Aho Prayer Flash 03-06-2014


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Missionary newsletter from Tim & Tammy Aho

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Aho Prayer Flash 03-06-2014

  1. 1. Timothy.C.Aho@gmail.com • Tammy.Aho@gmail.com • www.cmfi.org/ttaho • 1A Conway Road • Shirley, Solihull B90 4RE• England• Shirley, Solihull Issue #161 6 March 2014 Help us connect with you! 507-696-9305. Yes, that is our stateside phone number; please ring us. We have about 4 ½ weeks of left of our travels and may still be passing through your area. If we haven't yet connected with you, could we encourage you to phone us? We are eager to speak to you as we make our way through the following States in this order: NC, GA, NC, VA, WV, East TN, GA/AL, TN, KY, OH and IN before we head back to England on 10 April. Ministry Update We’re approximately halfway through our 11-week furlough and enjoying the last three days in a timeshare – our current home away from home in the Williamsburg Virginia area. A wonderful gift from a wonderful couple who wish to go unnamed. It has been a tremendous blessing to have the space and privacy to continue confirming and scheduling meetings—time we greatly need due to our unexpected week with my mom in January. We’re still not completely caught up, but getting closer all the time. There continue to be many highlights to our travels: the warm and encouraging welcome we’re experiencing in our partner churches; the treasure of mini-reunions and the joy of meeting new friends; sharing our story and rejoicing in the stories of others; time with treasured friends and the delight of re-living precious memories while creating new ones. We are truly blessed. Prayer Dates: 6th March to 24th March 6th to 8th Final three days in Williamsburg, VA where we continue to meet with friends & supporters while confirming and scheduling further appointments. 7th thethirdplace gathers (UK). 8th & 9th Weekend appointments and visits being confirmed in the Richmond, Williamsburg, and Tidewater/Peninsula areas. 10th &11th Eastern NC and Raleigh/Durham, NC area. 12th T&T with Pleasant Hill Christian Church, Jasper, GA. 13th & 14th Winston-Salem, NC area; phone calls to be made and visits being confirmed. 14th thethirdplace gathers (UK). 15th Travel to the Roanoke, VA area. 16th T&T with Salem Church of Christ (Salem, VA) in the morning and with Belmont Christian Church (Christiansburg, VA) in the evening; DHVC morning worship service (UK). 17th & 18th T&T with friends and supporters in the Roanoke, VA area. 19th T&T with First Christian Church (Covington VA). 20th thethirdplace gathers (UK). 20th to 22nd T&T with friends and supporters in SW Virginia. 23rd T&T with Seven Mile Ford Christian Church and Chilhowie Christian Church (Chilhowie, VA) in the morning. DHVC morning worship service (UK). Family Update Tammy’s mom continues to improve following her time in hospital and receiving her pacemaker. After much thought and a visit to the retirement community where her youngest brother lives, she has had an offer accepted on a small house in the Portland, OR area. While they are still awaiting the report on the survey, we are expecting her to be moving within the next couple of months. Thank you so much for your prayers; she seems to be pretty excited about the move and we will definitely feel much happier when she is located closer to family. Please continue to pray for her move and also for her to locate a doctor with whom she feels comfortable. Being in Virginia has made connecting with Andrew and Jess a bit easier. Andrew has this week off and we hoped he may make a trip to see us while we’ve been in Williamsburg, but his busy schedule made that feel too stressful to him. We’re glad he made the decision to stay put in Mesa as the recent snowstorms would definitely have interrupted his travels. Jess is keeping busy with work, job applications and plans for her friend Caitie’s wedding this weekend. While we’re sad to not see them while we’re in the US, we are very pleased they will be home in England with us this summer. Prayer Triggers Have you seen a Land Rover recently? Or devoured a bar of chocolate (Cadbury’s preferred!)? Maybe you’ve snagged one or our Team GB wristbands? Each of these, including setting your alarm for 10.02am to pray Luke 10.2 is a prayer trigger. One of our prayer practices is to set our alarms for 10.02 every morning. When the alarm goes off, we remember the mandate Jesus gave us to ‘pray for workers in the harvest’ God has prepared here and now and in the days to come. Please join us in this prayer practice. Write us a note to tell us you are! Annual Missionary Review Every year we create a document that reviews successes and challenges we have experienced; it provides essential prayer information as well. Our review for 2013 can be found at: www.dropbox.com/s/xb0sy2inwd4bztx/Aho%20Annual%20Mission ary%20Review%20for%202013.pdf. Support Situation and Needs With our colleagues in CMF we have learned that we need to raise $2000/month to be adequately funded for the next few years. We also need to raise funds for a vehicle to replace our 2003 Ford Focus with 173,000 miles. We estimate this at $15,000. Reminder Share our prayer requests with friends and church family, but please do not post them on the web or attempt to contact individuals via social media (such as Facebook) in any form.