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Appalachian family outreach and chalet retreat - april e newsletter 2014


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Appalachian family outreach and chalet retreat - april e newsletter 2014

  1. 1. April ENewsletter file:///C|/...s/Appalachian%20Family%20Outreach%20and%20Chalet%20Retreat%20--%20April%20ENewsletter%202014.htm[4/9/2014 9:09:16 AM] AFO and Chalet Retreat Ministries ENewsletter Did you know... Appalachian Family Outreach has been dedicated to promoting healthy families and Children for over 14 years now. April is National Child Abuse Prevention month, a time to seek to raise awareness about healthy child development and motivate the public to play a greater role in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Administration for Children & Families, An estimated 686,000 children were victims of abuse and neglect in 2012. Let’s remember to pray for these children and families, that God will bring healing and hope to those precious ones when they feel hopeless. Here are some examples of small things you can do to have a big impact on helping to Subscribe Share Past Issues RSSTranslate
  2. 2. April ENewsletter file:///C|/...s/Appalachian%20Family%20Outreach%20and%20Chalet%20Retreat%20--%20April%20ENewsletter%202014.htm[4/9/2014 9:09:16 AM] prevent child abuse and neglect: Compliment a parent when you see them doing something positive with their child. Show support to a mom or dad by writing them an encouraging card. Offer to babysit to give another parent a small break. Become a mentor for a child or parent...offer Godly wisdom and be open to getting some in return. Offer resources to a family in need. This can be financial, counseling services, or childcare for example. If you do have reason to believe a child may be at risk, contact your local child abuse hotline. Thank you LINK Workgroup! Chalet Retreat was blessed to have a group of volunteers from LINK (Linking Volunteers for Christ) during late October and early November 2013. Individuals came from Arkansas, Wisconsin, and the Knoxville TN area. During the 10 days this group was here, they exercised their carpentry skills and servant hearts by working on numerous projects on the Chalet campus. Among their many accomplishments, some of the bigger projects they tackled include: Chalet Retreat Gets Technical Ok, we’re not talking super high tech, but we are starting to explore ways to find that balance between simplicity and making use of modern technology. We are making use of social media to stay connected to past and future friends of
  3. 3. April ENewsletter file:///C|/...s/Appalachian%20Family%20Outreach%20and%20Chalet%20Retreat%20--%20April%20ENewsletter%202014.htm[4/9/2014 9:09:16 AM] Repaired and replaced siding and a door on the Margarete Powell Conference and Counseling Center with a more durable and weather resistant material. Installed new "on demand" hot water heater in conference room. Installed replacement carpet in Hemlocks Chalet. Repairs and improvements in Registration Office. Began repairs to RV hookup and to Laundry Building on Laurel Springs campus. Thorough cleaning of chalets and conference room. Since Chalet operates with such little staff, the ministry is grateful for the time, energy, and manpower provided by individuals and groups such as LINK to allow us to continue to do the work God has called us to do here at Chalet. Thank you LINK for sharing your talents with us! Support AFO While You Shop Help us out by supporting us in Cash for your Cause put on by the Mall at Johnson City. All you have to do is take your receipts from any shoppoing you do at the mall between now and the ministry…Be sure to look us up on facebook and like our page so we can keep connected with you! Also, have you checked out the Chalet Retreat Ministry website lately? You can now make reservation requests online, view all the chalets, and soon to come is a way to make donations online. We also have wi-fi access for our guests on a portion of our campus. We do still strongly feel that one of the best parts of an experience at Chalet Retreat is the idea of turning off some of the modern technology that we have unintentionally let consume our lives and allow time to let God speak to you through the silence. It is a beautiful thing. Check out our website: John Atkins, Board Chairman Board Member Highlight It has been an honor to be associated with Larry Rose and the AFO/Chalet Retreat ministries. My journey with this organization began at its beginnings. When AFO started as an offshoot of its then parent Ohio Children’s Home there was a need for a local Board of
  4. 4. April ENewsletter file:///C|/...s/Appalachian%20Family%20Outreach%20and%20Chalet%20Retreat%20--%20April%20ENewsletter%202014.htm[4/9/2014 9:09:16 AM] April 27th to the guest services center and tell them you want to support Appalachian Family Outreach. The amount of dollars you spend translates to points for us. It's so easy to help your favorite non-profit if you will be doing some spring shopping anyway. The 3 non-profits with the most points will receive money to help in their service to the community. We may be small but God is big! Thank you for your support! Directors. Larry Rose reached out to me through his brother Jerry and I have been blessed since. Originally just focusing on adoption, social work, and foster care I was able to see the help Larry and his team provide to many in our area. Since expanding into the chalet ministry, that help is extended to those outside of East Tennessee with regular visitors not just from different time zones but also different continents. We hope you take the opportunity to participate in this ministry through prayer and financial support. It is worthwhile what is going on here. Lives are being improved in the name of Jesus and what more can you ask for? John Atkins Board Chairman friend on Facebook | forward to a friend Copyright © 2014 Appalachian Family Outreach and Chalet Retreat Ministries, All rights reserved. unsubscribe from this list | update subscription preferences