Central Brazil Mission July 2014 update


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News & furlough plans from the ministry of Earl & Ruthanne Haubner in Brazil

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Central Brazil Mission July 2014 update

  1. 1. DEAR CBM FRIENDS AND FAITHFUL PARTNERS, JULY 16, 2014 Greetings from both here in the U.S. and also from Brazil and the Amazon. After an eventful day, (Tuesday, July 15) the July Amazon Boat Team all arrived in Miami and left for Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. The group of 20 from FAME, Belmont Christian Church in Christiansburg, Virginia, (including our daughter-in-law and granddaughter), a father and daughter from the Felicity Christian Church in Ohio, and Ruth Anne with our daughter Kim and granddaughter, Megan, all arrived in Miami after missed flights and stormy weather. An E-mail received from Captain Sanderley at 00:55 am July 16 indicated that all were on the boat and ready for the trip. God is so good! After the April Amazon Boat Trip (with individuals from Franklin, Tennessee Christian Church and the First Christian Church of E-town, Kentucky) Ruth Anne and I returned to the U.S. to begin another 5 months furlough of reporting and visiting more of our supporting churches. Ruth Anne then returned to the Amazon for the May trip with a team from the Georgetown, Ohio, Church of Christ. She stayed over for the June trip with groups from the Greencastle, Indiana Christian Church and some with our son, Teddy, from the Journey Christian Church in Chesterfield, Virginia. After this July trip, I (Earl) will return to the Amazon with the team from the Newbern-Community Christian Church in Virginia, returning to the U.S. on August 15 to resume our furlough schedule. Ruth Anne remains in Brazil for the August and September Amazon Boat Trips. Michael, our son, will be helping her with the September trip with a team from the Springfield, Ohio, First Christian Church. I (Earl) will then return to Brazil for two trips in October before we both come back to the U.S. in early November for the International Conference on Missions. We have been richly blessed by God with good and safe Amazon Boat Trips and only have the following dates available for trips through 2017: May, 2016 and these months in 2017 - March, May, September, October and November. A recent report from just 18 of our Novo Horizonte Ministry Churches indicated that from January-May there were 127 baptisms plus 20 more in the Amazon. Our biggest prayer need right now is for God to raise up more Amazon village missionaries that will be trained to minister to many villages as we reach out with medical and spiritual help. Thanks again for your faithful partnership with us, Earl and Ruth Anne CENTRAL BRAZIL MISSION, INC. Earl & Ruth Anne Haubner P.O. Box 420 McCoy, Virginia 24111 Phone: 540-633-2419 Email: mehaubner@comcast.net or cbmhaubner@terra.com.br