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newsletter from David & Brenda Atkin in Taiwan, missionary newsletter

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Atkin Taste of Taiwan Apr 2014 newsletter

  1. 1. Forwarding Agent: Kathy Murrell c/o Team Expansion PO Box 51 Bement, IL 61813 217-678-8258 Field Address: David & Brenda Atkin 67 Wen Xin S. 1st Rd. Nan Tun District Taichung 40876 Taiwan 011-886-42-381-8447 No  joke,  I   only  read  two  literary  pieces   on  Tuesday,  April  1st  –   the  two  could  not  have  been  more  different!    The  @irst  was    Deu-­‐ teronomy  32  –  “The  Song  of  Moses.”    The  other,  a  piece  I  saw  on   the  Huf@ington  Post  web-­‐site,  written  by   a  Ronald  A  Lindsay,   entitled,  “The  Embarrassment  of  Noah.”    I   don’t   usually   quote   other  sources  in  my  newsletter  articles,  but  today  is  a  good  day   to  make  an  exception. Lindsay  writes  concerning  the  new  Hollywood  movie,  NOAH,  “If you interpret the Bible literally, God comes across as a homi- cidal, genocidal, misogynistic monster, but this crude under- standing of scripture is held only by ignorant believers, who, at most, constitute a substantial minority of the faithful.” The Song of Moses, found in Deuteronomy 32, was given to Moses by God (31:19), to be sung as a warning for those who would later decide to turn their back on their Creator. It says, “I  will  proclaim  the  name  of  the  Lord.  Oh,  praise  the  greatness   of  our   God!    He  is   the  Rock,  his  works   are  perfect,   and  all  his   ways   are  just.  A   faithful  God  who   does  no  wrong,  upright   and   just  is  he.”  (32:3-­‐4) Lindsay  continues,  “It is also undoubtedly true that the Noah story, with its accompanying values, is a ‘cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide.’ The problem is these values are morally repugnant.” Moses sang, “They  are  corrupt  and   not  his  children;  to  their  shame  they  are  a  warped  and  crooked   generation.    Is  this  the  way  you  repay  the  Lord,  you  foolish  and   unwise  people?    Is  he  not  your  Father,  your  Creator,  who  made   you  and  formed  you?   ...“You  deserted  the  Rock,   who   fathered   you;  you  forgot  the  God  who  gave  you  birth.”  (32:5-­‐6,18) Lindsay  boldly  asserts,  “Let's not mince words: if the story of the Flood is to be believed, God is a moral monster. To say his response to the alleged wickedness of humans is dispropor- tionate is a gross understatement…For those who accept the truth of scripture, the ‘lessons’ of Noah are that violence and destruction are perfectly acceptable means of addressing problems, human rights (let alone animal rights) are an illu- sion, and power is ultimately what counts.” Singing a warn- ing from God, Moses continued, “For  a  @ire  will  be  kindled  by   my  wrath,  one  that  burns  down  to  the  realm  of  the  dead  below. It  will  devour  the  earth  and  its  harvests  and  set  a@ire  the  foun-­‐ dations   of  the  mountains.     I  will  heap  calamities   on  them  and   spend  my  arrows   against  them.”  (32:22-­‐23)  This  also   reminds   me  of  what  Solomon  said,  “The  fear  of  the  Lord  is  the  beginning   of  knowledge,  but   fools  despise  wisdom  and  discipline.”  (Prov-­‐ erbs  1:7) Lindsay  goes   on  to  tell  religious  leaders  what   would  help  ease   the  embarrassment  caused  by  the  Noah  story  (found  in  Genesis   6:1  -­‐  9:17).    He  writes,  “Wouldn't   it   be  a  wonderful  thing  for… respected  leaders  to  issue  a  joint  statement  declaring  the  Noah   story  to   be  a  pernicious  fable,  not  to  be  taken  seriously  by  be-­‐ lievers   today?   This   would  be  morally   edifying…”    And,  at   the   same  time,  these  same  leaders  should  disavow  other  Bible  sto-­‐ ries,  like  what  Moses  sang:    “Their  vine  comes  from  the  vine  of   Sodom  and  from  the  @ields  of  Gomorrah.    Their  grapes  are  @illed   with  poison,  and  their   clusters   with  bitterness.    Their   wine  is   the  venom  of  serpents,  the  deadly  poison  of  cobras.”  (32:32-­‐33)   Just  to  interject:    I  take  this   to   mean  that   Moses   believed  that   God  did  indeed  destroy  Sodom  and  Gomorrah!    And,  I’m  pretty   sure  he  believed  the  Noah  @lood  story,  too,  since  he  is  believed   to  be  the  author  of  Genesis.    Further,  if  I,  or  anyone  else,  declare   Scripture  “untrue;”  would  it,   therefore,   automatically  cease  to   be  true?                                    (continued  on  page  2) April Fools 台 Taste of Taiwan 灣 David & Brenda Atkin Church Planting in Taiwan April, 2014 Vol. XVII, #4
