Arizona reservation lawrence family update


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Arizona reservation lawrence family update

  1. 1. January 10, 2014 Greetings from Arizona Reservation Ministries! Once again, our Prayer Calendar ran out before another could be sent. However, we are thankful for the activities that have caused the delay. To those of you who use that Calendar to pray for us, thank you! We are incredibly grateful for the gift of your prayers! Just this past weekend, I was blessed to share with Desert Christian Fellowship in Phoenix, challenging them, Lord willing, with the most powerful weapon God has placed at our disposal…Prayer. An email received a few days later revealed that others are sharing a similar challenge. The state of humanity is clearly deteriorating. God’s People have such an awesome responsibility! Prayer is our greatest weapon, no matter the situation. We see the miraculous answers to prayer on a regular basis. Clearly, this ministry, and those serving within it are in the Lord’s hands…and His Hands are more than capable of caring for all of us. Again, thank you for praying! Our Christmas Stocking and Fleece Blanket project held both the typical, and the miraculous. We typically head as a team to the Phoenix area for a day prior to stuffing stockings to purchase whatever we are still lacking. We cover even this in prayer as we are never quite certain of the exact amounts needed of each item. While a group was helping me process our “year-end” mailing, Faye led in stuffing the stockings with our Church Bus team and helpers from First Christian in Phoenix. This group stuffed all of those stockings that were intended for children/teens who regularly attend their Church Bus. These stockings had their names attached. The bin of handstitched stockings, created by many from across the US was nearempty after that, so I headed to the WalMart to purchase 200 fleece stockings for the anticipate d additional group of kids and teens who would show up during distribution. The next morning we were to stuff these stockings. When the lid was removed from the bin, 65 hand-stitched stockings were laying where the previous night so few had been. That was a miracle! Our best estimate is that over 550 stockings were distributed! Those who counted the fleece blankets showed concern because it was clear that there were less than 400 packed and ready for distribution, yet on our final day of handing out the stockings and blankets, there were blankets left over. That was a miracle too! In addition to some left-over blankets were toys, toothbrushes and more. We were able to take these items to the Tribe’s Wellness Center for their Christmas events. This organization is a tremendous resource for the Reservation as they teach parenting classes, drug and alcohol rehab, classes for special-needs adults and so much more. Still, things remained! An Apache Evangelist took those items to a church that was planning Christmas distribution in its area. As always, the gifts contributed to ARM are blessed and multiplied, reaching countless others! Once again, I had the honor of serving the members of the Church of Calvary as they had their Christmas dinner and party in our Globe church. Dale attended as a guest and also helped with serving. I love the opportunity of quietly serving, and visiting with those both the Lord and we love so dearly! Our ARM Team Christmas party was held in our home. There are now twelve ARM team members. They, along with two sisters of Team members, and nine staff kids ate, played, and visited for the evening. As grandparents, having four of our grandkids among the staff kids was such a blessing. Watching our four and five others from ten years old down to our Edward, (who turned two the th 19 ), was such fun! The laughter as we unwrapped “white elephant” gifts, played with the children and more created a memorable evening. As we get older, we deeply enjoy the visits with those our age God has provided for our team, but the promise of younger team members with their youthful energy is an extra blessing! As mentioned above, there are now twelve on the ARM Team. As God continues to lead this ministry, He is also faithful to provide those we need to serve alongside us.
  2. 2. During December, Faye and I visited with a couple who have been volunteering on the Church Bus for over a year. Along with Nia’s mother, they have also prepared Apache meals for some of our visiting work teams. (That means, some of you have already met them!) Mike and Nia have joined the ARM Team! They have two little boys who are so precious to us all. Nia has already taught the Bible lesson on the Church Bus. Mike and Nia have taught at Sunday School classes on the Reservation, and have relationships with several of the Church Bus kids who attend these churches. Mike’s turn to teach is coming up, when he and Bill will have a “guys week”, teaching the ‘One Way’ to heaven. The addition of this couple to the Church Bus Team allows me to step back from regularly serving on the Church Bus. As difficult as this decision was, we know it is right. There are now six Church Bus Team members, four from San Carlos. I can’t help but visit at least once in each neighborhood each month as these kids and teens are too precious, but I am praying to get caught up on office and development projects that, until now, have been getting further and further behind. Please pray not only for wisdom with these tasks, but also for opportunities to travel to share about ARM and San Carlos during 2014. If your church, Bible Study or other group would like a visit, please feel free to call or email us to make arrangements. As one of my “hats” is the Work Group coordinator/Work Group cook, scheduling is challenging, but sharing is important, too. We already have several groups planning to join in shortterm ministry in 2014! Please pray for these groups that will join us from Arizona to New Jersey, from middleschool aged through senior citizens. There are still weeks that we could use your assistance! Please pray about bringing a group to help us! We are also in contact with a young couple that is preparing to join us for the summer to complete their Bible College internships. We will need several interns! Please pray for this need as well. As a new year begins, we were also humbled by the gifts that arrived so that we were able to purchase a nearlynew 15-passenger van! It was used already to help with Stocking distribution, and yesterday served as our mobile ministry center because Grandpa Bill (our usual Church Bus Driver) is out with bronchitis. We are thankful for Greg Conrad as he is filling in as driver while also helping with the completion of the Church of Calvary’s new