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Central Brazil Mission Mar 2014 update


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missionary newsletter from Earl & Ruth Anne Haubner

Published in: Spiritual
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Central Brazil Mission Mar 2014 update

  1. 1. . Dear C.B.M. Family and Partners, March 31, 2014 What can we say but that God  has  been  very  gracious  to  us  during  these  almost  45  years   here in Brazil. The Novo Horizonte Church just celebrated her 40th anniversary this month. During these years because of a vision to “make disciples” and “multiply churches” we have seen over 50 churches established and over 40,000 individuals baptized into Christ. Many of these continue to do the same as they make disciples and start new churches.                          The  “Project  Amazonas:    Christ,  Life  and  Health”  ministry  continues  to  meet  the  needs  of     those  who  live  along  the  many  tributaries  of  the  Amazon  River.    We  have  visited  over  50  villages   and  have  established  works  in  over  25  of  these  with  our  own  Amazon  missionaries.  On  this  last   trip  (March)  we  visited  a  new  village  for  the  first  time  and  when  we  left  it  was  like  leaving  a  new     congregation  of  over  50  individuals  as  part  of  our  Amazon  family.      We  treat  more  than  500     medical  patients  and  over  150  dental  patients  on  each  trip.    We  are  now  scheduling  trips  for  2017   and  2018.                            Ruth  Anne  and  I  are  also  very  thankful  for  the  way  God  has  blessed  our  family.    Our  four     children  are  all  involved  in  full-­‐time  ministries  and  even  come  to  help  us  with  the  boat  trips  in   the  Amazon.    Mom,  now  97,  expects  a  call  two  or  three  times  a  week  when  we  are  not  on  an     Amazon  Boat  Trip.                            Brazilians  are  being  trained  to  take  over  most  of  the  responsibilities  for  the  Amazon  Boat     Trips  as  well  as  the  village  church  ministry.    Our  children  are  ready  to  take  over  the  leadership   responsibilities  of  CBM    when  that  time  comes.    Ruth  Anne  and  I  don´t  have  any  plans  to  stop     or  retire  in  the  near  future.    As  long  as  He  gives  us  good  health,  we  will  continue  our  mission  work   in  the  Amazon.                                Your  PRAYERS  and  PARTNERSHIP  are  of  extreme  importance  for  us  and  our  ministry.                                And  with  your  help,  we  continue…                                Working  For  A  Greater  Harvest,                                    Earl  and  Ruth  Anne     CENTRAL BRAZIL MISSION, INC. Earl & Ruth Anne Haubner P.O. Box 420 McCoy, Virginia 24111