A z christian mission 1 - february 2014


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A z christian mission 1 - february 2014

  1. 1. Dear friends, We had a good visit to the USA. It had been seven years since my wife and the children had been to the states and eighteen years since we’ve seen all the stores and lights set up for Christmas. The winter weather was wonderful; record breaking cold and lots of snow. Our kids had a ton of fun discovering the delights, beauty and excitement of playing in the snow. The kids also experienced the mysteries of turning on fau- cets, flushing toilets and washing hands at the airport. They got to taste bagels, root beer and cherry cheese cake for the first time that they can remember. Seeing the grandparents was the main reason for our trip. Grandpa Dale is now living in a care home. We got to take him out for ice cream sev- eral times; a nice outing for him and an enjoy- able excuse to try the deserts at different restau- rants for us. Vol. 20 February 2014 No. 1 Christmas 2013 Snowman! Trent and Zane sledding
  2. 2. This last trip to the states was just for family and not for work. For me it was a real eye opener to once again face the full force of American culture and feel the unique pressures that the US puts on the Christian faith. The magnetism of ma- terialism; so many things to buy and all of it so much cheaper than in Africa. There are friendly, helpful sales people who can actually answer your questions and know how to make their product work properly! My, how our money did flow out of our pockets! All those new electronic gadgets are hard to resist; smart phones, tab- lets, ipods, the list is endless. The news media is so slanted against God that it looked absurd to someone like me who has been away for awhile. Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty got suspended from his own TV show for just saying he agreed with God’s morality! I want to compliment you for standing against the forces of materialism and secularism to serve your God. I had forgot- ten how powerful these forces are. Keep fighting the good battle. Another shock that hit us was the comfort, con- venience, and wealth of Americans. Life is so easy there. Drivers stop and let you walk across the road. Houses are designed to be efficient and comfortable. Your electricity is always on – while our goes off several days a week. Internet is available everywhere. In America there are drive-through restaurants. Everything is pack- aged and looks perfect at the grocery store. In Zimbabwe when you go to the store, our apples are open to the world and many of them are bruised. Shoppers would not dream of buying fruit without first inspecting them carefully for damage. That means the apples you buy have been touched by many dirty hands. On the way out of the store we are confronted by a variety of beggars and small time street vendors: Old men in wheel chairs, insane people in rags, children with deformed legs scooting across the pave- ment. Boys and young men walk right up to you and put a bag of oranges in your face, or try to sell you cell phone air time cards they have stuck on a stick. Grocery bags cost extra so we don’t use them. The person behind you in the grocery line will often lean up against you and often their body odor is unusually powerful. Shoving and cutting in line is standard practice. Don’t leave a gap or you will lose out! When people ask us, “What is different about Zimbabwe?” we just say, “Everything!” Back in Zim, we were able to insulate the class- rooms at ZCC against the intense heat of the tropical sun, while the students were on break. The classrooms have no ceiling so when the sun shines the heat puts the students to sleep. To- gether with the braces that were installed to prop the windows open, we should be able to keep the classroom temperature down to a studyable level. The water tower project for Zimbabwe Christian college is under way. As I am typing this they should be raising the towers and attaching them to their foundations. When the rest of the job is done ZCC will have 2,666 gallons of water on reserve for when the electricity goes out. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the water project.