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Bajio christian mission nov2013 news

  1. 1. CO-MISSIONED November 2013 Leadership Training Bill and Mark continue to travel each month to train church leaders at a church in Cofradia and La Ceiba. There are currently about 12 students in each church. We are also editing the course material in an attempt to make a more condensed study. We are working on the fourth and final book in the series. We will then revisit all the books to correct errors discovered in the editing. Our goal is to develop a curriculum that can be reproduced and taught by local leadership for years to come. Men’s Retreat In October, the churches held their second men’s retreat. As a follow-up to last year’s theme, Courageous, the men watched the movie Fireproof and focused on how to be Godly husbands. Approximately 80 men came from different parts of Honduras. This was the first camp event that used the new dining facility and tables. It is encouraging to see the men of Honduras come together to strengthen one another in the Lord. 12th Annual Honduras Missionary Conference In September we held our 12th Annual Honduras Missionary Conference. More than 115 missionaries came from all over Honduras to share in a time of spiritual renewal, fellowship, and networking. We were blessed to listen to messages from Roy Comrie who reminded us that God’s justice may tarry but it is sure to come. The kids and youth enjoyed being together and learning about putting on the armor of God to face satan’s attacks.
  2. 2. Hazelwood Work Team... We were thrilled to host a college age team from Joy’s home church, Hazelwood Christian Church, in August. They worked tirelessly on the task of remodeling the camp administrative house into a dining facility. This required demolishing and rebuilding walls, retiling floors, and other projects. The team also served at a church that was planted by one of the Bible Institute alumni, Cesar Hernan. He is still pastoring this small, rural church. The team was prepared to do a program for 40-60 children, but more than 130 children attended the event. Even though it seemed overwhelming, the team did a great job of ministering to the kids. They sang songs, did a craft, played games, and shared a Bible story. We are hopeful that this program was instrumental in bringing new families to this church in the mountains. Continued Construction... Since the team left, Mark continued to oversee the hired workers to complete the remodeling project. They have built and tiled counter tops for the new kitchen and finished a new bathroom in the cook’s quarters. Bajío Christian Mission Address Change... We are very grateful for the faithful service of the BCM treasurer, Lyn McIntyre, over the last several years. Due to family care needs, she has had to step down from this position. The Bajio Christian Mission board has decided on a new treasurer to fill this role. Due to this transition, funds should now be sent to his address in Indiana: Bajío Christian Mission, 4886 E. County Rd. 400 S., Plainfield, IN 46168. Please make note of this change. Mark and Joy will continue to receive their funding at the Hazelwood Christian Church address until January of 2014. At that time, all funds will need to be sent to Bajío Christian Mission at the Plainfield, Indiana address given above. Thank you very much for your prayers and financial support!
  3. 3. Joy’s parents came down in August to celebrate Katrina’s first birthday. Katrina is the light of our lives and brings us great joy. She loves ducks (her birthday theme), music, books, baby dolls, and being chased. She’s been walking since she was nine months old and she is continually babbling on about something. Margy’s college roommate, Marge Phipps, came for a visit in October. We all had a fun time together at the beach and around town. It was a great time to rekindle an old friendship. Also pictured above is a recent picture of Rebecca’s kids, Zach and Hannah. ...On a Personal Note HOW TO REACH US Our Mailing Address: Bill and Margy Hoff Mark and Joy Hoff Apdo. 3166 San Pedro Sula , Honduras Our e-mail address is: Our Website is: Our phone numbers are: 011 (504) 2556-2440 011 (504) 2551-5617 Any monetary gifts for Bill and Margy should be written to: Bajio Christian Mission 4886 E. County Rd. 400 S. Plainfield, IN 46168 Any monetary gifts (in 2013) for Mark and Joy should be written to: Hazelwood Christian Church (memo: Honduras) 9947 South County Rd. 0 Clayton, IN 46118 We Praise God For: • the work God is doing through the camp and seminar students. • the faithful students at the church in Cofradia • the mission team that worked hard to advance the remodeling project and shared the Gospel to many children at a rural church •the encouragement we and others received at the annual missionary conference •the men’s retreat that encouraged and strengthened many men in the Lord We Pray For: •the seminar students - that they will have strength and motivation to finish the course and lead their churches well •more groups of students who have a desire to complete the leadership training course • Mark and Bill as they condense the seminar material to make it a one-year course • the national church leadership to remain strong thru some current hardships • the ministers and their wives – that they will be encouraged and sustained