Arizona reservation lawrence family update, july 2013


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Arizona reservation lawrence family update, july 2013

  1. 1. Greetings from Arizona Reservation Ministries! As each short-term ministry team has arrived, they have built upon the physical, emotional and spiritual blessings of the groups that preceded them. Their first evening, we hold an orientation which focuses on the fact that although we are all human beings who are created in the image of God, because of our various cultures, we are different…and “different” is not bad. Typically, the morning after they arrive, they then join in a prayer journey, so that prior to meeting and working alongside Apache brothers and sisters, their eyes have been opened a bit; allowing more connections, more fruit. (In addition to these prayer journeys for visiting groups, I am also blessed to host typically one more each week for visitors from the Phoenix area.) God is also the one doing the scheduling, allowing breaks when we need them, and help that is so necessary. In 2012, a group from New Mexico went to assist a different ministry in Arizona. They shared that the experience was less than positive, but at that ministry, they connected with a man who was clearly walking by faith, and an encouragement to them. That man was our former cook’s, and bookkeeper’s son, Charles Lucero.  Charles told this group about ARM, and the impact this ministry has on the Reservation. So, this past May, 37 joined us for a week of huge blessings. Because this was a larger group, we were able to hold Family Fun Days in each of our four neighborhoods the week after Memorial Day! Stories from those events are many, and wonderful. One little girl played a game over and over; the prize, if she could win, was a Bible. She won four that afternoon. When asked why she had won so many, she replied that her sisters needed Bibles too, but were too shy to play the game. A daddy was prompted to play the same game by his daughter. When he won a Bible for his family, his little girl told him, “Now, Daddy, you have a Bible and need to take us to church.” More stories unfolded, so please pray for all of those that joined in on those afternoons, receiving not only 750 hotdogs, but more importantly, the One whose Hope is everlasting. We are now helping to build a new sanctuary for a Bible-based, Apache-led church. Church of Calvary is growing rapidly. Her pastor attended our Pastor Appreciation Banquet in October. At the close of that banquet, he and Dale were discussing what God was doing. Pastor Chris needed a new building. ARM needed a wise location to use walls that were not able to become homes soon enough and sitting in the sun. In May, Eastern Illinois University’s Christian Campus House assisted men from this church in digging the footers for this new building. The week we had 37 here was the perfect time to erect walls and hoist up the trusses after building a floor. More recent groups have been able to roof, wrap and paint the outside, and get the majority of a huge stage and altar completed. Many, many years ago, Dale designed and began construction of a chapel at the boarding school where we served. As the beginnings unfolded then, it was quite clear that Satan was going to do whatever it took to derail that project. God won then…and God will win again. As this Apache church is being completed, a hammer slid down the roof and hit Dale in the back of the head. A young volunteer fell out of her bunk bed at our work group dorm, breaking her shoulder. We ask that you would pray for this project’s completion, for safety for all who will work on it, for the unity that is evident as ARM team/visiting volunteers/Church of Calvary members work side-by-side on this structure. Truly, it is a little glimpse of heaven.  As this group of 37 labored, they also did what they were accustomed to doing; cooking for themselves. They had planned their menu; I had bought their food, showed them around the kitchen…and then was able to enjoy those afternoons with families and friends at the Family Fun Days. Marcus will be leaving us soon. He has completed his two years at the nearby junior college and will be heading to ASU to work further to become a dentist. We are all going to miss Marcus and his wife, April, a lot. By watching as the NM team fixed their own meals, and knowing Marcus, our breakfast cook, will be leaving soon, we are seriously considering asking groups in the future to prepare their own breakfasts. As with the NM group, we can purchase food, etc., but not needing to add this to the other tasks on my list would be wonderful. We had hired an Apache woman to cook dinners. She discovered that she would earn more money by not working, and so I’ve continued to cook for our groups. It really is fun, and sharing with them is always a blessing. As always, we simply ask that you would pray for us to have wisdom, and for us to welcome those the Lord sends, should He choose to send full- time workers.