  2. 2. Team Expansion: David & Brenda Atkin March, 2014 - General Fund Opening Balance $19,517.03 Received (Individuals) 245.64 Received (Churches) 10635.50 Expenses 6264.19 Ending Balance $24,133.98 Detailed report sent to all supporters. All gifts to this ministry are tax deductible! Thank you for your partnership with us! w w w . t e a m e x p a n s i o n . o r g lCome Christian Church making plans for the future lApril outreach events lWendy & James planning a wedding for May 10th lAtkin trip to US lBrenda’s cooking class / Dave’s English Bible Class lSports & English Camp - needing more faculty / registration is full lOur unreached friends l100 days until we transition Thank You for Praying! PRAY WITH USSports & English Camp ’14 Our 9th annual Sports & English Camp will be held in Taichung, at Morrison Acad- emy, July 13-19, with about 150 Taiwanese teenagers. The camp has become so well known, last year, we opened and closed the reg- istration in just two hours. We are excited to have a group coming from Las Ve- gas again this summer, but could still use another team or two. Our theme is “Not a fan.” E-mail us for addi- tional info and check out the S&E web-site: Yes,  if  we  doubt  Noah,  what’s  next?    Well,  Lindsay  responds  with,  “It's  one  thing   to   be  skeptical  of  the  Noah  story,  but   Moses?  And  what  of  Jesus   and  the  Resur-­‐ rection?  And  what  happens  when  believers  stop  relying  on  holy  writ  entirely  and   actually  use  reasons  and  facts  to  come  to  an  understanding  of  their  world  and   their  moral  obligations?  Without   the   authority  of  scripture  to   legitimize   their   positions,  religious  leaders  are  out  of  business.”    Speaking  of  Moses  and  the  Res-­‐ urrection,  hear  these  words  from  the  Lord’s  song,  sung  by  Moses:  “See  now  that  I   myself  am  he!    There  is  no  god  besides  me.    I  put   to  death  and  I  bring  to  life,  I   have  wounded  and  I  will  heal,  and  no  one  can  deliver  out   of  my  hand.    I  lift  my   hand  to  heaven  and  solemnly  swear:    As  surely  as  I  live  forever,  when  I  sharpen   my  @lashing  sword  and  my  hand  grasps  it  in  judgment,  I  will  take  vengeance  on   my  adversaries  and  repay  those  who  hate  me.”  (32:39-­‐41) Lastly,  Lindsay  has  some  wisdom  of  his  own  for  you  and  me.    He  writes,  “So  best   keep   silent   about   some   of   the  absurdities   and   embarrassments   in  the   Bible.”     Well,  no,  I  can’t  “keep  silent!”    For,  “The  fool  says  in  his  heart,  ‘There  is  no  God.’”   (Psalm   14:1a)     Mr.  Lindsay,  sadly,  I  do   believe  you  and  I   agree  on  at   least  one   thing:  It  is,  indeed,  “a  dreadful  thing  to  fall  into  the  hands  of  the  living  God;”  (He-­‐ brews   10:31)  having  rejected  a  Savior,  Jesus  Christ,  God’s   own  Son,  whom   God   sent  as  a  sacri@ice  for  sin,  because  He  loves  you.    (John  3:16)     (This  article  was  posted  to  Mr  Lindsay’s  web-­‐site  on  April  4th.)   Home of God’s Love The orphanage received terrific news this past month: the building is paid for! Praise the Lord! Still to come is paying for the interior furnishings and the remodel of the old facility. Also, the home is in great need of licensed social workers, which is a government man- date. Until we hire more social workers, no more adoptions can be completed! Transition Plans & April Highlights The Come Christian Church is planning an Easter outreach to the outskirts of Taichung, where one of our families has a large home with a yard, and even real grass. To follow that, we are planning an over- night camping retreat for the weekend of April 26-27. We are praying that the double-exposure opportu- nity will be a blessing to visitors. As you know, we have been praying and planning for what comes next for us after we let go of the work here in Taichung. And, we thank you for your many prayers! The Atkin family will be making a field trip to the US, from April 11-21, in the hopes of confirming what comes next for us in ministry. This is spring break for Noah and Brenda. We hope to have good news to report with the May newsletter!