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Paul and Rickie Clark
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head to the Tokyo area for our annual convention which
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Clark Osaka July August 2014


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Jesus for greater Asia news from Paul & Rickie Clark

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Clark Osaka July August 2014

  1. 1. Jesus 4 Greater Asia UPDATE FROM JAPANUPDATE FROM JAPAN Paul and Rickie Clark . . . our email to you . . . No. 51, July-August 2014 OBS Support: Osaka Bible Seminary PO Box 696 San Jose, CA 95106 Personal Support: Osaka Bible Seminary PO Box 1697 Columbia, MO 65205 Osaka Bible Seminary — Jesus for Japan MONGOLIA TRIP What a blessing it was to serve again in Mongolia for 2 1/2 weeks—and serve, we did. I spoke some 7 times and Rickie spoke 4 times. We work with Centurions Ministry which serves the Mongolian mili- tary across this great country. We have been from east to west and north to south visiting different border troops and regiment stations since 1999: 15 years and 25 entries for me—9 for Rickie :)!! This time we were in Ulaanbaatar (UB) for the first week and met with different groups and families. I spoke to the senior officers and to the cadets and Rickie spoke to the wives and lady workers of the Campus Crusade staff and to the young wives and workers in the Centurions Min- istry. While we were in UB we made a trip out to a resort area where a Young Life camp and a Teachers’ retreat were going on. I passed on greetings at the Teacher’s retreat from Dick and Margaret Ivey in San Diego who have worked with that group for many, many years (and were indirectly responsible for our first trip to Mongolia). In UB we stayed with Bayaraa and Gerlee and family. Bayaraa, stepping down, has led the Centurions Ministry for the last five years. A trip with Tuuguu and Ebe and children to his family’s summer cabin in “the country- side” was also enjoyable. The next 8 days were spent in two different locations. First we drove (4WD) about 3 hours southwest of UB to an outpost in a National Park for a staff retreat. The eleven of us were the only ones there, plus the family who ran the camp. I spoke each morning (3 times) on “Truthing in Love” (the actual Greek word in Ephesians 4:15 is a single verb). True Love; True Hope; and True Gospel; and, Encouragement in Times of Transition, (CM, protracted 3 years of transition). Another welcome to Mongolia! Police Academy staff/grad with two academy cadets Senior Officers meeting Bayaraa & Gerlee and family Centurions Ministry is on 5F with Campus Crusade offices Waiting for finishing out the Command Center Tuuguu & Ebe and family Teachers Retreat Green Mongolia! Excessive rains, gully washes for roads Hidden valley in the mountains—CM Retreat Milk tea ♪”Home, home . . .in a ger” ♪ Rocky camel ride! Hustai National Park Wild Mongolian horses’ area Morning session “Truthing in Love!!” Ger Time A “selfie”
  2. 2. ALL JAPAN CHRISTIAN CONVENTION: We will soon head to the Tokyo area for our annual convention which takes place August 19-21. On our way to the convention we will stop and see Manami, one of our regular International Night attendees, who has just graduated from college and is now working in Shizuoka. After the convention we will drive on to Ishinomaki to be with Chad and Jennifer and family for 3-4 days. Then it is back to our usual routines and school schedules. HEALTH: I have just learned the reason for my back pain and will undergo more surgery on November 18th. The doctor said it would be difficult surgery but he said with a smile he is confident in his own ability (for readers who do Japanese: “自 信がある”jishin ga aru)! It will be a 3-hour surgery in the same hospital where I had my hip replacement. He said after about 3 months I should be able to do anything I ever did! We then drove back into UB, let off some people and picked up others, and con- tinued around UB to “the countryside” Northwest of UB . We passed the Chinggis Khan Memorial (131 ft tall compared to Statue of Liberty, head to heel 112 ft tall). Arriving at our destination, we camped in our tents next to a family set of gers. These are true nomads in their summer lo- cation and are friends of Bayaraa’s brother- in-law. The family let us use a ger for our meetings and meals (and to get warm by the fire!). I gave my last presentation on True Victory the first morning and then Rickie spoke two mornings on Integrity. These last four days of “roughing it” (no electricity or running water) were just to relax and enjoy one another—and that we did! We did a lot of walking and playing and even took in a rural horse race of children practicing for the national festival, Naadam, in UB the following weekend. A 6 -year-old won the 15 km race! Plans to go fishing finally materialized! I hadn’t been able to fish in Mongolia since our 2002 Jesus Film trip, and I caught enough fish for all of us to enjoy that eve- ning. The other men enjoyed fishing for the first time and two of the girls swam in the river fully clothed to get refreshed! The last few days we were back in UB., staying with Gantumur (Co-Founder/initial Director of CM) and Deegi and family. Two years ago we spent about three days with them on the Johnson University Campus when he was doing his M.Div. in Alabama. It has been such a privilege to have known Gantumur and Deegi, Bayaraa and Gerlee, and Tuuguu and Ebe since our first trips to Mongolia in 1999 and 2001! We have watched them mature into real leaders! DO YOU ORDER FROM AMAZON? Check out Amazon Smile! If you sign up for it (it’s free) and order from the Amazon Smile website, they will give a small percentage of your purchase to charity—and Osaka Bible Seminary is one of the choices! If everyone of you who orders from Amazon were to sign up for Amazon Smile and choose OBS, it could make a difference! Their website is “GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD!” One day we, missionaries from the U.S. to Ja- pan, were doing some gift shopping and met a Japanese couple who are missionaries to Mon- golia! That same evening we met a Mongolian couple who are missionaries to China and Tibet! This is GLOBAL MISSIONS! Under the the Great Living up to my moniker “Eagle Man” Rickie’s sharing time The “facility” Gantumur, Deegi and Family Steppe land At the horse races Our tents besides the gers Mongolian Trout (Lenok) Last year’s convention shadow of Khan