  2. 2. Dale Lawrence Family Update 8435 South Six Shooter Canyon Road Globe AZ 85501 (928) 425-8449 azrezministry@ July 5, 2013 There are some people that have recently approached us about joining ARM. Almost all are from off of the reservation. If they are being sent by the Lord, then we want to welcome them. If, however, God truly does want us to staff this ministry with Natives, we need your prayers for both wisdom and for the finances ARM needs in order to pay them. We know that part of keeping a team strong includes praying together, sharing together, and playing together. There were over 25 of us who headed down to the Phoenix area for pizza and bowling in the past month. Passing babies and kids so others could bowl is part of having young families on our team. Watching as young men do stunts that could only lead them to high scores is part of the fun, too. We are so grateful for those the Lord has brought, and again ask that you would continue to pray for them, and for those God is sending. Mike and Guy were able to join us, but are busy working as San Carlos Firefighters as their full-time positions. Macaiah was able to be home for the arrival of his beautiful baby girl. The Red Cross arranged for him to leave his Marine training for ten days. Unfortunately, Macailee did not arrive until near the end of those ten days. Please keep Mac, Ernestine and Macailee in prayer as this young family sacrifices much for the safety of this country. Our home is once again filled. Jessi, our niece, continues to work on her college classes and help us with our Children’s and Youth Ministries. We picked up Elizabeth at the airport on the 15th of June. She’ll head back to college in northern California on July 19th . Patience arrived the 27th . They are such a blessing as their faith and energy are shared with us all. Please pray for Dale. He shared the prayer request in church that he is the only man in a house filled with women.  We are excited and appreciative of United Christian Youth Camp and Prescott Christian Church for their generous gift of providing for Lynell, our Church Bus minister, and Amber, a former intern, to take five Apache young women to church camp at the end of July! Please pray for them and the life- changing events they will experience in just a few weeks. As always, we are incredibly grateful to those who personally carry our burdens. We received generous gifts since our last Update that allowed us to get the majority of our medical bills completely paid. Another gift paid for the repair on our van. Yet another helped to catch up our finances as a direct answer to our prayers as well. Thanks to all of you who prayed about those needs, and to those who sacrificially gave so that we could focus on ministry instead of our bank account. Ephraim, our son-in-law, will be deployed once again the beginning of August. Jenna’s surgery is scheduled on her wrist/hand July 8th . Jon and Linda’s 4-year-old daughter, Andi, has a small break on her foot, their3-year-old daughter, Morgan, will undergo general surgery on July 12th for two root canals and six fillings on her teeth. Jon and Linda are working hard in their respective fields within ARM. Jon works tirelessly alongside Dale and the groups, primarily on Church of Calvary’s new sanctuary as temperatures top 100 degrees. Afternoons, Linda is assisting Faye, Lynell, Bill, me and now our interns on the Church Bus. Justin continues to fight wildland fires across the country as a Globe Hotshot. Our hearts break for the family and friends of the 19 Hotshots from Prescott, AZ who perished in a wildfire there. Thank you to those who have sent messages and prayed both for our Justin, and for these brave men who recently perished. With the long and physically draining tasks, Dale has persevered, but is in pain. In other words, we continue to need your prayers. Thank you for your partnership. We are dependent upon our Lord…and the partnerships He has blessed us with. As always, we thank God for you! Love, Dale and Diana Marcus and Andi
  3. 3. Prayer Calendar The Dale Lawrence Family and Arizona Reservation Ministries July, 2013 8th: Please pray for Jenna as she undergoes her third surgery to repair a wrist/hand injury at work. 9th: Please pray for the group that joins us this week from 1st Christian; Roseburg OR. 10th: Pray for our backpack stuffing today! 11th: Please pray for Bill’s son, Sean as he has surgery this week. Bill and Jean are in CO with him. 12th: Pray for Jon, Linda and Morgan as she undergoes surgery today. 13th: Please pray for the couple that are visiting this week and learning more about ARM. 14th: Pray for the group from New Hope Community Church, Gilbert AZ helping us this week. 15th: This is Backpack Week! Pray for all of those needing school supplies to receive them. 16th: Pray for the details! God knows who wants the “Spiderman” backpack. 17th: Praise for those who sacrificially gave for our Backpack Project. 18th: Please pray for our interns who are such a precious gift to this ministry. 19th: Pray for Elizabeth as she flies home today and for Patience as she heads home as well. 20th: Please pray for the group of girls heading to camp today. 