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Arizona Reservation Ministries Feb 2013 newsletter


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Published in: Spiritual
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Arizona Reservation Ministries Feb 2013 newsletter

  1. 1. Arizona Reservation Ministries ‘God’s ARMs around the Reservation’ Volume 11 Issue 1February, 2013 Christmas Gratitude We are incredibly grateful for the many, many ways you blessed us as Christmas unfolded, and another year drew to a close. People from across the US stitched draw-string Christmas Stockings. Others cut and tied fleece blankets, while still others sent in Christmas gifts and gift cards. Over 450 children, teens and adults from the San Carlos Apache Nation received your gifts through this ministry! As always, God tends to provide in “exceedingly abundant” ways! In addition to the above-mentioned gifts, five Apache-led, Bible-based churches were given toys, blankets and more so that their ministries might also increase. We were humbled by these gifts and more. A few churches chose to send in gifts for ARM’s Native team members. Those gifts were precious to all of us! As 2012 ended, ARM’s debt had also substantially decreased as well. We are truly grateful. Families, children and others, showed their gratitude as gifts were distributed. Although these gifts were appreciated, we acknowledge that the Greatest Gift must never be diminished. Words leading recipients to a new life were tucked within the stockings. The poster shown here was tacked to the outside of our Church Bus and van as Stocking Week unfolded. We thank you for your generosity, and we truly thank our Father for the many, many gifts He has provided!  Building Hope The construction projects of ARM continue to provide both a strong reputation within the Tribe and access to the hearts of families who desperately need not only homes today, but eternal homes as well. As temperatures dropped below freezing, a family of nine whose home is under construction has been living in their unfinished home. Their means of keeping warm is by tacking a blanket to the door frame of one room; sleeping together to provide collective heat. Three other homes are under construction as well. On February 2nd the House Blessing was celebrated for the fifth of ARM’s recent homes. As 2013 has begun, conversations which began at October’s Apache Pastor Appreciation Banquet are providing the plans and dreams for one church. Already outgrowing their current facility and in need of classroom space, ARM will, Lord willing, provide walls and workers for this Body of Believers. As always, we ask for you to pray for wisdom, workers and funding so that all the Lord leads can be completed as He leads.
  2. 2.  Short Term Ministry Teams Typically, our “season” in which teams join us in short-term ministry slows as temperatures drop. Since our last publication, we thank God for the many that have joined us to continue the projects that must be completed! Groups that have arrived since our last quarterly news were from: Northside ChristianPRAYING FOR Church, New Albany IN; Two teams from 1st Christian Church, Yuma AZ; BiosYOUR TEAM Christian Academy, Gilbert AZ; 1st Christian Church, Phoenix AZ and TradersTO JOIN US IN Point Christian Academy, Whitestown IN. 2013! Although the month of October is filled, there remain openings in our spring and summer calendar for your team. We thank God for those He sends to assist us in innumerable ways, and ask that you would join us in praying for His continued provision, so that all His plans can be completed. More information can be found on our web site at under “Ways to Share/Mission Trips/2013 Short Term Ministry Packet.” Our Current 2013 Work Team Calendar can be found under “2013 Short Term Ministry Calendar.”  Fruitful Season We are so grateful for those who made decisions for Christ as our summer unfolded! Baptisms were held in the river on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. As Christmas celebrations were held, the residents of the Tribe’s Assisted-living Facility joined in a celebration at the home of ARM team members. Prior conversations had prompted a deep-thinking, Apache elder to make Christ his own. This man had voiced his desire to follow Christ on several occasions. The time was right for those decisions to take action. On December 19th, after following Christ in Christian baptism at the home of staff, this mighty man of God was heard singing “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” in Apache, his heart language, while changing into his clothing to head home. Please pray for Naki (his nick-name, which means “two” in Apache) as his new life has begun.  Internships Available Each year, we are incredibly grateful for the servants the Lord sends to work alongside us for a season through an internship. Internships take many forms, and have many purposes. Some Bible College students are able to minister with us as they complete their educational requirements. Others simply come for a season to serve because they feel God prompting them. Whatever the reason, it is quite clear that they leave a lasting impression on us all. Those who have served through an internship in the past have gone on to serve around the planet as missionaries! Many remain dear friends…part of the ARM family. We are thankful for the young woman already praying about joining us this summer! There is always room for one more young man or woman! Please pray for God to continue to provide as HE wills. More information regarding an ARM internship is available on our website under “Who We Are/Join Our Team/Internships.