sanctuary. Funds received prior to the close of 2014 through the Arizona Tax Credit Program and also from our out-of-state partners has allowed us to pay off all ARM debt besides our property in addition to the new van! Thanks so very much to Aunt Jenna, Jasmine and Andi those who gave so sacrificially to allow these prayers to be answered! We are still in great need of a new church Bus. Dale is watching auctions and others who have buses. Please pray for our current Church Bus to continue to run and for wisdom with the retrofit when a new one arrives. Our family van was eight years old and had over 150,000 miles. We were blessed to purchase a newer vehicle before more repairs and breakdowns occurred on the one that served us well for so long. Faye’s family, Mike and Nia’s family, and Jon and Linda’s family all need reliable vans. Each has a vehicle that truly needs replaced. Please continue to pray for the vehicle needs of ARM and ARM Team members. Of course, having our own four children, spouses and grand kids with us is always something to celebrate! Christmas was no exception. Ephraim, our son-in-love, was still deployed in Japan. He will, Lord willing, head home in February. His two sons were with their mom, but we were excited to have a few days to visit with them over their Christmas break. The rest of the family gathered on Christmas Eve to share our traditions. Dale read the Christmas Story, we all shared a prayer request and something we praise God for then had candlelight communion and prayer time. Each year there are special memories of this time. I am truly thankful that our kids and grandkids know Jesus Christ’s love intimately! To those of you who gave special gifts so that this season of celebrating could be extra special, we send our deepest “thanks.” Our Christmas was wonderful. We pray yours was as well. Love, Dale and Diana Edward Uncle Justin and Andi
  3. 3. Prayer Calendar The Dale Lawrence Family and Arizona Reservation Ministries January, 2013 th 16 -Please pray for the parents who typically join us on the Church Bus on Thursdays. Pray for wisdom as God sends people of ALL ages to hear the Gospel! th 17 -Pray for the health of the ARM team. Pray for those who are sick to get well and those who are well to stay that way. th 18 -Please pray for the funds so Dale and I can take an evening to rest together. th 19 -Please pray for us as we represent ARM and San Carlos at Grace Church in Mesa this morning. th 20 -Please pray for the couple from Prescott who are helping Greg and Donna finish some projects in our Work Group dorm. st 21 -Please pray for the families of Labumba. This is STILL such a spiritually dark neighborhood. nd 22 -Please pray for our godsons, Ryan and Bob, and for their mom to make the best decisions for them and their little sister. rd 23 -Please pray for Shelby, Lydell and the other teen moms who are trying to make a better life for their young ones. th 24 -Please pray for Nia, and her team as they mentor these young mothers, and for the wisdom and resources they need to do it well. th 25 -Pray for the prayer journey today with guests from Desert Christian Fellowship in Phoenix. th 26 -Please pray for the groups the Lord will send to work alongside us in 2014. Many are on the calendar, but many more are needed. th 27 -Praise God for His miraculous provision! Homes, and church, children’s and youth ministry and much more continue because His children faithfully share! th 28 -Please pray for Fernando, Eric, Chris, Raymos, Daniel, David, Chopper, Ronald, Corrine, Sherry, Virgilene, LeRoy, Simon and the others who faithfully serve as leaders in Reservation churches. th 29 -Please pray for the children of San Carlos to remain safe, warm, well-fed and loved. th 30 -Pray for the electric company who clearly exploits and neglects those of San Carlos. Pray for wisdom as the truth of this is revealed to authorities who can help. st 31 -Please keep Dale in prayer as his fibromyalgia continues to create pain-filled days and nights, especially as he continues to do construction in the cold temperatures. February st 1 -Please, please pray for the Church Bus to keep rolling until the Lord provides a new bus and we can retrofit it for use. nd 2 -Please pray for the Lord to provide that bus very soon. rd 3 -Pray for Jon as he is undergoing medical tests, and thank God that Linda’s test results have been good. (Please pray that continues) th 4 -Pray for the recipients of the four homes under construction to be able to move in as our spring work groups begin soon. th 5 -Pray that the Church of Calvary is able to worship in their new sanctuary soon. th 6 -Join us in thanking God for four years of service with our Children’s Minister, Faye Hinton! th 7 -Pray for members of the Church of Calvary to volunteer to teach, especially children, so that Faye can have a healthy balance of ministry/family. th 8 -Please pray for the families of San Carlos that always run out of food before the end of the month. Pray for the Lord to provide jobs soon! th 9 -Pray for safety for families as they try to keep warm with a space heater and for no house fires this year! th 10 -Please pray for the lessons taught on the Church Bus to be shared regularly within the families of these children/teens. th 11 -Pray for the many tasks needed to multiply the message of this ministry. Pray for wisdom, opportunities, and new partners. th 12 -Pray for State and Federal leaders to have the opportunity to visit and see first-hand what life on this Reservation is truly like. th 13 -Please pray for ARM Team’s family members to choose Christ, too. th 14 -Pray for all of us as we intentionally work on healthy marriages. th 15 -Pray for the new group from Yuma AZ who will be serving with us this weekend! th 16 -Please pray for the funding and logistics so that a group of women can attend the Joyce Meyer Conference this weekend again. th 17 -Please pray for the ARM Team to each spend time daily with the Lord for HIS leading and encouraging. th 18 -Pray for Jacque and Ephraim as he returns home from deployment and for wisdom as his new orders unfold. th 19 -Pray for Isaac, Joe, Jasmine, Andi, Morgan and Edward…our grand children, to all grow into mighty warriors for the Lord. th 20 -Please pray for Justin as he works as a firefighter here in Globe and continues his college education. st 21 -Please keep Jenna in prayer as she has moved into a new home, received a promotion at work, and continues her studies. nd 22 -Please pray for the Prayer Journeys today with people from Phoenix, and for the women attending the Joyce Meyer Conference. Dale Lawrence Family Update 8435 South Six Shooter Canyon Road Globe AZ 85501 (928) 425-8449
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