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Bajio christian mission may2013 newsreduce

  1. 1. M A Y 2 0 1 3• Current Students - We are also currentlygoing to two churches each month to trainchurch leaders. We have approximately 23students at the church in La Ceiba and 12 atthe church in Cofradia. We are in theprocess of coordinating with other churchesto take the seminars to more locations soon.•Course Graduates - On April 10th we presented certificates ofcompletion to two of our groups from last year. These studentscompleted the two-year course in 2011 and 2012. We presented 9certificates at these two locations. More students completed thecourse but failed to turn in the final test. We will be presentingcertificates to the other 15 students that completed the course atthe other three locations.•Curriculum - This year we are workingto condense the two-year curriculum down to a one-year course byremoving much of the repetition and less profitable material. This is avery time-consuming process, but we hope that by shortening thecourse, more students will complete the study.In January, many of the men thatattended the men’s retreat last fallreunited to sign the resolution setforth in the movie, “Courageous”.Their families joined them towitness their commitment to beingmen of integrity and Godliness.More than 80 men and theirfamilies traveled to Siguatepeque wearing their best attire for this memorable and special day.It was touching to see sons learning from their father’s example and families supporting thesemen in this commitment.Resolution CeremonyLeadership Training Seminars...Saludos & Hoffs in HondurasSee more details inside . . .
  2. 2. We had a great time on our 11th and 12th grade MK Re-Entry Retreat. Nine students fromdifferent parts of Honduras came together on the island of Roatan for a week of fun in thesun, growing friendships, and preparing for their next life transition. This was our fourthretreat to partner with missionaries, Wes and Cindy Williamson, to cover material from thebook Third Culture Kids by David C. Polluck. Our sessions were spent discussing theirpersonal identities as missionary kids, the things they would grieve as they leaveHonduras, the challenges they will face as they “return” to a country that does not feel likehome, their unique gifts as MKs, and much more. We also enjoyed snorkeling, a park withexotic birds and monkeys, and a zipline. It’s always a blessing to see the students bondwith one another and walk alongside them as they process the material and work throughtheir personal experiences, fears, and anxieties.Mark had a great opportunity tojoin his college roommate,Jonathan Wolfgang, inNicaragua for a mission trip.Part of the team’s purpose wasto provide pastor and leadershiptraining. They held a one day seminar for pastors in which theyemphasized having a servant attitude, pure motives, and integrity.They also held a two day conference for men in churchleadership. Using the movie, Courageous, they againencouraged the men to live lives of integrity and remainfaithful to God and their families. It was a blessing to seeGod use Mark’s experiences in Honduras to help equip andtrain church leaders in Nicaragua. It was a joy for Mark tobe able to work along side his long time friend and brotherin Christ.Leadership Training - in Nicaragua11th-12th Grade Re-Entry Retreat
  3. 3. Joining Bajío Christian Mission...Katrina was 8 months old onApril 24th. She loves to crawl,stand, and sing. She says ba, pa,da, and ma and has 8 teeth.After consulting with Hazelwood Christian Church (Mark and Joyʼs sending church)and Bajío Christian Missionʼs board, Mark and Joy have decided to join BCM andcome under their leadership. They have served overseas under the direction ofHazelwood Christian Church for almost 14 years and have enjoyed this partnershipand relationship. They will continue to have a close relationship with HazelwoodChristian, but the decision to officially join BCM was made in order to simplify recordkeeping of ministry funds in Honduras and to provide continuity in BCM upon Bill andMargyʼs (Markʼs parents) future retirement. Bajío Christian Mission is the non-profitorganization that Bill and Margy formed 29 years ago while still serving in Mexico.Bill and Margy and Mark and Joy have been working together in Honduras for nearly12 years. Until now, we have maintained separate newsletters and publications. Aswe officially join together under BCM, we will also begin collaborating in one singlenewsletter mailing called “Co-Missioned”. We believe you, our newslettersubscribers, are a very big part of what God uses us to do each day. Without yourprayers, encouragement, and financial support, we could not continue. Therefore,you are coworkers in the mission God has given us and we all share Christʼs callingin the Great Commission. Please bear with us as we combine our mailing lists. If youreceive two copies of this newsletter, please bring that to our attention. If you wouldrather just receive he newsletter via e-mail please write us a note to that effect.It will take some time to complete this transition. For tax purposes, Mark and Joy willcontinue receiving their support at Hazelwood Christian Church through the end of2013. All financial gifts beginning January 2014 should be sent to the BCM address.Margy enjoyed a two-week visit in Knoxville. She was ableto spend the time with their daughter, Rebecca, and herfamily. Hannah will be 1 year old on May 13th. She is alwayshappy and loves to jump in her bouncer. Zach is in thethird grade and enjoys playing outside and riding his bike.
  4. 4. We Praise God For:• the work God is doing thru the camp and seminar students.• the men who signed the resolution to commit to lives ofintegrity and Godliness• the more than 24 students that completed the two yearleadership training seminar last year• the 2 locations that are currently going through the trainingWe Pray For:• the continued renovations at the Bible Institute to make itmore suitable for camps• more groups of students who have a desire to complete theleadership training course• Mark and Bill as they condense the seminar material tomake it a one-year course• the upcoming work team from Hazelwood Christian Church(they will continue renovations on the camp property)• the seminar students that they will have strength andmotivation to finish the course and lead their churches well• the national church leadership to remain strong thru somecurrent hardships• the ministers and their wives – that they will be encouragedand sustainedHOW TO REACH USOur Mailing Address:Bill and Margy HoffMark and Joy HoffApdo. 3166San Pedro Sula , HondurasOur e-mail address Website is: bajiochristian.orgOur phone number is:011 (504) 2556-2440011 (504) 2551-5617Any monetary gifts for Bill andMargy should be written to:Bajio Christian Mission34428Yucaipa Blvd. E-192Yucaipa CA 92399Any monetary gifts (in 2013) forMark and Joy should be written to:Hazelwood Christian Church(memo: Honduras)9947 South County Rd. 0Clayton, IN 46118Newsletter Facelift: take note of the changed newsletter heading.CO-MISSIONEDMay 2013