Aho Prayer Flash July 29 2014


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ministry news from Tim & Tammy Aho in Great Britain

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Aho Prayer Flash July 29 2014

  1. 1. Timothy.C.Aho@gmail.com • Tammy.Aho@gmail.com • www.cmfi.org/ttaho • 1A Conway Road • Shirley, Solihull B90 4RE• England• Shirley, Solihull Issue #167 29 July 2014 Ministry Update Summer has arrived in the UK and – with it – a reduced schedule of responsibilities. Since the school holidays are only six weeks long, the majority of the population is travelling during the month of August so things are pretty quiet. We still have much keeping us occupied, but the pace is slower and a bit more relaxed. A week’s holiday in the middle of the month will be very welcome. We absolutely cannot complain about the weather so far; temperatures in the 80s and several thunderstorms have been a treat for us over the past couple of weeks. You can’t beat British summers when the weather cooperates! Prayer and Listening As we have written previously, we are in a season of reviewing, evaluating, and listening to God and colleagues about our primary areas of church planting and disciple-making focus and effort. While we have nothing specific we can as of yet share with you, please continue to pray about our leadership and roles in these major areas: Dickens Heath Village Church, pioneer mission training, thethirdplace, disciple-making relationships, church planting networks and catalyzing, the Fellowship of Churches of Christ (National Leadership Team / Church Planting Task Group), Springdale College (FCC and missional training), and ethnic/international churches. We are anticipating some changes and will let you know more as soon as it is appropriate to do so. Family Update We had a wonderful visit with Andrew; the 12 days went zipping by! He had the opportunity to meet up with several friends. A major highlight for him was attending a final performance of the Monty Python Players reunion tour. Such an incredible English icon, and one he thoroughly enjoyed. While we didn’t do anything spectacular during his visit, we did enjoy much laughter and also utilized his help to clean and organize the loft. 40+ boxes are his belongings, so it was a good opportunity for him to sort, condense, discard and gift items to the local charity shops. Amazing the things you choose to keep! Many of his boxes still remain – in addition to those belonging to Jess – but the loft is much tidier and the Jess portion of the reorganization will have to wait for her next visit. I’m sure she can’t wait. Speaking of Jess: she is in the throes of packing for a move out of her apartment on 1st August. The final day of her internship is Thursday (31st ) so she’s moving in with her friend Barb until she secures a permanent and paying position. Please be praying for the best possible employment opportunity to be swift in coming. Tammy’s mom still seems to be doing well and isn’t exhibiting any additional or accelerated signs of memory loss. We’re still hopeful that we’ll be able to convince her to seriously consider a move to a more secure living situation, but are thankful that things seem to be pretty even for the time being. Prayer Dates: 29th July through 18th August 29th July Tim meets Paul, a local church leader; T&T complete our Ministry Action Plans for the second half of 2014. We later meet with Karen/Phil/Elaine from thethirdplace to continue our prayer and listening confirmation, consultation, and communication process. 30th July to 7th August David G from CMF Indy is here for a field visit, meeting with the Great Britain Field Team (GBFT) and team families. 30th Tammy meets with David G and Larry in the first of a week of field team meetings. 1st & 2nd August T&T participate in a two day GBFT meeting and retreat to discuss strategy and forward planning. 3rd First of the DHVC August Summer Sundays. 4th T&T meet with David G; Tim serves as Chaplain for the local sea cadet unit. 6th T&T participate in a monthly DHVC Leadership Team meeting. 7th T&T meet with teammates Larry & Debbie. 8th to 16th T&T on holiday in Scotland, visiting with Hélène and Daniel, a young couple from DHVC whom Tim married last year. 8th Tammy’s Birthday! Anyone dare to guess the number? 10th DHVC second August Summer Sunday at Chris and Fiona’s. 15th Tam volunteers with the DHVC Breastfeeding Café. Pray for thethirdplace as folks are away on holidays. 17th DHVC third August Summer Sunday at Adrian and Sarah’s. 18th Tammy works at the Family Support Centre; Tim serves as Chaplain for the local sea cadet unit. Reminder Share our prayer requests with friends and church family, but please do not post them on the web or attempt to contact individuals via social media (such as Facebook) in any form. Hugs from both of us!