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Big valley - anniversary issue page order

  1. 1. The Big Valley Radio Visual Ministry Al & Mary Gonzalez, Missionaries June 2014 Fiftieth Anniversary Issue Dear Christian Friends and Co-Workers in Our Lord’s Vineyard: We greet you all in our Savior’s name, praying that He will keep you in good health and happiness and that all His Grace be upon you. In February 2014, Mary and I were so happy to celebrate our 50th Marriage An-niversary. We got married on February 29th of 1964 in Northside Church of Christ, in Al and Mary Gonzalez We met in February 1962 in Eagle Pass, Texas. Al and Mary Gonzalez We got married in February 1964 at Northside Church of Christ in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  2. 2. Grand Rapids, Michigan, by Minister Ted Murray. So, this past February 28th, 2014 marked our fifty years living and working together as hus-band and wife. On Saturday, March 1st, our wonderful children and our church families took us to celebrate with supper at a local restaurant. We all enjoyed the great fellowship and the good food. Our wonderful Lord gave us four children -- three boys and one girl (our second child went to be with the Lord after only 10 hours of life). Our children are Glenna, Adam, and Jonathan. We also raised five chil-dren from my sister, Ofelia, who died in 1983 -- Bertha, Dalila, Martha, Blanca, and Avimael. All of our children are married and raising their own families. We have served our Lord in full-time mission work in Mexico, Chile, Dominican Republic, Australia, and in the USA in Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Texas, where we are presently serving. These have been a wonderful 50 years as a couple, raising our children, serving our Lord, and now seeing our grandchildren growing and continuing being busy in the Lord. Thank You so much for being our supporters. This has been possible because of you all. Thank You for being there with us in this venture. Thank You for your prayers and financial support, blessing as we served together. We shall serve Him on this earth until we can no longer do so after He calls us to His wonderful presence. We Love You All!!! In Christian love, Al & Mary Gonzalez Al & Mary Gonzalez, Your Faithful Missionaries Al and Mary Gonzalez As we are presently in 2014.
  3. 3. Our Children, left to right: Glenna, Ethan, and Jeff Kristy. They live in Clarks Grove, Minnesota. Our Children, right to left: Yvonne, Aubrie Marie, Alberto Jr., Andrea, and Alberto Adam Gonzalez. They live in McAllen, Texas. Our Children, left to right: Higinio, Jonathan, Martha, Casandra, and Hector Gonzalez. Higinio, Jonathan and Martha live in McAllen, Texas. Casandra and Hector live in Houston, Texas. Most of our children and their families. Jeff and Glenna Kristy, Matthew and Martha Hawver, James and Blanca Mittler, Todd and Rosa Whitmer, Avimael and Lidia Gonzalez, Alberto and Mary Gonzalez, Alberto Adam, and Jonathan Gonzalez. Not pictured: Bertha and Dalila, who live in Mexico, and the wife and children of both Alberto Adam and Jonathan.
  4. 4. The Big Valley Radio Visual Ministry Al & Mary Gonzalez Missionaries 6505 N 28th Street McAllen, TX 78504 Phone: 956-994-0744 Send contributions to: Jeff & Glenna Kristy P.O. Box 548 Albert Lea, MN 56007 Mission Services 2004 E. Magnolia Ave. Knoxville, TN 37917 Return Service Requested Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Knoxville, TN Permit #374