had left with us had capsized and lost cargo in the river. After waiting about an hour or more on the river bank for the second canoe to arrive, the men who were running the canoe I was in decided to go back and look for the other canoe. They unloaded all the passengers and their luggage to wait there while they traveled back to find the other canoe. Both canoes arrived back at the market an hour or more later, reloaded, and we headed on up the river. We arrived at Gregrebu at about 8:30 pm.” Challenge # 3—Seeking to Accomplish the Purpose of the Trip The goal was to evaluate the progress of Elementary Prep students in three La’o villages where the teachers were using curriculum materials they had helped prepare in conjunction with PBT. One school was in the village where Jim and Silas stayed, so evaluating student progress there involved no further travel, but travel to the other villages was by hiking along jungle trails. One day’s journey was a long hike crossing several creeks on bamboo pole bridges and fording a shallow stream. Upon arrival at the destination, they found that the school building had not been finished so the curriculum was not in use and there were no students to evaluate. No evaluation took place at a second UNFINISHED CLASSROOM PREPARATIONS FOR RIVER TRAVEL Print to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF (
  2. 2. school because the teacher was sick and students were not in class when Jim and Silas arrived. Even in Gregrebu, the delay in arrival had caused the evaluation to fall on a holiday and less than half the students were available for evaluation. Some of those students were able to write their names and some letters of the alphabet they had studied as well as some of the key words in stories from the curriculum. Some told about a story from the curriculum, read a few words from that story and complete a matching exercise with key words from the curriculum and pictures. It was evident that some learning was taking place but the evaluation patrol results were definitely inadequate. Jim noted in his patrol report that the students that were evaluated did seem glad to have the privilege of coming to school and eagerly tried to do their best. The teacher commented that she felt the students did not perform as well as usual because they were afraid of Silas and Jim, whom they did not know. Perhaps they also had test jitters. Challenge #4—Returning to Madang —The trip home was fraught with changed plans and unexpected stopovers similar to those at the start of the trip, though without any boat accidents. Jim summarized in the following words: “It was a long trip home full of ups and downs but it was still a great experience. I learned a lot. Mostly I learned that you cannot count on anything as a sure thing and you had better leave plenty of flexibility in your planning. Just put it in God's hands. He is more than capable of working everything out according to His own plan.” A Challenge for you: Please pray with us that a 2nd La’o student evaluation patrol in October will provide a better picture of what more of the students are learning. Also pray for good success for Jim Bliffen and Justin Bane as they go on a student evaluation patrol in three other language groups (Aruamu, Akukem and Mborena Kam) August 6th-22nd. A VERY BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE FIRST HALF OF 2014 Diane’s Main Tasks  Training a new Publication’s Assistant and cross training our receptionist to do publications tasks  Working with two ladies from another mission (Jan Irish and Melanie Lelerc) who have volunteered to help write a government required English component for our Elementary 1 (E1) curriculum and have also worked with some of our national E1 literacy teams  Working with the Aruamu, Akukem, Mborena Kam, and La’o language literacy teams as they translate shellbooks and other materials for the Elementary 1 curriculum  Trying to complete the editing of the lessons in the E1 curriculum so it can be adapted into the vernacular for use by the four language groups mentioned above Some Special Events in the Papua New Guinea Branch  Arrival of new workers—Sharon Kozar and Jim and Joni Bliffen  Preparation of the Mborena Kam New Testament for typesetting.  Preparation of the Sop book of Luke for typesetting  Tay New Testament Dedication and Leadership Training Course in July  Beginning of renovation of Alamanda House to provide space for new workers PRAYER CONCERNS  Thank the Lord for a delightful celebration as hundreds of people including some PBT workers and supporters from the US as well as PNG villagers from throughout the Tay language group gathered for the dedication of the Tay New Testament.  Pray that the Tay Scriptures will be well used and that this will result in the transformation of many lives.  The Mborena Kam language group have faced many trials as they near the completion of their New Testament, but have faithfully pressed on. Thank the Lord for their dedication and hard work. Pray for a good rest for the national translators before they come back to work soon and pray for comfort for Denny Ram and his family. Denny’s married daughter very recently died unexpectedly.  Please pray that God will show us how to inspire and equip people to read/use their mother-tongue Scriptures and that hearing these Scriptures will create a deep hunger and readiness for more. SOME OF THE EP STUDENTS DEDICATION OF THE TAY NEW TESTAMENT DRAMA AT TAY NEW TESTAMENT DEDICATION Print to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF (