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Christian riders spring summer 2014 page order

  1. 1. Spring/Summer 2014 Volume 1, Issue 1 DQ Memorial Service Available On December 5, the life of DQ was celebrated at First Christian Church Ministries, Kernersville, NC. He was buried on November 26 at the Salisbury National Cemetery with full military honors. The memorial ceremony was an incredible time of thanksgiv- ing for DQ’s life as well as a time of worship and healing. Many present said it was the most moving ceremony of its kind they had ever attended. The celebration is available on DVD. It includes the service, a picture slideshow of DQ’s life and ministry and still pictures of the funeral. Please send a donation of $7.50 to the CRM address below. (Our cost of $5 and $2.50 for postage.) We know you will be blessed by it. CRM Continues After much prayer and discussion that included DQ, Beth and the CRM Board of Directors, it was decided that GOD’S calling remains on Beth as does the need to take New Testament Christianity to the bikers. The JESUS Bike continues to be a huge minis- try tool and a draw wherever we go with it. With the support of the Ambassador Chapter of First Christian Church Ministries of Kernersville, NC, Beth’s home church, other out- reaches such as the Charlotte Swap Meet ministry booth will continue. We are confident that GOD will lead and direct us as we chase after HIM with our whole heart. New events are already in the planning stages. In 2014, we already have 5 mission trips completed and in May, we had 2 baptisms. If anything, this has focused us even more on the need to share JESUS and add to HIS King- dom in this moment! Time is short and we are not promised tomorrow. Share JESUS now while we still have time and opportunity. Ministry Needs • IPad or Laptop: Crashed • 20’ Haulmark Motorcycle Trailer: $4,800. Big Gray is dead. • 32’-37’ 5th Wheel Toy Hauler. This will be the travel vehicle for Beth. Downsizing & selling 40’ Monaco RV. • Bodywork & Paint on Pickup. Will pull Toy Hauler Outer Banks Bike Week Beth headed down to the Outer Banks Bike Week (OBX) Easter Sunday after church. Unfortunately, the JESUS Bike could not go as she needed her road bike for a special reason. It was to be equipped with a trailer hitch and trailer to haul the Shelties. No more being limited by the dogs! Their new motto is “Have fur coats, will travel.” GOD gave Beth favor wherever she went whether to the bikers, venders, waitresses or even in the hot tub. She was able to share JESUS literally everywhere she went! “This is a huge thing,” Beth explained. “With the JESUS Bike, we have a visual tool but to bridge conversations without a tool is truly the Holy Spirit opening up doors.” She will still be glad to get the new 20’ trailer which will allow her to take both bikes to all the events to be better pre- pared for all situations, shows or rides. Publishing Info Christian Riders Ministry P.O. Box 2179 Kernersville NC 27285 Beth A. Mangus Roberts, Missionary 605-478-0230 FB: Dqbeth Crm The newsletter has a readership of 2500 + and is mailed to 10 countries. It is also available on the worldwide web at: Send ADDRESS CORRECTIONS ONLY to: Mission Services: 2004 E. Magnolia Ave. Knoxville TN 37917 All mail to Christian Riders Ministry should use the address at left! God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterwards, they will receive the crown of life that GOD has promised to those who love HIM. James 1:12 (NLT) The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one often comes from a strong will and the other from a strong won’t. Henry Ward Beecher In Memory of D.Q. Roberts, President Christian Riders Ministry 1/7/1950 - 11/20/2013 The “In Memory of” Patch above is available for $5. (Our cost of $4 and $1 postage.) Inside this issue: Outer Banks Bike Week 1 Memorial Available 1 Charlotte Swap Meet x2 2 87 Days 2 DQ & Bob Morton Memorial Run 3 87 Days ... Continued 3 DQ’s Victory 4
  2. 2. The Fall Swap Meet took place November 9-10, 2013 in Charlotte, NC. Our Kernersville Ambassadors Chapter took the lead and went down Friday night to set up. DQ had been diag- nosed and hospitalized Oct 31– Nov 7 fighting not only the can- cer but pneumonia. DQ wanted to do two things before he got to sick. He wanted to go to his mission field and he wanted to go fishing. So Beth drove them down in the car for the day on Saturday. You can only imag- ine the witness DQ had as he hugged people for the last time and shared the urgency of the Gospel. Lives were changed all around us! He spurred the rest of us on as well, and I do not think we have ever loved more or been bolder for the Kingdom than then and now. We returned to the Spring Swap Meet on March 22-23. We returned to continue a legacy that our fearless leader had left us; a legacy of love and service, of being like JESUS. Saturday was a hugely busy day as we ministered to everyone from toddlers to old school bikers. Many asked about DQ and his testimony continued to change hearts. Beth hid behind her sunglasses a few times but also found great joy in doing what she was created to do -- share JESUS CHRIST with the biker world. Sunday was a slow day but we made the most of the time by sharing with the vendors. This event, our oldest at 22 years, continues to be very fruitful. It is all about the people. People JESUS died for; better, people JESUS rose from the dead for. May we always remain faithful no matter the adversity. No. We did not get to take DQ fishing. Ten days after Charlotte, JESUS received him. Maybe, he is fishing with Peter and the disciples in Heaven. Maybe? Page 2 The Christian Rider Volume 1, Issue 1 “You are Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Seem and more Loved than you Know.” DQ to Beth Charlotte Swap Meet X 2 Death 1: Beth’s cell phone rang at 2:10 a.m. on Octo- ber 10. With a quick intake of breath she said, “Hello,” knowing it was not going to be good. The sheriff identified himself and after confirming her identity informed Beth that her brother, Glyn E. Mangus, had died an hour before in a tragic accident. Glyn was just 55 and Beth’s closest sibling, hav- ing lived near her all their adult lives. Beth had no idea that this would begin the most difficult season of her life. Death 2: DQ & Beth re- turned from a ministry trip to Florida on Tuesday. Everyone had bragged on DQ, saying how healthy he looked. Beth noticed he looked tired and drawn but they’d had quite a year with a cross country move, house remodel & ongoing ministry. It would be better soon with the house done, she thought. Friday, DQ started having violent stomach cramps. By Monday, Beth could wait no longer and called the doctor. Tuesday’s blood work showed elevated liver function and in- flammation. Thursday’s fasting liver scan got him dehydrated and into the ER. The CT scan and liver scan came in simul- taneously -- pancreatic cancer which had metastasized to the liver, Stage 4. No treatment op- tions. DQ looked at the doctor and said, “Well, Doc, I guess you’re telling me I get to go home. I just sure hate to leave my bride.” Indeed, DQ went home a short 20 days later. Death 3 (almost): January 5, after much prayer and con- firmation with CRM Board and Pastor Pete, Beth left on her first solo mission trip. The destination was Thunder by the Bay, Sarasota FL, an event CRM does yearly. Beth decided to go a few days early and spend DQ’s birthday (7th) on the beach before the event on the 10th-12th. She arrived Monday evening and checked into her motel room, feeling good after driving for 2 days. A violent pain woke her just after 87 Day Battle midnight and lasted through the night and into the next day. Since she had no other symp- toms, and was worried about leaving her Shelties alone, she put off calling for help. Finally at 2 p.m., she called 911. Beth was in the ER about 2 hours when they diagnosed a perforat- ed bowel demanding immediate surgery or death. Beth made phone calls to the Directors while being wheeled to the operating room! At 11 p.m. on January 7, DQ’s birthday and 47 days after his passing, she came out of surgery with a colostomy similar to what DQ had been burdened with. Beth had lost 20 lbs. during the ordeal with DQ and she now lost 20 lbs. more in the hospital. This put her 5’9” frame at a very slight 115 lbs. Sarasota Christian Church helped with the Shelties. Help also came from NC as the Renuart-West family came down to be with Beth and help with the dogs. Missy drove the rig (truck and trailer with DQ Roberts 1/7/1950—11/20/2013 He served GOD in his generation.
