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Arizona reservation quarterly newsletter august 2014


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Published in: Spiritual
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Arizona reservation quarterly newsletter august 2014

  1. 1. We have been busy! As this is written, several hundred backpacks are on their way to their new owners. We’ll share in our next Quarterly News just how many were distributed, but were overwhelmed by the quantity of backpacks and school supplies and the funds given so that this project can meet the needs of so many! To celebrate summer, we had the opportunity to simply celebrate with the children and teens AND their families who attend our Church Bus. We held two swimming parties at a pool in Globe so that all four neighborhoods could celebrate summer. Because God sent a large group the beginning of July, we were also able to hold a Sports Camp and a Vacation Bible School! Lessons for the majority of the summer from our Church Bus have been based upon Ephesians Chapter six, and the armor of God. Many of these children and teens are better-equipped for the very real battles each face on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Object lessons, games and more helped make these lessons fun and remind them that “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12 We were blessed to enjoy other celebrations since our last News as well! The Apache-led, Bible-based Church of Calvary was able to celebrate the dedication of their new sanctuary on May 5th! The room was filled with the faithful jubilantly celebrating what God had done! The foundation was started in May of 2013. Volunteers from across the US joined their ARMs with their Apache brothers’ to complete this immense project. Women from the Church of Calvary oftentimes provided lunch for these builders. The members of this church provided the beautiful new chairs, curtains and more. To those who traveled to be part of this project, we all say “thank you!” Just a little over a week later, we were able to celebrate with James and Becky Kindelay as they received the keys to their new home. We were excited to listen as they shared their plans for furnishing this home, and the sleepovers with nephews that will occur soon! Without the assistance of those who travel to join us in Short Term Ministry, these and other celebrations would be significantly delayed. Please join us in thanking God for the financial and physical provisions so that celebrations are part of life within this ministry, too! Arizona Reservation Ministries ‘God’s ARMs around the Reservation’ Volume 12 Issue 3August, 2014 Equipping…and Summer Celebrations!
  2. 2. Arizona Reservation Ministries has been in existence over 12 years. We have no idea how many lives have been touched, but do know that the reputation of this ministry is strong; that even within the walls of the San Carlos Apache Tribal Council Chambers, our name is brought up. We humbly thank GOD for that reputation, and all that HE has done to allow us to remain, and to remain faithful. Opportunities to serve because of that reputation increased significantly since our last news. ARM representatives were invited to attend a meeting with Homeland Security, DES, and others. Lord willing, the beginnings of this opportunity will allow a clear voice on behalf of the San Carlos Apache Nation as well as other Native Nations. A Task Force is beginning within various Tribal agencies and the BIA. ARM is the only parachurch organization attending these meetings. Already, much information has been shared, and solutions are unfolding to the heart-wrenching situations many on the Reservation face daily. June 18th is Independence Day for the San Carlos Apache Tribe. We were asked to participate in their celebration! July 22nd was the one-year anniversary of the death of nearly five-year-old Legend Ramos. Legend was always on the ARM Church Bus. At her funeral, as well as many occasions after, we heard the comforting assurance that Legend is now with Jesus. The assurance originates in the words and songs she would share with everyone in her house as she rushed home on Tuesdays after “bus time.” This July 22nd, we were asked by Legend’s family to help with a Bike Rodeo and dinner to not only remember Legend, but to also help other children learn bike safety, and parents to have a strong reminder to hug their babies. The ARM “family” understands that we are simply one small part of God’s plan. Knowing God views us as His ARMs and uses us in so many ways is a blessing we are grateful for. Groups this past quarter have not only blessed us with their ARMs but with their perseverance as well! Temperatures here have exceeded 100 degrees often, yet so MUCH has been accomplished! We thank God for those from Eastern Illinois University, Charleston IL; Broadway Christian Church, Mesa AZ; Alpha Gamma Omega’s members and friends from Colorado, California and more; and Parkview Christian Church, Findlay OH. ARM’s Summer Interns: The great blessing of Brent and Mary Marion God’s ARMs around the Reservation Staff Positions Available  Bookkeeper  Youth ministers  Church Bus drivers/mechanic  Webmaster/office worker Join us at the International Conference on Missions November 13-16th in Columbus OH! We’ll be at booth #604 Four afternoons each week, ARM’s Church Bus Team completes the Object Lesson, Bible Lesson and Memory Verse with the request, “Who wants to pray?” At least a dozen hands, some tiny, spring up to volunteer and then the chosen prays on behalf of everyone gathered within. Tuesday afternoons, the elderly are gathered around a table so that the hard-of-hearing can join in. After Bible Study, the group bows heads and then take turns praying; some in English, some in Apache. People arrive to begin a two-hour-long trek of the western side of the San Carlos Apache Reservation. The dialogue begins almost immediately. Then, the views and stories unfold along with comments, questions, tears and then prayers. Our team meets monthly around a covered pool table. We laugh, listen as the Word is shared, bless each other with stories of what has transpired and then we pray. We pray for our families. We pray for our ARM family. We pray for those we love from San Carlos, and those we just know need us to pray. Last year, six children from San Carlos went to heaven. This year, their families grieve…and four more have died. Three and a mama died in a car accident. Four-year-old Hunter drowned. A young mother wrestles with addictions and a broken heart. She knows her children will be safer with others, but those children would rather be with a healthy mother. A 16-year-old girl stated her conviction to conquer high school this fall. She’s been in and out of jail like her mother and older sister, and wants to change course. A young woman carries a baby who is due this fall. We are all praying that baby will arrive on her daddy’s birthday, but ‘Daddy’ died on Easter. We, the children, teens, elderly, ARM team and visitors pray. We are grateful for your prayers, too.
  3. 3. Arizona Reservation Ministries8435 South Six Shooter Canyon RoadGlobe AZ 85501(928) 425-8449 Arizona Reservation Ministries’ 2014 Christmas Stocking Wish List FOR EVERYONE: A flashlight with new batteries! Stuffed animals/Beanie babies Coloring books & crayons Silly putty Playdough Silly string Individually-wrapped hard candies Easy card games: Go Fish, Old Maid, UNO, Phase 10, etc. Travel-sized games: Chess/Checkers 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner Toothpaste Individually-wrapped toothbrushes Hand lotion Hairbrushes/combs Socks! Black or low-cut for older Kids; fun socks for little girls, white for little boys. FOR YOUNG GIRLS Hair ties/clips/barrettes Lip gloss/chapstick My Little Ponies Polly Pockets Disney Princess Toys Littlest Pet Shoppe Toys Jump ropes Small purse Small baby dolls Costume jewelry FOR YOUNG BOYS Transformers Legos: for older kids too  Action Figures Tonka Chuck and Friends Finger skateboards Hotwheels cars Small Nerf guns FOR OLDER BOYS Wrist watches Ear buds Necklaces Small model kits Lego kits Journals& Sketch pads Hand-held electronic video games Christian DVDs Christian Devotionals Ball caps from NY, AZ or other popular sports teams $5.00 Wal-Mart gift cards FOR OLDER GIRLS Hair ties/head wraps Body spray Make-up sets Jewelry sets: bracelets, necklaces, Pierced earrings Ear buds Hand-held electronic video games Fingernail polish Journals Christian DVDs Christian Devotionals $5.00 Walmart gift card DDeeaaddlliinnee ffoorr aallll ddoonnaattiioonnss:: NNoovveemmbbeerr 1155,, 22001144
  4. 4. NON-PROFIT US POSTAGE PAID GLOBE, AZ PERMIT #90 ARIZONA RESERVATION MINISTRIES 8435 SOUTH SIX SHOOTER CANYON RDGLOBE AZ 85501 928-425-8449FAX: 928-425-3173 WWW.AZREZ.ORGAZREZMINISTRY@HOTMAIL.COM JOIN US ON FACEBOOK AT WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/AZREZMIN You can receive this publication electronically and join those that are helping ARM save printing and postage costs! Simply email or call us. Thank you! ARM’s Church Bus Update Legally, our renovated school bus cannot roll in the typical school-bus-yellow. It has been sanded and is waiting for its bright white coat of paint. After that, the Church Bus Team will trace the hands of each child/teen, and then those handprints will be painted in a variety of colors. The interior will be retrofitted as well. We’re also working on obtaining CDLs for those on the ARM Team who are willing to drive this newer, larger bus. Please pray for the Lord to perhaps send a Mechanic and Bus Driver for the ARM Team, too! Arizona Reservation Ministries P.O. Box 2393 Globe AZ 85502 Return Service Requested Prayer Requests  For the students and faculty of schools as another year begins.  For elections! Many of the positions within the Tribe are up for reelection. Pray also for AZ and US representatives who honor Natives to become elected officials.  Please pray for the agencies holding meetings to rectify generations-old problems.  Pray for ARM’s and ARM Team members’ finances as well as those from the Tribe.