  3. 3. ARM’s Family GrowsFor nearly three years, ARM has been blessed with three young men who long agonamed themselves “the A-Team.” Many have joined ARM through short-termministry, volunteering or serving an internship and have enjoyed working alongsideMac, Mike and Guy. Macaiah went to Marine boot camp on December 17th. AsJanuary was beginning, Mike and Guy received the call they had been waiting 1 ½years to hear. The San Carlos Fire Department needed them. We are excited toknow that God continues to lead them in this dream, and equally as thrilled that bothwould like to remain a part of this ministry, serving when able on “off-days.” Withindays of receiving news of our new firefighters, another young man joined the ARM ARM Team, December 2012Team. Israel (Blue) Hill has been connected with ARM for ten years, first attendingthe “Church Bus” as a young boy, growing and accepting Christ in our youthministries, and now accepting the challenge of working with us in our constructionprojects. Blue is now married to a wonderful young woman, Candice, and the twohave an energetic infant son, Jayce. Please join us in thanking God for His continuedleading and providing, both for the Hill family, and for this ministry.As December ended, we were also excited to interview a couple that has also beenquite familiar with this ministry since its beginnings. Jon and Linda Lawrence first The Hill Familytraveled from Mesa AZ to volunteer with our Church Bus before their wedding in2004. Soon after, they moved to Globe to become ARM team members. Through Linda Lawrencethe past seven years, a lot has transpired within this ministry, and the Lawrencefamily! Four children have arrived; Jasmine (2006), Andi (2008), Morgan (2010) andEdward (2011). For the past three years, Linda and a few of these children (on arotating basis) have volunteered on ARM’s Church Bus each Thursday afternoon.Many of the children and young teens that attend feel like these children are theirfamily. Linda has had a major hand in building relationships and mentoring many. She Blue Hill Hillis now serving each afternoon through our Church Bus. Jon is now working withBlue on our construction projects. Both are also planning to help with our visitingshort term ministry teams. So, perhaps you will enjoy meeting these newest teammembers first-hand.We ask that you would pray for these two families as they have stepped into ministryin various capacities through ARM. Pray for wisdom, pray for protection from theevil one, and for provision for their families’ needs. Both will need prayer andfinancial partners. If interested, please contact ARM’s offices. The Jon Lawrence FamilyYour Partnership is Critical! Please consider a partnership with one of ARM’s Team membersI would like to begin supporting the monthly needs of:Faye Hinton, Children’s Minister Lynell Wright, Children’s worker  Israel (Blue) Hill (construction)Marcus Dewey, Short-Term Ministry Teams’ breakfast cook  The Jon Lawrence family (construction/children’s ministries) Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Email (To save postage and printing costs for ARM): ___________________________________ Please send all donations to Arizona Reservation Ministries, with a separate note designating your specific Team Member. All donations are tax-deductible. As funds arrive, they will be used to offset the salaries currently provided until such time as the total exceeds current pay. At that time, additional funds would also be provided to the designated Team member as well. Your gift is a blessing to both the ARM Team, and the General budget of this ministry. Thank you!
  4. 4. ARIZONA RESERVATION MINISTRIES P.O. Box 2393 NON-PROFIT Globe AZ 85502 US POSTAGE PAID Address Service Requested GLOBE, AZ PERMIT #90Bridge Project UpdateThe final phase of this project will, Lordwilling, be completed soon! A trench Financial Updatemust be created in the creek bed, and As 2012 drew to a close, we sent wordthen filled with hand-placed rock-filled that ARM’s debt needed to be reducedgabion baskets for erosion control. As significantly. That debt stood at $33,300;the mountains above us have snow, our in large part from home and bridgeconcern is that rains would melt that construction from as long ago as 2010.snow, creating flooding conditions before We thank God for the provision He hasthis final phase can be completed. Please sent! Our debt has been reduced topray for the funding to rent heavy $9,800! Please join us in praising God forequipment and for the health of the ARM this miraculous provision, and in prayingteam as the labors unfold. for the remaining balance to be paid off soon. ARIZONA RESERVATION MINISTRIES 8435 SOUTH SIX SHOOTER CANYON RDGLOBE AZ 85501 928-425-8449FAX: 928-425-3173 WWW.AZREZ.ORGAZREZMINISTRY@HOTMAIL.COM JOIN US ON FACEBOOK AT FRIENDS OF ARIZONA RESERVATION MINISTRIES You can receive this publication electronically and join those that are helping ARM save printing and postage costs! Simply email or call us. Thank you!