Atkin Taste of Taiwan July 2014


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a report from the church planting ministry of the Atkin family in Taiwan

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Atkin Taste of Taiwan July 2014

  1. 1. 
 Forwarding Agent: Kathy Murrell" c/o Team Expansion" PO Box 51" Bement, IL 61813" 217-678-8258" Field Address:! David & Brenda Atkin" 67 Wen Xin S. 1st Rd." Nan Tun District" Taichung 40876 Taiwan" 011-886-42-381-8447"! We’ve  lived  in,  and  visited  several  states,  but  this  State  of  Farewell,  has  been  especially  difficult.    Since  we  announced   “500  Days,”  we  have  been  preparing  for  this  Bme  to  come,  but  now  that  it  is  really  upon  us;  in  the  words  of  Bob  Stacy,  my   preaching  professor  way  back  at  CBS,  “Wow!”    This  past  month  has  been  a  blur  of  acBvity,  and  we  move  from  task  to  task,   from  person  to  person  with  a  perpetual  ache  in  the  gut.    I  don’t  know  how  else  to  describe  it!    This  State  of  Farewell  is  not   a  pleasant  place  to  be!   "Yet,  I  read  somewhere  that  we  “do  not  grieve  like  the  rest  of  mankind,  who  have  no  hope”  (okay,  it’s  in  I  Thes  4:13).    And,   neither  do  we  say  goodbye  like  those  who  will  never  see  each  other  again!    We  have  every  confidence  that  either  in  this   life,  or  the  beTer  one  to  come,  we  will  be  reunited!    And,  beTer  yet,  we  will  “all  be  changed”  (I  Cor  15:51).    I  take  that  to   mean  that  my  Chinese  will  even  be  beTer  than  in  my  dreams!    (Yes,  I  dream  in  Chinese,  and  my  when  I  do,  it  is  always  per-­‐ fect!)    Okay,  so  maybe  we  won’t  all  be  speaking  Chinese,  but  we’ll  all  understand  one  another  perfectly,  because  we’ll  be   with  the  Lord,  for  eternity!   "Eternity.    Many  we  say  farewell  to  have  yet  to  accept,  have  yet  to  declare  Jesus  Christ  their  Lord!    Are  our  hearts  heavy  for   them?    Do  our  hearts  ache?    Honestly,  yes!    But,  we  do  not  abandon  hope!    We  do  not  concede  by  ceasing  to  pray!  The   church  in  Taiwan  is  alive,  it  is  well  and  it  is  growing!    I  have  faith  that  our  Lord  will  conBnue  to  use  mighBly  those  he  has   called  into  His  family.    For,  though  oceans  may  divide  God’s  family  geographically,  it  cannot  separate  us  from  the  love  we   have  for  one  another  or  from  the  love  of  God.   "In  this  State  of  Farewell,  we  have  seen  God’s  love  over  and  over  again,  through  God’s  people;  from  both  sides  of  the   ocean!    We  have  been  blessed  beyond  what  we  could  ever  deserve!    We  are  truly  not  worthy  of  the  praise!    Yes,  in  this   State  of  Farewell  to  Taiwan,  our  “cup  runneth  over.”    Thank  you,  for  joining  us  in  this  journey,  every  step  of  the  way!       Taste of Taiwan " 台 灣 David & Brenda Atkin Church Planting in Taiwan The State of Farewell July, 2014 Vol. XVII, #7
  2. 2. Team Expansion: David & Brenda Atkin June, 2014 - General Fund "Detailed report sent to all supporters. All gifts to this ministry are tax deductible! "Thank you for your partnership with us! Opening Balance $22,726.57 Received (Individuals) 340.83 Received (Churches) 7,322.25 Expenses 21,682.06 Ending Balance $8,707.59 w w w . t e a m e x p a n s i o n . o r g lCome Christian Church mov- ing forward without Dave & Brenda l9th annual Sports & English Camp (July 13-19) - both faculty and teens lPraise - the young couple hav- ing serious marriage issues is doing much better lD-day is July 23, “Farewell” to Taiwan, please pray that we depart well lPlease pray for a smooth transition to MI, to home service and to ministry w/ Memorial Thank You for Praying! PRAY WITH USSports & English Camp ’14 Camp begins in just a few days, July 13-19. All the preparations are made! The team from Las Vegas, Lord willing, will arrive on Friday, July 11. What is needed now is prayer! Please pray for the 144 teenagers. Pray for the 50 faculty. Pray for the weather (there is a typhoon nearby). Please pray that God will use our 9th annual camp to glorify His kingdom here in Taiwan and around the world! Please pray that Brenda and I finish well! " Farewell  Come  Church   Sunday,  June  22nd,  we  said  farewell  to  the  church   that  began  in  our  home  nearly  11  years  ago.    The   church  rented  a  pizza  restaurant  up  in  the  moun-­‐ tains  (because  they  know  I  like  pizza),  and  we  had   our  worship  Bme  there.    In  stead  of  me  preaching,   everyone  was  asked  to  share  a  memory  of  us.    The   sharing  Bme  lasted  for  nearly  5  hours,  and  conBn-­‐ ued  back  at  Morrison  Academy  with  dessert  (man-­‐ go  ice  cream).    There  were  a  few  tears,  we  must   admit.       "Come  Church  gave  us  a  gia.    It  is  a  set  of  Chinese   calligraphy/painBngs  of  I  Cor  9:24-­‐25,  “Run  in  such   a  way  as  to  get  the  prize.”    They  were  hand-­‐painted   by  Ring  Hsu.    The  wall  hangings  were  placed  in  the   shipping   container   just   before   the   doors   were   closed.    (That,  too,  was  a  moment  that  choked  us   up!)     Anyway,   back   to   the   22nd;   as   everyone   shared   their   thoughts,   I   couldn’t   help   but   think   about   the   future   potenBal   of   this   group.     And,   I   saw   a   glimpse   of   what   heaven   will   be   like   —   a   place  where  love  flows  freely! Li  May-­‐fun  (Karen),     a  wife  and  mother  of  two   small   children,   gave   her   l i fe   to   t h e   L o rd   o n   Wednesday   evening,   July   2nd.     We   bapBzed   her   in   the   swimming   pool   at   Morrison  Academy,  with  a   large   group   of   Come   Church   folks   tesBfying   to   the  meaning  and  blessings   that  come  with  giving  your   life  to  the  Lord.    Together   we   sang,   “I   have   decided   to  follow  Jesus.    No  turning   back.     No   turning   back!”   Please  pray  for  Karen,  and   Luke,   her   husband,   as   she   begins   her   new   walk   with   the  Lord.    Pray  that  Come   Church   will   conBnue   to   help  her  grow  in  faith! Joanne Hwang, the Come Church secretary for many years, shares what an impact Brenda has made on her life as a Christian wife & mother.