21st: Pray for Dale and me as we join my mom and stepdad on a brief trip. 22nd: Please pray for the Church Bus team as they continue to “roll” without Lynell and me. 23rd: Please pray for Lynell as she celebrates her birthday by mentoring campers today. 24th: Please pray for our Godsons; Bob and Ryan and their mom, Patty. 25th: Please pray for the Back-to-School event in Bylas, as well as any held in San Carlos. 26th: Pray for safety as the church campers return home today. 27th: Please pray for Candice and Blue as they celebrate their wedding anniversary today. 28th: Pray for Faye and Mike as they celebrate their wedding anniversary today. 29th: Please keep ARM and staff vehicles in prayer. We honestly need replacements now. 30th: Please pray for the Church of Calvary; both her construction and members as this Body of Believers grows. 31st: Pray for Miracle Church as their month-long revival/camp ends today. August 1st: Please pray for Bill Cook as he celebrates his birthday 2nd: Please pray hard for today as Lord willing, we hold another baptism celebration! 3rd: Please pray for wisdom as we interview new team members. 4th: Please pray for Jon, Linda and family as they continue to serve through ARM and stand firm in spiritual battles. 5th: Please keep Justin and his crew, as well as the other Hotshots in prayer as this fire season unfolds. 6th: Please pray for Jacque, Ephraim, Isaac and Joe as they begin another season with Ephraim deployed across the globe. 7th: Pray for Ephraim’s safety as he serves our country through the Navy Seabees. 8th: Please keep Katerina, Shelby, Marie, and others in prayer as they decide to attend boarding school in another state. 9th: Please pray for Board Member and friend, Inez Dan as she recuperates with a broken knee. 10th: Please pray for the children and teens as school resumed for another year on the 1st/5th (depending upon the school.) 11th: Praise God for 22 years on the mission field today! 12th: Praise God for 35 years of marriage today.  13th: Please pray for Jenna as she celebrates her 23rd birthday today. 14th: Please keep Dale’s health in prayer. He perseveres in spite of pain daily. 15th: Please pray for our granddaughter, Andi as she turns 5 today. 16th: Pray for Dale as he celebrates his birthday today. 17th: Please pray for our visitors from Georgia this weekend. 18th: Pray for Jayce, Blue and Candice’s son, as he celebrates his first birthday today. 19th: Please keep Macaiah, Ernestine and Macailee in prayer; specifically that they can be reunited soon. 20th: Please pray for the neighborhoods of Labumba and Seven-Mile; two that are most dangerous. 21st: Please pray for Central Christian Church in Globe to grow as God brings young families to worship with us. 22nd: Please pray for the Amor crew who also serve on the San Carlos Apache Reservation and our friendships with them. 23rd: Pray for our granddaughter, Jasmine as she turns 7 today. 24th: Please keep ARM’s and each team member’s finances in prayer. 25th: Pray for wisdom for each of us as God continues to lead us. 26th: Pray for the residents and staff of the tribe’s assisted living facility. 27th: Please pray for Grandma Laura as she fights Stage Four ovarian cancer. 28th: Pray for Tuggie as he battles Stage Four colorectal cancer. 29th: Please keep Fernando, Ronald, Raymos, Erick, Daniel, Chris, Ned, Corrine, Faye, and the others who faithfully fill the pulpits of churches on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. 30th: Please, please pray for our state and federal leaders to truly grasp the difficulties of Native Nations. September 1st: Please pray for the agency responsible for the majority of electricity on the Reservation. Their lack of compassion is unnerving. 2nd: Please pray for the churches who have visited us in the past few months to begin to support us as God leads. 3rd: Please pray for an opportunity for our team to again have a day of fun together soon. 4th: Please pray for ARM’s many projects; laborers and funding as “work group season” has slowed down. 5th: Pray for Faye and Mike’s son, Uriyan as he celebrates his 5th birthday today and has started Head Start.  6th: Please pray for the prayer journey with church leaders from a partner church sometime soon. 7th: Please pray for our retaining walls as the cracks continue to grow, dirt displaced often. 8th: Please keep my mother in prayer as she celebrates her birthday. 9th: Please pray for my stepdad as he bravely battles Alzheimer’s. 10th: Please pray for my grandmother as she faces heaven. 11th: Pray for all ARM team members as we love and pray for our family members.
  4. 4. NON-PROFIT US POSTAGE PAID GLOBE, AZ PERMIT #90 Needs List Weed-eaters Note cards Gift cards for groceries School clothes gift cards for the Hinton/Jon Lawrence families Vehicles in great repair Staff Needs Work group host/coordinator Work group cook Construction supervisor/team mentor Mechanic Youth Ministers Church Bus driver/children’s minister Bookkeeper Webmaster ARIZONA RESERVATION MINISTRIES P.O. Box 2393 Globe AZ 85502 Return Service Requested