  3. 3. JESUS Bike) back to NC after leaving Beth in the care of Mar- ilyn & Ray Staley in Dunedin, FL, after her 6-day hospital stay. The Staley’s nursed Beth back to health so she and the dogs could fly home on Jan. 23. The trials did not end there. Due to the severe weight loss, Beth developed hypostatic hypertension (low blood pres- sure upon rising) and failure to thrive (continual weight loss). So for 2 months, she was to rest, conserve all energy and eat often. Nearly her only outing was church. On Thursday March 6, the colostomy was reversed in Sarasota and Beth could finally begin to heal. Missy Renuart went to Florida with Beth as her driver & helper. Beth got out of the hospital on Satur- day afternoon and worshipped at The Christian Church in Holiday on Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday, she visited 3 sup- porters and widowed friends. On Wednesday, they headed to Daytona for Bike Week. On Friday, the Jesus Bike was at its usual location, the Boardwalk Classic Bike Show. Beth’s idea of resting was sitting on it talk- ing and sharing with everyone. It was awarded 1st place in its class which continues to make it a world class show bike! Go JESUS! It was a blessed day do- ing ministry but also difficult at times. People came looking for DQ & Beth, not knowing 1/2 was missing. But the smile, in between, on Beth’s face told the story. She was in her element, sharing JESUS and loving on folks. Beth has continued to heal and has even gained a few pounds. Of the past season she says, “It is quite fitting this all happened in winter, as truly, this has been The Winter of my life. It was DQ’s time and GOD was so very good to us in the process. His suffering was minimal and his victory sure. My heart cracked with my brother’s death and broke when DQ left me to go home. But I KNOW in whom I have be- lieved and I am convinced that HE is able to guard that which I have entrusted HIM until that day. GOD, in His wisdom, has left me here. I refuse to wallow in pity or die of a broken heart. I believe the evil one tried to take me out because I would not give up ministry, but he has to once again, get over it. I will stand until GOD says sit and I will push against the very gate of hell until it is done. Then I, too, can lay my head down, as my beloved did, and hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” My goals now are to Glorify God, honor DQ’s memory, populate Heaven and make disciples. So here we go into a new day, a new season. JESUS’ Presence has been ever tangible since DQ passed. I believe this is so because I continue to seek and love HIM with all my whole heart, mind, soul and strength, everyday. I am clinging to HIM who will never leave or forsake me. And I am living for eternity now. Its all about JESUS.” Glyn E. Mangus “Bluesman” 3/22/1956—10/10/2013 87 Day Battle cont . . . “But I KNOW in whom I have believed and I am convinced that HE is able to guard that which I have entrusted HIM until that day.” 2 Timothy 2:12 Beth was invited to the organizational meeting for the annual Bob Morton Memorial Run at Mid Atlantic Chris- tian University (MACU) on April 22. She was already in Kill Devil Hills for the Outer Banks Bike Week but, never- theless, was excited to again be a part of the MACU event. She was speechless when the first order of business was to add DQ’s name to the event’s name. With her blessing, the name was changed to the DQ & Bob Morton Memorial Run. September 7, 2013, a group of 15 bikes and 20 people led by DQ & Beth rode from Kernersville, NC, the 260 miles for the annual Bob Morton Charity Run to benefit Mission Scholarships. We had an awesome GOD- filled weekend, riding down Friday afternoon, participating in the Run Saturday then our own Beach Run and Seafood dinner out. We finished with a communion service on the riverside Campus with music by Joe Walker and preaching by DQ. We then rode home Sunday. We put on over 1000 miles and most couples spent around $150, an unbelievably economical weekend! We will, of course, repeat the Run this year. Our (and DQ’s) Pastor Pete will preach. Signup will begin online in June but donations are ac- cepted at any time during the year. The money goes into a scholarship fund to train cross-culture missionaries. The Christian Rider Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3 DQ & Bob Morton Memorial Run Ambassadors & friends at MACU Run 7-Sept-2013
  4. 4. ChristianRidersMinistry Mission Services 2004 E. Magnolia Ave. Knoxville, TN 37917 Return Service Requested Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Knoxville, TN Permit #374 On November 20, 2013, DQ (Donald Quintin) Roberts left this world to enter eternity and heard JESUS CHRIST say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” DQ passed peacefully at home after a 20-day battle with pancreatic cancer. Beth, his soul mate, wife and ministry partner was at his side. DQ was born in Durham, NC. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corp directly after high school and worked in recon. After being severely injured in 1970, he was medi- cally retired from the USMC. Following a long recovery period, DQ worked on and off as a carpenter. His first mar- riage produced two beautiful daughters, Nina and Alisha. In June 1980, DQ met the love of his love, Beth A. Mangus. They were married June 19, 1985. DQ was an avid motorcy- clist. He liked to tell the story of his first ride on his uncle’s bike, clinging to the tank at 18 months! The love of bikes and biker people took him down some hard roads, filled with the pleasures of the world. When DQ & Beth’s marriage began failing, she sought GOD and they both made a life changing commitment to JESUS CHRIST in 1990. Ten months later, GOD called them into full-time ministry and sent them back to the motorcycling community to share the love, hope and gift of JESUS. Chris- tian Riders Ministry was born when they were dually ordained September 29, 1991. They sold everything they owned, bought an old school bus and trav- eled across the country setting up a service/preaching tent at motorcycle rallies. Their lives have intersected with thousands and impacted so many for the Kingdom. DQ’s smile and servant’s heart will be greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved him. He was his happiest when surrounded by people and talking about “his” JESUS. The motorcycling community on earth has lost a great friend and crusader, but in Heaven DQ is riding on streets of gold. D.Q. Roberts: Victory in JESUS 7-January-1950 to 20-November-2013 TheChristianRider EstablishedtobringbikerstoChrist andunitytoallGod’sPeople