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Acm news updates jan march 2014


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Acm news updates jan march 2014

  1. 1. ACM Update Jan-March 2014 Lisu Bible Arriving in Rangoon Greetings in the name of the Lord, We are happy to report to you that fifteen seniors graduated from the Lisu Bible Institute on March 22nd. Out of fifteen graduates, five will continue their theological education elsewhere and the rest will serve as pastors in various villages. We are grateful to God for allowing us to train young men and women for Kingdom service as there are still many villages where preachers and Bible teachers are needed. "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. So let us pray to the Lord of harvest that He will send more workers into the field”. will send more workers into the field". Graduating Seniors & villagers Lisu Bible Arriving in Rangoon By the time you read this update, the newly printed copies of the Lisu Bible will have reached their destinations. Some of the main arrival points include Putao in northern Kachin State, Burma, Shidilo in Assam, India and the Salween Valley where tens of thousands of Lisu Christians live. It is only with God’s provision and through your generous gifts that this project is finally bringing this new study Bible to the hands of the Lisu people. We look forward to hearing feedback from the various areas as they begin to use this new edition in their churches and classrooms. One Lisu elder already wrote to us saying, "This book speaks clearly to me in plain Lisu language." After years of struggling to incorporate the various Lisu dialects into one understandable version, comments like this elder’s are very gratifying. Thank you for making it possible to give the Lisu brethren the Bible in their own vernacular! We initially printed 30,000 copies and as future funds become available, we will print another batch for the more than half million Lisu Christians living in Southeast Asia. A reserve of 5,000 copies will be distributed through Lisu Bible Institute for the Lisu churches in Thailand. Lisu Bible
  2. 2. See You Next Year Because I wanted to make sure distribution of the Bibles is handled properly, I postponed my return to the States until next April of 2015. My gratitude to those who requested speaking dates from me. The Lord willing, I will be back next year and look forward to sharing about the continued work among the Lisu and our new ministry to the Jerwang. In addition to beginning the Jerwang New Testament translation, I will be working on Bible commentaries and topical studies to aid the Lisu preachers and elders in their efforts to teach and lead their congregations to a deeper and more mature faith. Your prayers on my behalf for physical as well as spiritual strength and wellbeing would be greatly appreciated. LBI Students examining the new Lisu Bible The new Jerwang evangelism is going very well. Now that the snow season is over, our evangelists will be able to go to even more remote mountain villages to evangelize. We wrote to you about the need for 2 motorcycles, 3 cameras and 2 laptops for this work. A huge “thank you” goes out to Wallula Christian Church in Kansas, Kaimuki Christian Church in Hawaii and Bros. M. Timmons, David Pound and Don Weaver who responded to this need. What we received so far will buy one motorcycle, one laptop and two cameras. We are praying for additional donations for one more motorcycle, laptop and camera. Eight evangelists have stepped up for this work. Each evangelists needs $200.00 per month. Two evangelists are now supported by Wallula Christian Church. We still need support for the remaining six. Please pray with us about this need. You may not be a regular supporter of ACM. But we ask you to help us to further the gospel among the Jerwang. You may not go to these people to teach and preach, but we will go and spread the gospel among them. Please help us to be able to do that. Jerwang Ministry Repacking Bibles for final destinations
  3. 3. New Forwarding Agents Once again we want to inform our supporters and friends that we have new Forwarding Agents, Mr.& Mrs. Gary McKillip. For speaking dates, please contact our new forwarding agents. Asian Christian Mission c/o Gary and Debbie McKillip 10725 N. State Rd., 267 Brownsburg, IN. 46112 Phone: 317-941-0018 E-mail: <> Field Address: Jesse Yangmi PO Box 189 Chiang Mai University Chiang Mai, 50202 Thailand. Email: <> <> Prayer Requests 1) This summer a faculty member, Bro. Tufusa, will take 12 students for 6 weeks to evangelize non- Christian Lisu living in remote villages along Thailand, Burma, China border areas. Please pray that God will use Bro. Tufusa and the students mightily as they witness for Christ. 2) Pray with us that God will send students of His choice for the new school year. 3) Pray that God will bless the Jerwang ministry so that He might be known, accepted and worshipped. (4) Pray for me also as I continue writing study helps for Lisu and Rawang Churches. Your co-worker, Jesse Yangmi.