Bajio Christian Mission August 2014 newsletter


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news from the Bajio Christian mission in Honduras & the ministry of the Hoff family

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Bajio Christian Mission August 2014 newsletter

  1. 1. After 42 years of missionary service (21 years in Mexico and 21 years in Honduras), Bill and Margy are beginning a new chapter in their lives. They are retiring the end August and moving to Knoxville, Tennessee, where they have a home across the street from their daughter and her family. This is a very significant move as they relocate in a “foreign place” and seek God’s leading for their retirement years. Bill is currently in Honduras in order to sell their house and wrap up final details in this transition. Mark and Joy will also experience many changes in Bill and Margy’s absence. We have enjoyed a great partnership over the last 13 years. God has uniquely gifted each of us and our gifts compliment one another. Mark and Joy are seeking God’s guidance as they redefine and develop their ministry. Bill and Margy’s Retirement CO-MISSiONEDAugust 2014 Health Issues All of the Hoffs traveled to the States on April 23rd of this year. Within a few days of arriving in Indiana, Margy suffered a stroke causing left side paralysis. While we were relieved that this occurred in the States, we were still shaken by this health crisis. Margy spent one night in the hospital in Indiana. She and Bill then made the trip to Tennessee to rest and enjoy the help of their daughter, Rebecca, who is a nurse. Margy walked with the assistance of a walker for about a month and received physical therapy during that time. We praise God that she has regained her strength and complete mobility. While she tires easily and still feels a tingling on her left side, she is able to actively participate with the family and be a part of a nearby church in Tennessee. Praise the Lord! Leadership Training In an effort to see a greater percentage of students complete the course, we have been focusing on condensing the material to a one-year study. As we rework the curriculum, we have also been teaching a group of about 12 students at a church in Cofradia. They recently completed the last lesson and will soon be taking a comprehensive exam. A number of missionaries in other Spanish-speaking countries have asked to use the curriculum, so we have hopes it will be put to good use. We will also be open to their input as we continue to improve each lesson.
  2. 2. We enjoyed a very busy 14 weeks in the States this summer. We traveled to 18 churches in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Arizona. It was a pleasure to spend time with friends and family across the United States. We appreciate all those who were able to host us and take time out their schedules to visit with us. We were encouraged. Below is a note “from” Katrina (age 2) about her 3 month visit to the States: • I got to sleep in an inflatable swimming pool all summer so that I would have the same bed everywhere we went. • At first I was a little scared of swings and tall slides, but I soon learned that they are a lot of fun. Mommy and Daddy looked for parks everywhere we went. I couldn’t wait to get on the next slide and swing. We don’t have parks like that in Honduras, so Mommy and Daddy got me a swing for our yard. (It’s not the same, though.) •I love zoos!!! Grandma and Grandpa got passes to the zoo in Indianapolis and we went to the one in Washington D.C. I got to feed the giraffes twice and I still talk about all the animals we saw! •I made a lot of new friends but didn’t get to stay with any of them very long. After leaving my new friends, I would keep asking when I could see them again. I still thank God for them in my prayers. I love my new friends. •I had a lot of fun with all my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! Some days I ask Mommy and Daddy if we can get on a big airplane and go up, up, up to see them. • While we were in the States, I missed my friends in Honduras too. I missed my Russian grandparents, Baba and Dieda, and my Filipino Aunt and Uncle, Tita and Tito. I also missed my Haitian friend and his Honduran wife, Damas and Lourdes. It’s been fun to get to see them again and all my toys and books that were still at my house. (I had forgotten about them!) • I had a fun summer with many new experiences and new friendships. I’m glad to be home, but miss people there too. I had to say way to many bye-byes. Summer in the U.S.
  3. 3. Among our travels we were able to visit with family in Nevada and Arizona. Mark and Bill drove out and Joy flew with Katrina, Mark’s sister, and her two children.The main purpose for this trip was to visit Bill’s 90 year old mother who has been in a nursing home with dementia. We had a very special visit together.We believe God made this trip possible as less than a month later she went on to be with the Lord. We thank God for this last, and precious visit. We Praise God For: • the work God is doing through the camp and seminar students. • the faithful students at the church in Cofradia • our encouraging time in the States • God’s provisions while we were in the States and upon our return • Margy’s recovery from her recent stroke We Pray For: • the seminar students - that they will have strength and motivation to finish the course and lead their churches well • more groups of students who have a desire to complete the leadership training course • Mark and Bill as they condense the seminar material to make it a one-year course • the national church leadership to remain strong thru some current hardships • the ministers and their wives – that they will be encouraged and sustained • the upcoming annual missionary conference (end of September) • the upcoming Honduran men’s retreat (October) • transition into Bill and Margy’s retirement HOW TO REACH US Our Mailing Address: Mark and Joy Hoff Apdo. 3166 San Pedro Sula , Honduras Our e-mail address is: Our Website is: Our phone number is: 011 (504) 2551-5617 Any monetary gifts for Bill and Margy or Mark and Joy should be written to: Bajio Christian Mission 4886 E. County Rd. 400 S. Plainfield, IN 46168 ...On a Personal Note We are ecstatic to announce that God is blessing us with another miracle gift to be born in February. Katrina is going to be a big sister!