Asian Christian Mission update Sept Dec 2012


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Asian Christian Mission update Sept Dec 2012

  1. 1. ACM Update Sept-December 2012 In September, my niece, Karen Stoner and her daughter, Emily and their friends, Janelle and Lexi paid usa visit. Karen presented a seminar for the LBI students showing them how to use the many teaching materialsshe purchased and brought over for us to use for the Lisu children in the villages. The team also brought craftprojects which all the students were very excited about since they do not often get to work with colorful paperand decorations. Everyone got to make a salvation bracelet while Karen explained the significance and gaveScripture references for each colored bead. Our students also received shoes and backpacks that Karen andEmily collected and brought from the States. The students were wild with excitement to receive these itemsalong with gift bags of toiletries they had made for each of them. This was Karen’s first visit to LBI and it was sogood to have her and Emily and their friends here to encourage us, and we are so very grateful for all theteaching materials and gifts she brought for our students. Karen Teaching at LBI End of October we said good-bye to VL who was with us at LBI for almost 5 months. The studentspresented him with a special going away program and a monetary gift which left him speechless and deeplymoved. He could barely whisper his comments as I interpreted his parting sentiments to the students many ofwhom were in tears as he struggled to maintain his composure. It is not often that we have a guest on campus forsuch an extended period of time. And although VL did not speak Lisu, it was clear that he was still able toconnect with the students. He used his camera and his computer to treat them to short videos in class which wasa novelty for them and he never missed an opportunity to take pictures and videos of the students which theyquickly grew accustomed to. His ready smile made everyone feel comfortable, and I think our students reallyappreciated his willingness to come half way around the world to help us out. He will be missed. VL returns tothe States and will continue to work on the digital concordance for the Lisu Bible which we are all very excitedabout. We are including some thoughts from VL about his experience with us at LBI.
  2. 2. “I lived on the campus of LBI for five months, from June through October, 2012. While there I taught three classes,which included my working with all the students at the school. Along with the class time I ate with the students atleast once a day and spent a lot of time simply visiting with them. There are three observations that I wish to make. Any school can be rated and evaluated with three criteria: theschool’s mission and adherence to it, the instructors, and the students, those currently attending as well as thosewho have graduated. Without hesitation I would grant five out of five stars for each category.Everything at the school revolves around evangelism and personal growth. There is no “generalizedChristianity.” All teaching and all activities arefocused on evangelizing and edifying. The instructors are dedicated to their work andtheir students. I recall one instructor saying to me, “IfI didn’t believe I was teaching these students to bebetter Christians, I’d quit.” Their commitment isunparalleled compared to American standards becausethere has not been a pay raise since the schoolstarted 12 years ago due to lack of funds; yet, thedrive and enthusiasm of the instructors to teachbetter is evident in their actions as well as theirattitudes. For me, it was motivating to be aroundthese servants of the LORD.If the school was a king’s ring and the instructors were the diamonds, then students would be the gleam and shineof the diamonds. All the students I taught were serious about taking notes, paying attention, studying, andlearning. Every student I talked with gave the same answer when asked what they wished to do when they finished,“Whatever God wills, I will do.” I have taught Bible in excess of 40 years, and I have never fallen in love withstudents as I have these. Their love of the LORD, their desire to know the Word of God, and their unceasing drive towitness and serve others were inspiring. Though I far exceeded these students academically, I was the one wholearned the most. Being with these students and getting to know them are, without question or hesitation, thegreatest blessing of my Christian life. I personally think the attitudes and habits of these students would turnChristian schools in America upside down because of the genuine love and zeal and commitment for the LORD.” Over our semester break in October, LBI president, Joel Khopang took a group of our LBI students on anextended 2 week trip to a number of villages in the northern areas including Burma to teach and preach andpromote the school. He has a lot of positive energy and ideas and the students really enjoy working with him. InNovember, he focused his energies on the villages to the south of us going as far as Mae Sot along the Burmaborder. We have a number of repairs that need to be addressed and prioritized on the LBI campus and Joel is alsoleading those efforts. Although Joel has some health concerns, he has agreed to stay on a president for the next 3years and I am extremely grateful for his service.
  3. 3. Many of the Lisu villages organize their own Thanksgiving or Harvest celebrations anymore and nolonger depend on the missionaries to initiate these events. Lucy and Riley accompanied me to one gatheringwhere I was invited to speak. This particular village had quite a few Lisu from the Burma side who have over theyears migrated to Thailand to escape the political and economic oppression in Burma. One of the old ladies atthe convention was so pleased to meet Lucy because she had often helped to carry Lucy on her back when shewas a baby. She was even more thrilled that Lucy could still speak some Lisu with her! LBI Reaps better than Riley, Jesse, Lucy at Harvest Kachin Manau expected rice harvest Celebration Lucy and Riley recently attended a Kachin Manau celebration in a village not far from here. Then fromthere we went to a Lisu village where I spoke at a week-long conference for the older Lisu preachers and churchleaders. Many of these have been involved in ministry since we first began working with the Lisu in Thailand.God has blessed the work among the Thailand Lisu through their faithful efforts. They were all pleased to be ableto meet Lucy and Riley after all these many years. Just this week, Brother Ahpu and I finally finished the final round of proofreading the new Lisu StudyBible. I will soon be making a decision on where to have it printed. Those who know me know that I could notrest until this project got completed. I am both thrilled and relieved that it has come this far. Thank you for yourprayers and encouragement for this project that has met with numerous challenges over the years. Everyone isalready talking about planning a celebration when this edition is finally printed. I will be among the mostthankful to welcome that day. If you are still making decisions for end of year giving, we would be very gratefulfor donations toward the printing of the new Bibles. As you gather with family and loved ones this Christmas season, I hope your hearts will be reminded ofthe miracle of what took place just over two thousand years ago when “…the Word became flesh and dweltamong us…” and what that did to change the course of our destiny. Let us each be reminded of this as we each doour part to proclaim the Way that was provided for all mankind through the event that we celebrate atChristmas.Together in His service,Jesse
  4. 4. Prayer Requests:1. Pray for our evangelists who are spreading the Gospel message in mountain villages in Thailand, Burma and China.2. Pray for two evangelist families sent to reach Tarung tribe in China with Gospel. This work has been very fruitful. I am repeatedly invited by Tarung people in China to go and teach them about Jesus, and to translate the Bible for them. I speak their language fluently and I am seeking the Lords will as to what I should do. Now that I have finished translating the Lisu Bible, God might send me to Tarung people to help them to translate the Scripture for them.3. Pray with us for a revival among Lisu churches in Burma, Thailand and China.4. Pray with us for an increase in financial support for the work out here. The cost for everything has gone up 30-50% in the past 3 years and it minimizes our ability to further the work. Field Address: U.S. Address: P.O. Box 189 Asian Christian Mission Chiang Mai University 111 West 3rd St. Chiang Mai, 50202 Joplin, MO 64801-2321 Thailand. e-mail: e-mail: