Atkin taste of taiwan june 2014


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Atkin taste of taiwan june 2014

  1. 1. Forwarding Agent: Kathy Murrell c/o Team Expansion PO Box 51 Bement, IL 61813 217-678-8258 Field Address: David & Brenda Atkin 67 Wen Xin S. 1st Rd. Nan Tun District Taichung 40876 Taiwan 011-886-42-381-8447 No,  this  isn’t  an  article  about  whether  or  not  to  make  the   move.     This  is  an  article   about  what  the  Lord   has  been   revealing   to  me   as  we   go  through  the  painful  process  of   moving.        It  would  be  easy  to  make  the  focus  of  this  arti-­‐ cle   about   the   logistical   nightmares   (that’s   literal,   not   Aigurative),  or  challenges  of  moving  from  a  6  level  home,   full  of  narrow,  winding  stairwells;  or  about  the  mountain   of   paperwork   required   to   ship   internationally.    No,   I’d   rather  spend  this  brief  time  with  you  sharing  about  what   the  Lord  has  been  revealing  to  me  through  His  Word. First,  I  should  say  that  wherever  the  Lord  has  you  medi-­‐ tating  in  His  Word  is  no  accident.    I  believe  the  Lord  has  a   message   that   is   relevant  and   applicable   for   you   today!     How   often   (as   in   over   and   over   again),   has   something   you   read  from   God’s  Word  been  a   huge   blessing/aid   to   the  unexpected  things  that  come  your  way  on  a  daily  ba-­‐ sis?    Coincidence?     No,   that’s  the   Holy  Spirit  speaking   through  the  Word,  into  your  heart  and  soul! So,  as  I’m  packing  stuff   that  we’ve   used   over  the  last  16   years,  it’s  hard  not  to  be  sentimental.    And,  I’m  not  really   the  sentimental  type.    I  remember  the  instances,  the  peo-­‐ ple,  the  challenges.    Some  stuff  we’re  giving  away,  like  to   the   orphanage,   or  to  neighbors   or  co-­‐workers.     We   al-­‐ ways  pray  that  the  things  we’re  giving  will  be  a  blessing,   as  they’ve  blessed  us.    And,  then,  there  is  sometimes  the   reminder  of  what  something  cost  us  way  back  when;  and   how  God,   in   amazing   ways  through   God’s   people;   pro-­‐ vided   the   funds  to   make  it  all   happen.     So,   while   these   things  are  happening,  where  does  God  have  me  reading?     II  Samuel,  I  Chronicles  and  the  later  Psalms.    Say  what? If  you  know  your  Old  Testament  history,  then  you  know   I’ve   been   reading   about   the   end   of   King   David’s   reign   over  Israel,  the  preparations  made   for  building  the   tem-­‐ ple   in   Jerusalem,   and   King   David’s   successor,   his   son,   Solomon.     Really  fascinating   stuff,   if   you   are   into   lists!   (Reminding  me  of   packing   lists  and  to-­‐do  lists!)    Of   spe-­‐ cial   signiAicance   to   me   is   how   King   David   accepts   his   place  in  God’s  plans.    David  was  not  the  one  who  would   build   a   magniAicent   temple   for   the   Lord,   in   Jerusalem.     No,  David’s  heart  was  in  the  right  place,  but  he  had  shed   too   much   blood.     The   privilege   would   be   handed   to   Solomon.    This  revelation,  that  David  was  not  the   man,   didn’t  diminish  David’s  zeal  for  what  he  would  not  get  to   see   -­‐  the  completed   temple!    In   fact,   David  took  on  the   role  of  getting  every  possible  thing  ready  for  Solomon  to   begin   the   enormous  project:     both   materials  and   man-­‐ power.    If   you  care  to,   why  not  take  a  look  at  the  list  of   things  David   prepared  (I  Chronicles  22-­‐29)!    It  is  enor-­‐ mous  in  scope! I  must  be  honest,  like  David,  we  too,  leave  without  seeing   the  Kingdom  completed  in  Taiwan.    And,   like  David,   we   have  prepared  God’s  people  here  to  carry  on  the  work  of   building   God’s   temple   in   the   hearts   of   the   people   of       Taiwan.     And,   like   David,  we   will  return  to  the   US   with   joy  in  our  hearts;  accepting  the  place,  the   role,  God  gave   us  in  His  kingdom  work.    And,  like   David,  we  have  faith   that  the  task  will  be  completed  for  God’s  glory!    Amen!     台 Taste of Taiwan 灣 David & Brenda Atkin Church Planting in Taiwan June, 2014 Vol. XVII, #6 The Move, or Not
  2. 2. Team Expansion: David & Brenda Atkin May, 2014 - General Fund Opening Balance $23,147.25 Received (Individuals) 255.65 Received (Churches) 8789.00 Expenses 9465.33 Ending Balance $22,726.57 Detailed report sent to all supporters. All gifts to this ministry are tax deductible! Thank you for your partnership with us! w w w . t e a m e x p a n s i o n . o r g lCome Christian Church mak- ing plans for the future, Atkin’s last Come Church Sunday is June 24th. lAtkin transition plans - praying for wisdom for the six weeks ahead, and the big move l9th annual Sports & English Camp (July 12-19) - preparing for camp, faculty and teens lA young couple having serious marriage issues lThat we will say “Farewell” well, D-day is July 23rd Thank You for Praying! PRAY WITH USSports & English Camp ’14 We’re excited about the 144 students who are registered for camp, of which 100 are not yet Christians. We have 50 faculty coming from 6 dif- ferent countries, including a 16-member group from The Crossing Church in Las Vegas. Our theme is from Kyle Idelman’s “Not a Fan.” Please pray for good weather (no typhoons) and open hearts for our 9th annual camp and the last ministry opportunity for Dave & Brenda in Taiwan! The Future This is our new home (the Google Map view), on Golfview St, in Livonia, MI. This is the house Brenda picked out while we were in the US in April, and since then the Memorial Church of Christ has purchased it for us. It is only an 8 minute walk to the church, a 5 minute walk to the golf course, and less than a 10 minute bike ride to Noah’s new school. The Lord is providing in amazing ways! Lord willing, the shipping container will be loaded, with Come Church assisting, on June 21st. And, Lord willing, unloaded with MCC assistance, on Aug. 2nd. Please pray for these dates! James & Wendy Wed On May 10th, James Chong & Wendy Lee were wed by David in the Luce Chapel, on the campus of Tung-hai Uni- versity. The couple, who had just given their lives to Christ in April, wanted their Lord, the Source of Love, to be at the center of their wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony! We are blessed to be a part of their lives! Congrats to Noah Noah graduated with his 8th Grade class on May 28th (Noah is pic- tured bottom right). This is the entire class of Morrison Christian Academy, in Taichung. Noah will miss his classmates from MCA, and is in for quite a culture shock! Beginning in the fall, Noah will be attending Stevenson High School, in Livonia, MI. The freshmen class will be more than 500 students. Noah hopes to play freshmen football, which begins practice the week after we arrive. Prayers for Noah will be appreciated, since in many respects, he will encounter the most drastic changes. Dr Zhang Honored Dr Zhang was recently honored for his pioneering work in scoliosis corrective surgery by Ren-Ai Hospi- tal, in Taichung. Dr Zhang’s Guan- Din Method of surgery was fea- tured in Spine (Vol 39, Num 4, pp E284-E293), a US periodical. Dave, in Dec of ‘05, was the first to experience this type of surgery and to push the limits after recovery. We thank God for Dr Zhang, and pray for him, that he will open his heart to Jesus.